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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5539

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Silence fell onto the company. Larson and Garrett tried to get a look behind them through the barred window at the cart's door. From what little either saw, they were well within the city; many, gray, large buildings were all lined up on both sides of the road. The commander simply looked over the travelers, never taking his eyes off one or the other.

"So, you know we didn't do anything wrong, " Larson started after he turned back.

"I dunno' anythin' for sure, but like I said, you're just bein' questioned, and since I'm droppin' you off at the libratoreum, you won't be able to run off, see?"

"We've no intention–" Garrett was saying.

The commander raised his hand to indicate he wanted silence. "Oh, uh, our horses, " Larson asked.

"Back at the guards' stables, " the commander replied.

"They didn't cause too much trouble, did they?"

"Nooo, just a bit o' ruckus."

"You saw their protection, " Garrett commented.

"Aye, " the commander said.

"We never meant for any of this to happen, " Larson sighed. "We're terribly sorry."

The commander tapped his fingers on his thigh a moment before saying, "It's quite alright. I get the feelin' you two blokes are alright, and I've heard of Ansalle, the merchant. Can't says I know anythin' about him, but that's for Mathew to question."

"Understood, " Garrett smiled.

"Well, we're close, now, " the commander said then turned around to slide open a transom. "Libratoreum, " he barked. The cart slowed before making a turn. Not long after, another turn was made, and another, and each time the turns occurred, everyone inside had to momentarily readjust their balance. Finally,

e wore a red robe in gold trim that hid his feet. Garrett grew a genuine smile and raised his hand in greeting. The elf maintained a stern visage, not even looking at the fencer, and giving little inclination regarding his intentions. Larson glanced at him then back at Garrett, who gave a knowing look implying it was high-elf custom to be a high-arse.

Upon closing the distance, the lanky elf nearing seven feet had an undeterminable age; he didn't look old, but neither did he look young; he simply looked angry, and he took turns glaring at Larson, Garrett, and then the guards. Finally, he crossed his arms, half turned his face away and his nose up, and huffed through his nostrils The guards scattered like frightened rabbits.

"Rolas, " Garrett said.

"Garrett, " the elf sighed, but did not look fond of his friend's appearance.

"I'll cut the crap, old friend, " Garrett said and drew the pendant. Before he even extended his hand to give it, the elf snatched it. Larson nearly laughed, but didn't want to risk being kicked out of there. "I believe the Dark One is after that trinket."

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