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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5199

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"Alright, lad, 'ere it goes, " Hannity sighed. "A man by the name o' Parish hired one o' the Owenses ta' hire an assassin, but no one knew fer' what or why." Garrett's eyes widened; he remembered Willem telling him that Count Parish sold a town to the Owens nobles. "What I do know fer' certain is that I got word and payment ta' send a few of me men ta' sack the libratoreum; weren't no one supposed to get hurt, mind ya', so…I didn't see a reason ta' argue.

"We don't ask questions, ya' know? So, when I got the date and time, I sent me men out as were prescribed—wearin' the black garb—and I sent Tommy ta' keep an eye out, but when the place went up in smoke—and not by one o' us, I might add—he got scared and tottered off. None of us even knew that Rolas had died or what was being stolen, or even what was bein' done 'till after the fact.

"Honestly, I figured the guard or one o' the students might be a target for theft, but never had an inklin' that Rolas was ta' be harmed, " Hannity sighed once more then and scratched the top of his head. "I shoulda' sent him a note or somethin' maybe, but then if somethin' was bein' stolen, damaged, or someone was getting' kilt, Rolas woulda' done somethin' about it, ya' figure, like tell the prince, or set me men ablaze, and then what?"

"Okay, " Garrett interrupted. "Who killed Rolas and why, and who stole the Lagos artifacts and how?"

Hannity vacillated; he seemed hard pressed to gather his thoughts. "It's like this; that Parish guy, he's already got one o' these trinkets, right? That's how

brim low. Stifling a groan, Garrett turned back to Hannity.

"Who killed him, " the fencer remained firm, but Hannity's eyes widened, and exhaling through his nose, he simply shook his head in wonder. "Is there anything else at all you can tell me? Maybe that the White Wraiths were involved?"

Hannity shrugged, "If they were it wasn't directly. Lionel Owens hired an assassin, and he's the one hired us. None of us saw his face, but he moved like greased lightnin' and felled everyone in that buildin' alone, I'm sure of it. Must o' been 'round that time that Parish, or perhaps someone from the White Wraith cult, stole into the safe room and nabbed those trinkets."

"Lionel Owens?"

Again Hannity shrugged, but nothing else was said. They all remained quiet for a moment. Then, Jacque touched Garrett's shoulder before opening and holding the door. Garrett looked from Jacque to Hannity, who gave a slight bow of the head while cocking his lips to the side, and then back to Jacque, who motioned with his hand to start off.

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