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   Chapter 16 No.16

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5180

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Seanessy flung his hammer for added effect, and the cultist went down, but not before reaching into his robe and pulling something small and brown out. The thief lithely hopped out of the way, but before succumbing to Seanessy's hammer bouncing off his skull, the cultist had flung the object against the wall, and it exploded into a yellowish mist, a sleeping concoction, which knocked out Lyalla and Fortha.

"Crepes, " Larson heaved with a roll of the eyes.

"We're supposed to be putting them to sleep, " Garrett complained.

By the time Larson, Garrett, and Seanessy hobbled over to Fortha, and Charlotte reached Lyalla, another cultist emerged from behind the twice defeated hydra, laughed, and casted a sleep cloud spell, an immense, vaporous, yellow glow quickly filled the tunnel yet wafted away from the caster, keeping him safe. Blackness enveloped all.


There was an odd, elongated sound; something staccato; a laugh, perhaps. Next came a shuffling of sorts, like heavy cloth over stone. A flash of pain erupted from somewhere indiscernible, but Larson opened his eyes. He saw big feet in sandals before his face, so he looked up, saw a cultist bringing down the tip of a reddish-black, short spear, rolled onto his back—letting the spear sink into the stone—and before the cultist pulled it out of the ground, Larson took the silver dagger from his belt, stabbed into the cultist's foot, grabbed his robe, and yoked down with all his might.

When the figure tumbled over, Larson smashed fist after fist into the white cowl,

ger from the cultist corpse before following inside.

The flash bang resulting from the trap had knocked over desks, papers, books, weapons, food, black and gray tapestries, and candles. There wasn't much light as most of the candles had gone out, but Lyalla brought up the rear, and her light spell revealed an altar at the far end of the room, the first, real, White Wraith altar they'd laid eyes on, denoted by the figure of a bowing skeleton draped in a wreath of fire and smoke. The whole thing, standing at about two feet, was carved from grayish stone or bone. Garrett stormed over to it and stared.

"Buddy, " Larson said. His voice made Garrett jump. "Easy."

"I'm losing it, Larson…."

"My dear, " Lyalla asked.

Garrett looked at her at smiling face. She hugged him, so Larson left the two of them to help Fortha rifle through parchments. Seanessy was making a face of revulsion while prodding at the hydra corpse with his hammer.

"Probably was supposed ta' eat who ever moseyed on in, eh, " he asked Fortha.

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