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   Chapter 5 No.5

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5964

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Larson interrupted again. "White Wraiths?"

Eying the warrior, the detective answered, "It would seem that the White Wraiths and the Storm Militia may be working together; they were using the charm to increase their power—the charm they stole from Ulfberth—but up to that point, no mention of Lagos had been made by anyone, and before you interrupt again, yes, they were using monsters to find and extract the trinket from the barbarians, which led me to wonder if someone had advised King Roan of the trinket's existence, but had merely pointed him in the wrong direction."

"Did the king attack Ulfberth, " Garrett asked.

Matthew turned his lips in, looked at the wavering candles, walked over to the yellow drapes, and barely shook his head. "There is not sufficient evidence to say one way or the other. Perhaps King Roan is using both the White Wraiths and his Storm Militia, or perhaps the White Wraiths were merely casting suspicions on King Roan by having someone dress a Storm Militia member…perhaps someone else beat him to the punch, or perhaps, he was advised erroneously for other reasons. What I know is that there was a portal from that cave to Lirin's Hold. I started to investigate those ruins, but before we so much as made camp, King Roan started sending the Storm Militia all over Ruvonia's borders, which depleted the security of the capitol, and then all manner of crime erupted within the city, leaving the guards to handle the mess on their own, but of course, guards are easily bought and sold."

"Did you manage to enter Lirin's Hold, " Garrett pried.

Mathew shook his head again. "Never. I made my way back into Stormguard and started buying information. I learned that the White Wraiths were seen talking to people, many people, and then those peopl

t I wouldn't be surprised if before long another one pops up."

"Why can't you find them, " Garrett asked, surprised. "The Dark One knew where the amulet was."

"Yes…I know, " Mathew conceded. "I'm not sure why we can't trace their magickal resonance, nor can I figure out what kind of divining methods he used. Obviously, once the artifact is nearby, both myself and Rolas have the ability to sense its power, but it's as if the source of the power is ensconced behind a wreath of flames."

"Mysterious, " Garrett whispered.

"Yes, " the detective agreed. "My assumption is that Lagos is finding them, or sending the White Wraiths to find them, but we are working diligently with the court of Tarielle to understand the magicks behind Lagos's power. Sadly, we have no timeframe, that is to say, we don't know how long it will take Lagos to become a God, and even worse, we have no time to waste; the Dark One is also seeking the amulet you recently brought, and if he learns that it is here, not only will he take it, but he will also take the bracelet, and for all we know, he may already have one or more artifacts, and that might also explain how he found out about the amulet.

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