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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5267

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"But how do you her name? And how do you know it's a her? Did you go see it?" Larson pried from the edge of his seat.

"I did…to remove certain portions, and once I am finished working with the materials, I have orders to provide you with some magnificent equipment…something I've not done for anyone in, well, ages, " Margol grinned.

The smith was exceedingly jubilant, and his cheery mood was contagious. "I have so many questions, " Larson chuckled.

"Of course, " Margol offered with open hands.

"But please, continue regarding the dragon's identity before I start spouting at the mouth."

"Yes, Anhalnathrak was the black dragon pestering this region well over nine hundred years ago—the story was handed down to me—one of my ancestors tried to bring her down, but dragons fly, so arrows and magick often miss, and to swing a sword is practically useless. Fortune smiled upon my ancestor when he met a blacksmith, a lovely woman, and she was the first in our lineage to craft, and my, what crafts she handed down to us.

"You see, she wanted to help bring down the dragon because it destroyed her village while she was out with her uncle, but such a quick beast is too fast for ordinary weapons. To assist my great ancestor, she designed a special ballista, one that harnessed the raw, magickal properties of ether stone; the machine didn't fire a giant, arrow-like projectile as normal ballistae, but fired a beam of light magick."

"This is truly a novel tale, " Garrett commented.

"Yes, it is, " Margol agreed. "The weapon was too powerful, though, and

aved to them. Once they exited, they saw it was getting late; shadows were cast down over the road from the eastern buildings and the crystal obelisks were glowing with a sheen of magickal radiance. Mathew hopped onto the cart; he was followed by Garrett then Larson who appeared to have suffered a bout of melancholy.

"Alright, friend, " Garrett asked, his brow slightly furrowed.

"Yes, I was just thinking, while this was all very fascinating, we do appear to have wasted some time, no? I mean, we should start off for Glennmoor as soon as we can."

His reply came as a bit of a shock to everyone, but Garrett was quick to understand that the hurried mood was a simple cover of his friend's true feelings, whatever they might have been. "He's right, " Garrett said to Mathew. "And you were saying you were sending others to go with us."

"Well, " Mathew gave a subtle shrug and frown. "I'm only adding one member to your crew, and she isn't here in Xorinth yet, but the rest of your crew should be at my house by now. Driver, back home."

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