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   Chapter 13 No.13

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5265

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Larson gave the dwarf a quick look before yelling, "Where's that book?"

The dwarf scowled, and Larson ran upstairs to get the tome. He found it while rutting through Garrett's travel pack. Back downstairs, Seanessy was still wearing a scowl, which caused Larson to smile.

"You and the elves should heed Garrett's advice, " he told Seanessy.

"Aye, in all seriousness, 'tis a need ta' find some information what with all we've got ahead of us."

Each gave a sort of half-smile to the other, and then Larson made his way outside. The morning chill struck him as affable; the wool cape kept him warm. Where the devil are the temples, anyway? He wondered. Fortune smiled upon the warrior; a patrol of healers, men and women in gray and blue garb, were chatting amicably about the weather while heading south, down the street. Many puddles yet remained from the previous night's rain storm.

"Guards, " Larson called.

They all stopped to look at him, and he jogged over, splashing through the puddles. "The temple district, can you tell me where it is?"

Some of them smiled, others just turned away and kept walking. One woman with strands of blonde hair protruding from her hood answered.

"We've no district here in Xorinth. Which temple are you interested in?"

"The temple of Akalabash."

The woman smiled again—her whiskey mouth was inviting—and gave Larson directions regarding a statue garden as the key point of reference. After thanking her, he jogged south, past the guards, and cut left through someone's small yard. It was still soggy. Dogs yapped f

ome forthcoming tumult."

"You are going to war, " the priest said, rifling through the pages of the tome.

"So to speak, " Larson trailed off.

"Come, my name is Johann. I have fought in many battles with Akalabash as my guiding voice. I can spot a warrior in trouble, so please, do try to feel at home here."

"Thank you."

Johann then cocked his head again, shutting the book. He gave Larson a look of scrutiny and his head shook a bit from side to side.

"What, " Larson asked.

"Come to the altar and kneel."

"Um, alright."

The two walked rather gingerly past the pews—no echoes of boots clomping ensued—and upon reaching the glow of candles, Johann smiled at Larson. "I thought you looked like someone."

"What's that?"

Johann then looked at the priestess; she was a fat woman who seemed to carry her girth well. The two traded a knowing look, and she shuffled off, her robe making a swishing sound as she walked through a doorway and out of sight. That left the two men to observe one another by the light of candles.

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