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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5277

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It was a bit dark even with the windows open. The girth of the surrounding structures was still blocking the early morning sun, but it was easy enough to spot a man sitting in a shady nook at the far end of the establishment. He wore a brown derby and had a neatly trimmed, thick, black mustache that ended in points a little ways out from his lips. He looked to be a small man wearing a heavy, suede coat, but the coat was open, and Garrett saw well enough the black vest underneath. The man was sitting across from another man, to whom he appeared to slip something under the table. The other man scampered off then.

Garrett leaned against the bar. He didn't take notice of who was behind the counter. He kept his eyes on the man in the hat, who, as soon as the other man exited the building, got up himself. When he stood, Garrett observed that he was short, not small; his shoulders were broad. He looked a powerful man, one built like a bareknuckle fighter.

The man checked a golden pocket watch. Eyeing him as he sashayed out of the bar, the fencer waited only a second, and exited behind him before the door even closed. He made certain to allow the man a few paces before following him eastwards, down the street. The man then cut left at an intersection. Waiting with his back pressed against the wall, Garett continued to observe the gentleman; he went out of sight, into an alley between two, residential buildings for communal living.

Making a quick dash, Garrett reached the alley. The man was already two dozen paces ahead, but he had stopped. Garrett also cam

. Thank you. You've been very helpful."

"Dad warns me to keep my nose clean, but a lady's gotta make a livin', " she grinned.

The food wasn't great, but Garrett was starving. The coffee, though, was exceptional, and he ordered another cup. While sipping, he thought back to his friends, hoping they were safe. He also considered all the trouble Mathew was going through. The ordeal regarding Lagos was quite the undertaking. This could really turn out bad. Rolas has already died because of this…Gods, I hope no one else gets hurt, but…but I have to see this through to the end. We have to stop the Dark One, and then, maybe, we can find a way to halt Lagos without ever having to face a God.

He checked the address again. The street name was familiar. Sandal Street was where the multitude of construction companies kept their warehouses, storerooms filled with lumber, stone, tools, all manner of resources needed for the building and maintenance of homes or businesses. Two hours raced by, and Garrett left Rowdy's for the scribed address.

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