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   Chapter 14 No.14

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5047

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"C'mon, now, " the commander said with a motion of the hand that led Larson and Garrett to glance at some horse drawn carts. Nearly unable to rally their attention, the warriors barely pulled away from some of the guards. "Just relax. I want to see that dragon as badly as you two, but I've got the city's safety as my top priority."

It was then that the warriors begrudgingly acquiesced, and were finally led to a cart. "Up you go, " the commander said and helped them by first opening the door at the cart's rear. He then entered ahead of them and pulled them both up the step. Inside, and sitting on padded leather, Larson and Garrett almost breathed freely. "Get comfortable. It's a ride to Xorinth, and I'll get most o' the questions out o' the way now."

Relaxing on the leather seats in the shade of the cart, the commander folded his arms, peeked beyond the warriors through the barred window, and made a smacking sound with his lips. For a moment, as the duo treaded a glance, there was only the sound of squeaky wheels, and the slow jostle of the ride coupled with the drain of cooling adrenaline, nearly lulled the two to sleep. Both of them were nodding and blinking slowly.

"Wake up, wake up, " the commander demanded and slapped them about the face with a handkerchief. They grumbled, but gave their attention. "So…whatch you doin' here?"

Larson deferred to Garrett, who slowly answered, "Uhh, we're here to see a friend of mine, Rolas, at the libratoreum."

"He's a busy man…what about,

out alright, somehow." Finally, the commander pointed at their gear, which still held the glowing, purple filigree. "Protection spells go a long way."

"Indeed, " Garrett nodded.

"Right, listen, " the commander started. "Our resident, uh, detective, will want to question you further. I can't imagine just how you'd be responsible for that ginormous dragon…seems like it's just one o' them crazy things what happens, but here's how this'll play out; I'll have you dropped off at the libratoreum. There, you can converse with Rolas while the guards oversee the proceedings. When Detective Mathew–"

"Mathew?" Larson interrupted.

"When Mathew shows up at the libratoreum, " the commander said with a bit of anger in his tone. "He'll want to know much more, a bit stuffy, that one, so be on your toes."

"What can you tell us about Mathew, " Larson pried while wondering about the name.

"Young…brash, no sense o' humor, " the commander huffed and relaxed back in his seat. "Straight shooter."

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