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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5155

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"That is the dungeon where from your trinket was plundered, and since we know that the Dark One is after it, we can surmise that you will find answers in Glennmoor, " Rolas explained.

"I'm trying to understand, " Larson grit his teeth. "Why you said Lagos is bringing his trinkets in by way of a courier when Mathew said they were already here; objects left behind by Golguhaar."

Glances passes around the table once more, but Rolas simply smacked his lips in disapproval.

"What are we supposed to do there, " Garrett asked.

Rolas walked away from the table. Larson shot Garrett a look of wonder and disbelief, and Garrett turned to Mathew, who used both hands to push his hair back.

"I think that's all you're getting out of our dear friend for now, " Mathew said in an apologetic tone. "But I will tell you what I know. Glennmoor is not far from Stormguard, a peaceful village, really, but recently, as Rolas has described, there has been evidence of highly magickal activity, and there have been rumors of strange happenings in and around the village; dancing lights, fleeting shadows, odd sounds, sightings of undead, and so on. Something is definitely happening there, and while Rolas and I continue our investigation, we want the two of you—and a handful of others—to investigate Glennmoor."

Mathew stood, dusted his finery then motioned with his head for them to follow. He started making his way back to the door, and at the end of the carpet, Larson placed a hand on his shoulder.

"With whom do you want us to work?"

vered. I sharpened the blades and polished the shield."

Reaching over the counter while the men took chairs by the unlit fireplace, he took the items and returned to hand them over. Once each warrior had their belongings, Margol hiked up his leather trousers, pulled a chair out, and sat with the group.

"Thanks, " Larson said.

"Yes, my thanks as well, " Garrett added.

"Anyhow, " Mathew started, "tell them about that dragon."

"Yes…Anhalnathrak, the black dragon, " Margol whispered.

"I thought it was a blue dragon, " Garrett said.

"No, her scales were purplish due to age, but she was a black dragon, " Margol affirmed.

"How is it you know so much about dragons, " Larson inquired.

"Dragon slaying has been in my family for generations…but even then there were few dragons still living…many had already died from old age; they are not truly immortal, but do have quite the lifespan, and many other dragons left for other planes, and yet some still remain in deep, deep slumber, like Anhalnathrak."

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