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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 4804

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

The driver replied with a tug of his brim, and they started off. "Rest of our crew, " Garrett asked.

"Relax, " Mathew breathed and turned to gaze up into the darkening sky. "Storm clouds are rolling in…haven't seen any rain in a month or so."

Larson and Garrett traded a look. Troubling times were ahead, or perhaps, they had always lurked beneath the shadows. Either way, there was a tinge of despair in the air; a mood that seemed to slowly gnaw at everyone's soul. No more words were spoken, and their silence was drowned out by the noises of the city; people chatting, guards marching, the clopping of the horses, and the staccato sound of the cart wheels over stone. Mathew dropped the warriors off at his house before waving good bye.

"Are you not coming in, " Larson asked.

"Only for a moment, I suppose, for I have other matters pressing."

Inside the house, they were greeted by friendly faces. "My, my!" Garrett cheered. "Lyalla! Fortha!"

"An' Seanessy!" the dwarf yelled.

Larson laughed, adding, "And where's Shula?"

"Well, " Fortha started, smiled, and toyed with one of his brown braids. "Shula is at home with pregnant wife."

"Huzzah!" Seanessy howled.

"Well good for him, " Garrett said. "How far along is she?"

Lyalla answered after giving Garrett a hug and extending a hand to Larson. "His wife, Kolina, looks to be about four months along. None of us even knew until after our adventure with

e artifacts needed to be retrieved."

"I believe we're off to Glennmoor, " Fortha asked.

"We're on standby at the moment, " Larson admitted. "I suppose complete instructions will be provided tomorrow, whenever our last member shows."

"Aye, an' what do we about him, " Seanessy pried.

"Or her, " Lyalla stressed.

"Heh, heh, " Seanessy chuckled. "Not a lot of women fighters 'round 'ere, lass, but maybe she be dwarven."

"You'd like that, huh?" Larson smiled.

"I'm married, Lad!"

"You are?" everyone exclaimed.

"What's wrong with yas'?!"

"Sorry, " Lyalla smiled and touched his wrist.

"What's her name, " Fortha asked.

"Jennifer, " Seanessy huffed.

"That's not a dwarven name, " Larson trailed off and glanced at the others.

"She's human!" Seanessy barked. "The only beard I want in me bed is me own!"

That brought about a gale of laughter. "So, " Larson started after catching his breath. "Any news from anywhere?"

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