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   Chapter 17 No.17

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5574

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Shaking the event off, he made for the libratoreum. Reaching the side door on the north end of the building, he found it open. That entrance led directly into the study and was usually guarded by a mage, but disconcerting as the absence of a guard was, it was even more troubling that the door was open as it should have been magickally locked. Garrett cocked his mouth to the side, and holding his breath, he entered. The scent of smoke quickly filled his nostrils. Only a few steps inside, he saw a figure in black and red garb slumped against the wall.

Running over, he called out, "Hey!" There was no answer, so he knelt to check the guard. He pulled back the hood and gasped. "He's dead! Hey! Someone!"

Standing back—his heart racing and his throat tightening—he looked across the room to find students splayed out on the floors, the tables; shelves were knocked over, books were smoldering at the far end, and before Garrett had a chance to leave, a figure clad in a black robe dashed by, halted at Garrett's position, fired a bolt of lightning from his palm, and floored the fencer. Searing pain accosted his chest; the studded armor over his tunic had saved his life, but the wind had escaped his lungs, and the figure in black darted out of sight. By then, the southern end of the study was on fire. Rolas, Garrett worried.

He worked himself to his feet, hopped over corpses and debris, which were quickly catching flame, and made for the stairs. Two guards were dead at the top, so Garrett carefully moved around them to a cracked open door. Beyond it, and past the red carpet over blue tiles, he saw a figure in red laid out on the table.

"Rolas!" G

r man wore dark clothing and had short hair.

"You said they were virtuous men, Mathew, " the familiar voice said.

"I made a mistake, Commander Faust, but we have this one, and your men are searching my house and the city as we speak. We'll have them all under arrest in no time, " Mathew attested.

Damnit. They think I had something to do with this, Garrett reasoned. He tried to speak again, but the spell held firm, and only whispers of pain escaped from Garrett's throat.

"Won't be but another moment, " the commander affirmed.

"Mm hm."

Taking a deep breath, Garrett was then able to see more clearly; Mathew and the grizzled commander he had met upon arrival in Xorinth had him in custody and were presumably taking him to jail. Leaning his head against the wooden planks, fresh tears streamed from Garrett's eyes. Rolas, I can't believe he's been killed. Who would do such a thing? Who could do such a thing? He's such a powerful magick user. Shuddering and choking back more tears, the fencer sniffed hard. A sharp turn forced him to fall onto his side, and then the cart came to a halt.

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