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   Chapter 12 No.12

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5467

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"Xorinth's north! We're going north!"

"Damnit, ride Lola, ride!"

The warriors held onto their reins for dear life. Riding as fast as possible, they were no match for the speed of the flying lizards. A half dozen fire breathing beasts were swooping in from high above and miles to the south, but they were gaining on the men.

"I told you there was trouble, but noooo, " Garrett mocked. "I know a shortcut! We'll be alright! You're sure it's fine!"

"Shuuut uuup!" Larson growled. "It was your yelling what drew their attention!"

"Shite, shate, shat, arse!"

Larson chuckled. He wasn't afraid for his safety, but was definitely worried about his friend and the horses.

"There, " Larson yelled, pointing. "That farm house isn't too far. Duke, you're going ride, old friend!"

Larson came to a sudden halt, nabbed a broadsword and shield off Duke, dismounted, slapped the horse's big, brown butt, and sent him riding for the farmsteads.

"What are you doing?" Garrett screamed.

"Go, you dunce!"

Garrett grumbled, stopped, dismounted, and sent Lola ahead as well. "We're going to get creamed, " Garrett claimed while the horses sped off towards Xorinth.

"Roasted, I should think, " Larson commented with a subtle shrug of acquiescence.

"Oh-ho-Ho-HO-HOO, " Garrett grumbled in a Costanzian strain.

"We have to hold them off, " Larson demanded. The wyverns were coming in fast. Both warriors knew if the creatures followed the horses, the farms, the city, innocent people were certainly in store for an upheaval. "If we're lucky, " Larson chortled. Garrett steadied himself for the attack, but glanced at his

s blade behind him, which sank steel into the wyvern's ankle. The beast cried out, a shrieking wail, and dropped the man. Larson plummeted twenty feet and hit the ground like a sack of bricks.

The protection spell had saved his life, but he was stunned, wheezing for breath, and totally discombobulated. He came to his feet, but dropped his sword, and through one eye, he saw a single wyvern come for him.

Dropping to his knees and covering his head while rolling on his side, he cried out, "Holy bananas, Gods, save me!"

Mentally chuckling at his own humor in the face of the unimaginable, he recovered his sword, turned about, and watching the wyvern cut a circle in the sky, he heard the most guttural, gut wrenching sound. It was as if the earth itself had relinquished a belch. Apparently, the wyverns heard it, too; their attention had been drawn, and they glanced at one another. Mouth agape and in disbelief, Larson scanned his surroundings, spotted Garrett, who was flat on his belly looking towards the north—the direction of the sound—and then peered towards the farms.

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