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   Chapter 12 No.12

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 4973

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Larson and Seanessy snickered, but Fortha simply winced; elves never thought sex was funny. After taking turns with the indoor restroom—a stone seat with a hole that ran down to sights unseen—they meandered downstairs to find a sumptuous breakfast already set upon the dining table; there were poached eggs, sausages, biscuits, and tea. Before they started devouring the meal, Garrett and Lyalla joined them.

"Sleep well, " she asked everyone.

"We were fine 'till the ox woke us with a terrifyin' yell, " Seanessy joked.

"Of what did you dream, " Fortha asked.

Garrett glanced tentatively at his friend; he was wondering if perhaps it was a dream of Lagos, but Larson explained the events he had witnessed during slumber.

"That's definitely the will of Akalabash."

"Garrett is right, " Lyalla said.

"I don't know about all that, " Larson trailed off and scratched at the back of his head before stuffing two sausages down his gullet. "It wath juft a dream."

"But the fist gripping a blade is the symbol of Akalabash, " Garrett argued. "He is speaking to you–"

"Now, hold on, " Larson interrupted and swallowed. "That may be true, but I hardly think the God of War is calling out to me. Besides, it was not two days ago you were stating the Gods didn't exist!"

All eyes turned to Garrett, who fired back, "I didn't say that! What I was trying to say was that the Gods are no longer playing active roles in the lives of men."

"Well, whatever, " Larson snapped w

saying, "If there isn't, Mathew will find me."

"What about us, " Seanessy asked. "Anythin' we should set our minds to?"

Garrett pondered a moment then said, "Head to the markets, the bars, piddle around town and ask about the White Wraith cult. Larson."


"Why don't you check the temple of Akalabash?"

"Why would I check it?" he sneered.

With a sigh, Garrett reminded him of the tome he'd received from Willem, and the dream he'd just had then added, "I'd go there, myself, but I want to check out the temple of Tarielle, so please go and get the book, and show it to the priests here. They may have more texts, which could help steer us in the proper direction. Akalabash fought Golguhaar…that much I know. You should learn more."

"You don't think Mathew and Rolas have exhausted those resources?" Larson argued.

"Fine, sit around like a lummox, " Garrett acquiesced and started to make for the door.

"You could run around with me, lad?" Seanessy offered.

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