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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5400

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"You can't hurry fineness, " Larson rebutted.

Garrett winced and shook his head in mock dismay. Melina then presented Larson with a hand mirror. Garrett had been right; while his head did look like a mangy dog's fur, there were already new follicles growing in.

"Shall I grab the straight blade, " Melina asked.

"No…I guess it's fine like this. We're in a hurry anyway, I should think."

"Quite, " Garrett conceded. "Let's get a move on."

Handing the mirror back to Melina, Larson commented, "I look like my father."

All of them smiled. Finally, while the maid swept Larson's hair from the wooden floor, the warriors left Mathew's home to congregate outside. It was a brisk morning, and to their surprise, the cart and driver were ready for guests. After greeting the man, and boarding the cart, they were led around the western edge of the castle wall and finally due south, back to the libratoreum.

The second their feet touched the ground, the magick guards pulled open the doors and instructed them to make for the end of the great study. Nodding accordingly, Larson and Garrett traipsed through the foyer, across the polished, wooden floors of the study, past many tables, book shelves, and scholars, and stopped short when a guard called their names.

They followed him behind a shelf, followed the stone wall to their left, and were led down some stairs, which ended smack before a closed, wooden door. The guard waved his hand while saying a magickal incantation, and the door glowed a moment before the guard opened it. Larson arched a brow wondering about the enchantment, but said nothin

onally which God is doing what and where."

"If I may, " Garrett interceded. "If Lagos continues to spread destruction here, it will most assuredly affect your studies, your libratoreum, your fellow mages, and your fellow high-elves."

Rolas had stopped his sashaying long enough to acknowledge Garrett's words, but the contemptuous look on his face, one of evident pity for the lowly human, was present long enough for the elf to roll his eyes, and then he replied, "It is of little concern to me, but I assure you…I am here to aid. Now, judging by Mathew's knowledge, it is imperative I tell you that the Dark One is in fact one person, and whether he is elf, human, or fish, is not our concern, however, through my supreme divining, I have come to locate a great source of power radiating near Glennmoor. I cannot say for certain that it is the Dark One himself, but it is a power I have seen flaring recently…the same essence I sensed a month or so ago when Dokshothstuvil was ransacked."

Larson arched a brow then. Rolas took notice, and again, he rolled his eyes.

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