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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5413

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"Behind you, " Charlotte cringed.

Larson spun around to see two, more figures in white; one was very tall and lean with white hair falling from under the cowl, the other was short and stout like a dwarf. Wasting no time, Larson hurled his weapon. The unexpected attack—the throwing of a huge axe—sent both figures huddling against opposite walls, so the warrior drew his long sword and ran in to skewer the taller person. The grinning cultists parried Larson's attack with a grayish blade that sparkled red and black—a blade forged of the same material as the trinkets—and jammed a thumb in his eye. When Larson flailed his head back, the man stuck him instead; the wicked, curved blade went right through Larson's breast plate and into his abdomen. Dropping like a sack of bricks, he wrapped his fingers around the enemy's blade, and both men went down.

"I'ma' comin', laddie, " Seanessy howled.

The speed with which danger had been revealed was horrifying; no sooner had Seanessy smashed the first cultist to dust that the second one had taken down his friend. The dwarf flung himself into the tall cultist, but at that same time, the shorter cultist casted another sleeping spell and Lyalla was down, which left Garrett to nearly trip over her, yet he managed to slash at the stout cultist, all while trying to avoid the speeding arrows released by Fortha's bow.

"Is someone going to help me?" Charlotte howled and wriggled. She wasn't hurt, just immobilized, but managed to her feet by wiggling to the wall and then using her shoulders and face for leverage. Standing proved the wrong move when another culti

th the enemy caught in a pincer formation, the human fighters and the dwarf managed to hack at bellies, smash at legs, and slash at arms and throats. With their portion of the tunnel cleared, they turned around to see Fortha firing a plethora of arrows at the remaining, two heads of the undead hydra, and Charlotte scurrying up one immense cultist. She wrapped her legs around his torso before stabbing him frantically in the head. As spurts of blood shot out, the figure stumbled and finally went down. Capitalizing on the building of momentum, Larson, Garrett, and Seanessy bolted over to finish off the hydra.

"Lyalla, " Garrett called.

Fortha spun around to see a cultist had grabbed her. She met Garret's eyes. They were wide in fear; another cultist had drawn a dagger and was about to stick her when Fortha's arrow struck him clean through the throat. When that cultist went down, Lyalla stomped the foot of the one holding her, and Charlotte snatched her free, thus allowing Fortha to sink one more arrow into the bad guys.

"Wait, damn it, " Garrett howled out.

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