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   Chapter 18 No.18

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5356

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Mathew leaned over, opened the door, and forcefully threw Garrett out. He landed like a sack of dirt on the cobbled streets; the pain in his chest from the bolt of lightning flared up, and he involuntarily curled into fetal position. The sound of the other two hopping out drew his attention. He tried to look up, but someone grabbed him from the back of his shirt, while the other took him forcefully by the elbow; they weren't messing about. Dragged him from behind, Garrett saw only the halted cart under light of obelisks; it was later than he expected. Trying to shake the hair from his face, he caught sight of a stone building, and as he struggled to maintain his balance, he was forced inside.

Guards ran back and forth from tables and desks. They were screaming orders and information about the attack on the libratoreum, the whereabouts of Larson, the death of guards and students alike. Reports of murder, conspiracy, and theft were most prevalent on the tongues of the Xorinth guard. One woman carrying a bundle of scrolls cheered when Garrett was dragged past her.

"Out o' the way, " Commander Faust shouted.

"Sir, " someone started. "The second room is empty."

Still dragged by the scruff of his shirt, Garrett was pulled down a brick hallway and then forced into a brick room with two chairs and a small, wooden table. Faust pushed Garrett into one chair while Mathew took the other across from him. Before anyone said anything more, a sharp pain rattled Garrett's brain; a flash of stars was indicative of Faust's fist. Garrett's jaw ached something fierce. Another blow to his n

a copy of the tenets."

"Yes, we found them on you. That should help clear you. Is there more you can tell me, " Mathew pried.

"Only that someone bumped in to me while I was going to see Rolas."


"I didn't get a good look, just a regular man wearing normal clothes. He could have been anyone, but he was running from the direction of the libratoreum. When I got there, the side door was already open, the guards were already dead, and the shelves were starting to burn. I ran to find Rolas, but he was dead, too. Oh, " Garrett huffed in desperation and pushed the hair from his face. "Someone in a black robe struck me with a bolt of lightning."

"That's good, " Mathew trailed off and looked at the door. "I'm glad you're not terribly wounded. It helps your case that whoever did this attacked you as well, but it doesn't prove you weren't involved…no, our best bet is Telumbra. If I can prove the time frame of the attack and she attests to your being there at the temple then I should be able to disperse the suspicion currently cast upon you."

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