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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5018

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"Can't afford it? Too bad…maybe you should go home and get a loan from daddy, eh?"

"I can afford it, " Garrett said and came to his feet. "You'd better have something good for me, too. I'll be back in a moment."

"Sure, sure."

Garrett started to leave, but stopped at the door, turned around, and scratched his forehead. "You'll, uh, take a bank note?"


Releasing a groan of exasperation, Garrett nodded, glanced at Jacque then exited to find the gamblers cleaning up from the butchery of their cockfight.


Back in Sara's loft, Larson and gang were in a heated debate regarding the wasting of time. It had been over twenty four hours since they were grounded, and though hospitality was decent and rest came easy, some of them were looking forwards to some action; be it a trip through Xorinth's gothic architecture, hacking off minions of the Dark One at the knees, or boozing it up in a lively tavern.

"I'm just sayin'", Seanessy started. "It ain't right, keepin' a dwarf cooped up without a drink!"

"You had a drink, you had many drinks, " Fortha shouted. "In fact, you drank that whole bottle of cider last night."

"Well that was last night, dunce, " the dwarf rebutted.

"Seansy, " Larson snarled.

"It's Seanessy!"

"It's a dwarf without a beard if you keep it up, " Larson warned.

"Ohhh, Is that so? An' what are you gonna do, mange head?" Seanessy yelled.

Larson stood from the barrel and puffed up his chest before walking over to the

r sent a tremor through everyone. "I don't know how you people do it back in Dirtwater, Ruvonia, but I'm from Stormguard, and that means something!"

"What do it mean?" Seanessy whispered to Larson.

"It means I'm in charge!" Charlotte fired back. Larson laughed, the elves traded a tiresome glance, and Seanessy pursed his lips slightly from offense and slightly from arousal. "I'm the only who knows what's going on. I'm Mathew's ward! I'm taking charge!" She stomped. "So, you better get on board or get out!"

"By the Gods, " Larson chuckled. "You're going to bust a, " he trailed off and made a ludicrous gesture with his hips, which could have meant anything.

The elves snickered, and the dwarf gave Larson a cockeyed look implying he'd gone mad. Charlotte groaned in exasperation, brushed back a few strands of golden hair from her brow, and set her gorgeous, green eyes on the crew. She had those weird eyes that were spaced widely; an exotic look, yet her temperament was atrocious.

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