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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5256

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Uneasy glances passed, brows were furrowed, and beards and braids were tugged. Seanessy was the first to reply. "Word 'round Fargo, now that the elves have made a formal alliance with the city, is all complaints 'bout taxes, an' work, an' all manner o' dread. Stuff like King Roan's too sick ta' govern the country."

Larson and Garrett traded a look of shock before turning to the elves, both of whom avoided eye contact. "But that's a lie, " Larson said. "Right?"

"His illness is easier to believe than what's truly transpiring, " Fortha volunteered. "That King Roan may be persuaded by evil forces in conjunction with a cult that was destroyed ages ago and all under the whims of a daemon trying to become the new God of Destruction."

"Hm, " Larson pondered while narrowing his eyes.

Flashes of lightning shone through the drapes. The roar of thunder echoed, drawing everyone's attention momentarily. Garrett ran fingers through his hair, and the dwarf tugged at his rusty beard.

"If that's what's brought everyone together, so be it, " Garrett said and rapped fingers on the table. "The less anyone knows about our investigation the better, I should think."

"Truth, " Lyalla said and slightly pursed her lips. Her jittery, amber eyes gave the impression of inner turmoil. "I fear for us, though."

"Why, " Garrett asked as he reached across the table to take her hand.

She smiled, pushing back golden locks from her face, saying, "It is yet quite possible that Roan is ill…we've all heard such before, and it could be the illness allowing others to us

him by the torso, a clawed toe cut into each of his shoulder blades. Crying out in agony, he felt the wind escape his lungs as he was lifted clean off the ground. Daring a look to his sides by twisting his head as far as possible, he caught a glimpse of the black dragon, Anhalnathrak.

The behemoth of a dragon swallowed him and the wyvern whole, and then there was blackness, a void. From the blackness he saw a glowing fist, and within the fist, was a glowing sword. Though the scene was beyond comprehension, Larson was witness to the glowing blade sinking deep into the dragon's throat. A blinding flash of radiance forced the warrior to scream.


"Whoa, laddie, " Seanessy complained. "Thas' no way ta' wake a dwarf!" Eyes darting about Mathew's guest room, Larson saw his old comrades, Seanessy and Fortha. They were looking at him askance. "Bad dream?"

"So it would seem, " Larson chuckled. "Sorry."

"Well, we're up, now, " Fortha smiled and stood out of bed. "I guess Garrett and Lyalla decided to share the other room…."

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