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   Chapter 2 No.2

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5523

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"Then, I suppose the fence isn't coming by anytime soon, " Garrett posed.

Rowdy spun around. "Oh, it's you. What now?"

"I'll give another couple of coins if you can send someone to find me when the man does show up. I'll be–"

"I'll not do yer' dirty work, " Rowdy huffed.

"Sorry. Do you know anyone who will?"

"I'll do it, " the young woman squawked.

"You'll not do anythin' o' the sort, young lady, " Rowdy accosted her.

"I'll do as I please, " she yelled and stomped her foot. "Sir?"

Garrett moved his eyes from Rowdy to the woman, her looks made it evident she was his daughter, and so Garrett slowly looked back to Rowdy. "This is important, and she'd just be sending me a message." Before the barkeep answered, he spoke to the girl. "I'll pay you a few coins, Ma'am."

Grumbling, Rowdy returned to his work, and the woman walked up to Garrett, pushed her rusty hair back from her forehead, and held out an open palm upon which Garrett placed a few coins. He then gave her the instructions; to send for him at the inn next door when the man in question showed. She grinned a yellowed smile and went back to sweeping.

With that settled, Garrett left the establishment and rented a room at the inn, Larry's Sleepery. The owner was a bald, dark-skinned man missing too many teeth. After giving payment, Garrett also let Larry know that someone might be sending a message for him and to wake him if the message did arrive. Naturally, Larry agreed to do so for an extra copper to which Garrett obliged.

Up the stairs in a room with a door that didn't close properly, Garrett eyed the cloth sheets; they were clean enough, but looked as though they had seen better days and less moths; tiny holes were rampant throughout them. Too tired to care, he collapsed on the bed and went out like a candle.


"Shouldn't we be, I don't know, more active at a time like this?!" Larson complained.

Mathew gave a subtle wince in reply. Since they had relocated to Sara's farmhouse just southwest of Xorinth, Mathew had been in and out mostly due to his investigation concerning Rolas's murder, but Larson and crew had been relegated to the sidelines, which seemed to make everyone extra fussy. Mathew removed his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"I'm with the ox, lad, " Seanessy said.

"I understand, I do, " Mathew replied, replacing his glasses. "This is a delicate matter, though; you have to consider everything…."

It was getting very late and what little moonlight shone in through the shutters of the spacious attic was unfavorable in promoting conversation. Mathew and Sara, an aged woman of lighter complexion with cascading, gray hair, went around the loft, lighting candles. The new illumination better rev

ealed burlap sacks filled with apple seeds, rakes, shovels, saws, and other implements; Sara owned an orchard. Lyalla was leaning against the banister protecting the stairs into the main house; while she tapped her foot impatiently, Fortha paced, and Seanessy spun his hammer in his grip.

"Tell us again what you think you know, " Larson demanded, but without making direct eye contact.

Edgy as Mathew was, he made a painstaking effort to recapitulate. Upon investigating Rolas's body, and the safe room from where the Lagos artifacts had been stolen, his conclusions were that at least two people had attacked Rolas. Two very disconcerting details gave rise to that belief.

One thing that bothered Mathew was the magckal signature still present in the safe room; it was indicative of teleportation magick, and there were two, similar signatures; one from where the thief entered, and one more from where he left, but Mathew had, as of yet, been unable to discover from where the attacker came, or where he went. The other problematic detail was that Rolas had been stabbed in the back, something which should have been impossible since his robe held an enchantment of invulnerability; it didn't make Rolas invulnerable per se`, but there was simply no way for a standard dagger to penetrate the robe, and yet it had happened.

"But the person who teleported in could have stabbed Rolas, " Lyalla interjected.

"It's possible, but that would mean that person teleported into the safe room, exited the safe room, maneuvered through magickal traps, and then stabbed Rolas without his being aware of an intruder, " Mathew explained. "Besides, there were trickles of blood implying that Rolas had been stabbed by a glass case; he appears to have fallen there and was then moved to the table. There's no real reason for a single thief to do that. Details like that usually imply an assassin, but then again, an assassin wouldn't have left the blade in Rolas's back. He or she would have most likely removed the blade."

"Besides, " Larson jumped in, "assassins aren't usually hired to steal things…although, this might the kind of stuff they would steal, " he added as an afterthought while rubbing his beard.

"Thas' fer' sure, " Seanessy nodded.

"The most likely scenario is this; assassins were hired to ransack the libratoreum, and one of them had his eye on Rolas. I think that the assassin eying Rolas gave some kind of signal to a mage, who upon receiving the signal, teleported into the safe room, stole the items, and then teleported back out, but this has to be one special magick user; the safe room should have been both undetectable and barred against teleportation spells, " Mathew elucidated. "This is all conjecture, anyway…."

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