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   Chapter 13 No.13

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5626

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

There were some tress obscuring the horizon behind the farms, and coupled with the slight incline of the land, it seemed that a great shape was literally coming out of the ground. A beast so large it boggled the mind had the wyverns as frightened and stunned as the men. Something like an immeasurable row of peaked rooves first became noticeable. Then, another long shape reared up. It had a defined head, large, horned, and with swords for teeth. Another thundering bellow erupted across the landscape—an incomprehensibly deep, bass drone—and the wyverns began an escape towards the south. Larson and Garrett stumbled over to one another.

The fencer was badly bruised, bleeding, and hobbling; his sword nowhere to be found. His clothes were nearly shredded and hanging off his body. Larson was terribly burned and was missing patches of hair. His right eye was swelled shut, his armor nearly in ruins, but both of their grievous wounds were forgotten as an immense dragon so great, so old that its deep, blue scales had darkened to indigo and violet, took to the sky. The beast in flight simply staggered the mind; it was a mile in length and passing over the warriors, it misshaped the clouds and blotted out the sun for seconds; the winds cast down by unfathomable wings floored the men, but when they recovered, they saw, through dust, the dragon pick wyverns out of the sky.

The ancient dragon rode straight up, nearly horizontally, towards the zenith; its gleaming scales, like indigo mother-of-pearl, glistened. With wings curled in, the titanic dragon turned its back to the wyverns, and as it plummeted, it rotated, honed in on one beast, and chomped it out of sight. Stan

healing spells consisted of words and the laying of hands, which brought a soft, glowing, and warming light about the warriors. With the pain eased, Larson and Garrett made to wander towards the unbelievable event.

"Easy, folks, " the commander warned. "Now…it was your horses rode into town and started knockin' about fruit stands?"

Larson and Garrett shrugged and nodded. "Sounds like Duke, " Larson claimed.

"Lola's picking up his bad habits, I'm afraid, " Garrett sneered.

The commander did not look pleased. "In light o' what just happened, I'll spare your punishment, but I've to take you in for questionin'."

"Questioning of what?" Larson complained as the guards made to detain them.

Silence passed for a moment. Larson pointed behind him at the stilled beast. Garrett was unable to pull his eyes from it as well. Some guards were still trying to control the people, to keep them from venturing after the dragon. It was not going well.

"We don't know who you are or how this all came to be, " the dark-skinned woman said. "It's just questioning to ensure our city is not in…well…more peril."

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