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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5399

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Once everyone quieted down, Larson pulled Mathew aside. "Why a thief? Why not send a magick user with us?"

He nodded knowingly, pushed his hair back, and answered, "You're in Xorinth. I think the White Wraith cultists would see a magick user coming; my assumption is that they will be prepared for such, but not for a thief with poison darts and sacks of knockout powder. She's good, you know?"

Larson arched a brow in Charlotte's direction. She was staring back. He flipped her the finger, which meant little to her, but Garrett chuckled. Larson turned away from her before she reacted.

"A little overconfident, though, " Larson whispered to Mathew.

"Consider it her training…and all of yours. That's why I let Garrett wander off on his own. You're all very special, very talented people–"

"Training?" Larson interrupted. "I hardly think this is the time for training, and besides, with all due respect, who the Hell are you to decide who's ready for what and who should be trained for something else?"

Mathew looked away quickly. Larson thought he saw him hide a smile behind his hand, which he used to rub his cheek.

"No, you're right, of course, Larson, " Mathew admitted. "But I wouldn't be sending you in if I didn't think you could all handle yourselves. That said, when is the time to train? We don't even know what we'd be training for, you see? Regardless, this entire show is bigger than you or me, and I know you want to help as many people as possible, so this is your chance, and of course, this is my investigation. You do your part, and with just a little luck, you might learn about

the rest of you."

"Well, I'm fine, " Charlotte huffed. "We should split up then. I'll go with Larson since we can see without getting caught."

"We're not splitting up, " Garrett commanded. "We're sticking together, and besides, there'll be light in the sewers, and workers down there with torches. The sewers aren't empty, dear, " he added with his most condescending tone.

Lyalla grinned at the girl's vexation, casted her light spell, and started down the stone steps. Garrett followed then the dwarf, the other elf, and finally Larson. He turned back, nearly at the bottom step, and saw Charlotte still standing at the top step. He gave her a motion of the head to come along, and she shrugged in an over exaggerated manner before following suit.

The light spell revealed bluish walls comprised of large bricks. To their left was slow moving water. Though they hugged the wall on their right, the walk space provided ample room to maneuver. A long corridor stretched out of sight into blackness, and as they kept pace, the slosh of water resounded rhythmically.

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