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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5289

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"Take care, Mister Hannity, " Garrett said as he stood. "Jacque, you, too."

"Oui, Monsieur."

Leaving the thieves' guild, the fencer frowned as he marched over the dirt floor on his way back to the creaky steps. Lionel Owens…if i can get a hold of him, maybe I can get some real answers. At the top of the steps, he opened the door to find a familiar face reaching for it; Mathew had come.

"All done then, " he asked. Garrett was momentarily stunned. "C'mon, c'mon, I'll take you to Sara's."

Garrett followed the detective out to Sandal Street. Once again, none of the workers were put out by the appearance of strangers. Coming to a halt with their backs to the warehouse, the fencer turned to Mathew, who was shading his eyes from the glare cast by a setting sun with his hand. A tight lipped smile flickered across the detective's face.

"What did you learn?"

Garrett furrowed his brow before replying. "Pretty much what we've been surmising, only now I have some names and maybe some reasons."

"Tell me all about it, " Mathew said, stoically, and proceeded to march in a southwesterly direction.

As they walked in cadence past the busy folks of Xorinth, Garrett relayed the information he'd learned from Mister Hannity. Mathew never said a word, not until they were off the cobbled streets and traipsing through a browning meadow; apple trees were visible in the distance, their long shadows seemed like claws reaching across the ground.

"Our hideout is just beyond the orchard, " Mathew said. "Sara's a sort of a friend, and in deference to his majesty, all

and the White Wraiths.

"The White Wraiths, " Mathew echoed. As he leaned against the wall by the only window in the loft, and Sara replaced smoldering candles with new ones, the detective announced that Garrett's information coincided with recent reports of strange people in the city sewers. "Evidence would suggest that there is a White Wraith faction here, and we can only hope they have the artifacts, yet I remain skeptical." During his pause, Mathew rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb. "Evidence also suggests that whosoever stole the artifacts had a need to deliver them to Minister Parish—if it was in fact someone else and not Parish, himself, who stole them—and so it is rather doubtful that the artifacts are here…no, but I do think you should investigate the sewers while I return to tracing the magickal resonance."

"What, exactly, are we seeking there, " Fortha asked.

"Those damned crazies!" Seanessy answered and made mock swings of his hammer.

"I'm happy to kill more cultists, but we need to get one alive, " Larson began.

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