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   Chapter 14 No.14

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 6117

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"They could have, " Larson admitted.

"So, what if they did come from the walls, " Garrett said. "We can't fit through a rat hole."

They comically turned to Seanessy who glowered and exhaled powerfully through his nose. He gave them a look of exhaustion.

Smiling, Larson said, "There could be a room within the walls. White Wraiths would be clever enough to have a secret room down here. Let's check the walls."

"For what are we searching, " Fortha asked.

Larson turned his lips inwards and shook his head. They then deferred to Charlotte who was already painstakingly touching each brick, running her fingers along the seams, and pressing her ear to the walls. Nearly an hour of crawling without finding anything passed. Then, Garrett called everyone over.

He was crouched, supporting himself by leaning one hand against the wall, the other hand was pointing to the ground. He looked up to the others, expectantly. What he was pointing out was an odd shape; a half circle had been smoothed out of the brick floor.

"I'll bet there's a rotating wall here, " he whispered.

Charlotte shoved him out of the way, and he nearly tumbled over. Before he reacted, she had an ear pressed to the wall and was knocking against each brick with the second knuckle of her middle finger. Suddenly, she stopped and looked to Larson; surprise was written all over her face. She blinked and grinned, and then pushed on one side of a brick. It didn't budge, so she pushed with both hands. The edge of the brick sank about a centimeter into the wall, returned to its original position, and the sound of stone grinding against stone reverberated.

The thief hopped back, and they witnessed a revolving door spin to reveal an entrance. It stopped at a perpendicular angle, thus allowing one person to enter through either side. Holdi

ce head in the snout with his hammer. That provided Garrett an opportunity to draw his sabre and slice out the throat of the stunned ice serpent, and by then, the black head had a dagger protruding from both eyes—gifts from Charlotte—and was writhing about in agony while Larson split the acid head in two with an overhead blow of his axe. A moment later, heaving and exhausted, the crew had dispatched the hydra.

"I, " Garrett said before falling flat on his face.

Everyone looked from him to a figure that had appeared behind him, a person cloaked in white robes bearing a smoky, wraith emblem. The person's cowl was pulled low, but their hands were up and glowing with a faint, red light. Charlotte hesitated before reaching for another throwing knife. She was a second too late; wavering, red tentacles of light were released from the cultist's opened palms, tentacles that enveloped the thief and kept her arms pinned to her sides. Lyalla aimed her staff at the White Wraith and nailed him hard with a current of magickal energy. When he went down, Seanessy ran over to beat him to death, and Lyalla saw to Garrett who had only been put to sleep; a whack on the noggin brought about enough pain to rouse him.

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