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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5220

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"You are the detective's newest recruit, " Johann smiled.

"You know him?"

Johann gave a shrug implying that either he did and it was inconsequential, or that he knew him scantly; Larson wasn't sure, and he shrugged at the priest while shaking his head. "You do, then?"

"I do, but again; I am not the one fit to provide your answers. Kneel, and see if Akalabash speaks to you. I think he will…normally, those who wish for guidance receive a vision of sorts. I think you will receive more than that. You already had a vision; you call it a dream."

With that, the priest grew silent. He placed the tome on a low table and stuck his hands inside the opposing sleeves of his robe. Then, he walked off a few steps, his back to the warrior. In effect, Johann was finished with Larson. The warrior exhaled through his nose; he wanted to believe everything was sheer nonsense, but then something was still gnawing at him. What could it hurt? I get a vision, I don't get one, it matters very little…I have nothing else to do for the moment.

Larson took a few steps closer to the dais, his heart beating a little faster. It wasn't fear or even anxiety that he felt, but a twinge of expectation. Then, he kneeled, closed his eyes, breathed slowly, and tried to empty his mind, yet his thoughts raced. My father was a crusader. He worshiped here. He was probably kneeling right here nine years ago, after I killed the reaper and while Largo and I were living as heroes in our small town. We were waiting like arses for him to come back, to send word, but he didn't

nd he has kept you safe, and now he has led you here and spoken to you. Yes…you should come by this or other temples during your travels, but you are a man, and you have a calling. See to it. That is all you must do. You are a warrior, and Akalabash has recognized that in you. Go and fight. That is what you must do, but know this; the next time His Grace has words for you, a message, a vision, you will likely have to make a decision."

"What do you mean?" Larson interrupted.

"I mean, next time he speaks, it will most likely be a calling to arms, a sort of challenge, and should you accept it, you will either survive—a victor—to become a crusader, or you will perish. I think—should that time come—that you will live, but know that if you embark on his path, you will never live the life of a farmer, a laborer, a merchant, a husband, a father. You will forever be a warrior, and you will leave all those around you to heed his call."

"Is that what happened to my dad? He left us to serve Akalabash?" Larson interrupted again.

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