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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Investigating Trouble By AaronDennis Characters: 5698

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"I am a fencer, " Garrett snipped.

"Are you?"

"Gentlemen?" Mathew called. "If you're ready, I'll show you to your new quarters." After they all thanked Margol, they reconvened outside. "You'll be staying at my house…no one to bother you except the maid."

"Your house, " Larson and Garrett asked, simultaneously.

"Yes…it's the safest place."

"Apart from the frills…tell me again why we're trusting this guy?" Larson turned to Garrett, but spoke loud enough to draw a leer from Mathew, who winced.

"Trust me, " Garrett demanded.

"Fiiine, " Larson grumbled.

Upon agreement, Larson turned to Mathew and gave a smile. The detective took obvious note of the smile, but as was his stuffy demeanor, he simply gave a nod. Another cart ride ensued, taking them around the northeastern edge of the castle wall. Then, the driver cut down some smooth, cobbled streets; homes lined either side of the road.

While Garrett slipped into a state of torpor, Larson gazed up at the two and three story homes; gray brick monstrosities not unlike the homes back in Jonsburrough, and that brought back the memory of Holden, of fighting the werewolf of Pallisade. The warrior smiled to himself a moment. The crystalline lights danced across the cart, and Larson caught Mathew eyeing him.

"What are we really doing here, " Larson asked.

"I know you want some answers, Larson…and I'd like to be more forthcoming, but I'm afraid that right now is simply not the time. We'll be arriving at my home in moments, and once inside, I'll divulge a little more."

Larson gave a nod. Seconds later, the cart stopped in front of a two story home. The mahogany woodwork practically gleamed from magickal lighting

zed the attack in order to plunder some unknown resource, which turned out to be a small bracelet, a trinket made of a foreign substance that resembled bone, a trinket with a little skull on it. After reporting to the Magickal Prince, he wasted no time in funding my approach to further investigate, which included a great deal of traveling, hiring guards, hiring spies, paying for information, and bribing everyone around from nobles to bandits.

"In the end, we recovered the bracelet from a magickally crafted cave hidden within the snowy mountains north of Ulfberth."

Larson and Garrett traded a look then; they were both intrigued by the king's behavior, the continued appearance of monsters, and especially by the trinket, but they were most curious as to the origins of the trinket and those dark powers seeking it.

"This bracelet, " Larson interrupted, "it also has ties to Lagos?"

"Of course it does, " Garrett blurted with condescension. "Keep up and listen."

Larson frowned at his friend before returning his attention to Mathew, who continued his tale. "My men killed a group of sorcerers clad in white robes."

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