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   Chapter 16 No.16

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5286

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"It is not so simple a matter as that, but the easy answer is yes, and you will attest to it if you, too, become a crusader, but that is a choice you must make on your own. Understand, your father was a crusader before he sired two sons."

"Wait a minute!" Larson howled. "You know about my brother, too?"

"I certainly do, Largo, but I have never met him."

"Then, you don't know where he's gone? I know he's not a crusader, " Larson trailed off with a tinge of sadness.

Johann frowned while Larson looked around the temple. Armored men and women had started meandering in, passing by him and the priest to say words at the altar. Larson and Johann walked off a few paces to give the warriors ample room.

"I know nothing of Largo except that he is a strong, young man—that is what Mathew told me when last I saw him—I'm sorry that I can't give you the answers you seek, but as I was saying, if you choose to follow Akalabash rather than reject him, when next time you meet, you will have a chance to become a crusader. Apart from this, there is little more to say on the matter; Akalabash is a God of action, not worship, not praise, not talk. Go now, Larson. Go and fight. If you keep to this path, there is little doubt in my mind that you will find your father, but, " Johann stopped short and looked to the people in the temple.

"But what?" Larson demanded.

"Nothing…I'm sorry, " he said and took the tome from the altar. "You should keep this. I think there is more about yourself to learn."

"You're speaking in riddles again."

"Riddles are the only way a

nets of Tarielle."

There won't be time to return, but maybe this enough for now. My time is probably better spent speaking to Rolas rather than befriending some priestess for access to useless books…with any luck, he may have some wisdom to hand down. Garrett looked at the scroll then Telumbra. She had a half-cocked smile as though she knew something he didn't. Second guessing himself, he decided not to ask about the Dark One.

"Thank you."

"See you this evening, " she purred and walked away.

Garrett raised and lowered his brow quickly, a manifestation of disbelief, confusion, and disregard. He quickly marched out of the temple and down the moist, cobbled streets towards the libratoreum. While his mind drifted towards what kinds of questions with which to pester Rolas, a man in flight bumped into him, and they both nearly took a spill. The man flailed his arms to maintain balance, and he ran out of sight, swallowed by the overabundance of people milling about the city.

"What the Hell was that about?" Garrett wondered aloud.

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