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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5359

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"My time spent in the merchant trade under my father's tutelage taught me that most anyone with money knows something they shouldn't. I suspect you should remain aware; listen for bits of information regarding the decline in King Roan's leadership; it will have ties with the Dark One and the White Wraith cult, and you may yet learn about your brother and father's whereabouts."

"You think the Dark One has such an influence over the state of the country?"

"My gut tells me yes."

Larson nodded slowly. Pondering his partner's implications, he looked up into the sky. Shielding his eyes with his hand from an errant ray of sunlight peaking through the eastern clouds, he noted it must have been closing in on supper time; his stomach was in accordance with the assumption. He thought about breaking for food, but both Duke and Lola, and Garrett, for that matter, looked skittish. There may yet be something around here, he thought. They quickened their pace.

Coming off the sloping hill, the friends gazed out into a great, dry, open meadow. Being able to see for miles, they noted extensive farmlands. Like all the booming cities of Ruvonia, farmlands marked the proximity of civilization. Xorinth was not far off.

"What do we really know about the Dark One, " Larson asked.

Their hurried pace made their weapons, armor, and travel supplies bounce around. Garrett raised his voice to drown out the sound of jostled equipment.

"All we know, for a fact, is that he hired a team of explorers to acquire our little trinket. After it was raided by the goblins, he hired Cormick to get it bac

on was making such an implication, and that what's drove him to yell.

"Lagos, Larson!" the fencer was turning red with anger. "Lagos is trying to become a God! We have to do something here!"

Larson was about to enter into an argument when a chorus of wailing, elongated growls echoed across the land. The horses froze on the spot, nearly tossing their riders. Larson and Garrett exchanged a look of sheer horror as they maintained their balance. They turned their mounts to face the southwest, from where the noise had come, only to witness immense, gray, scaled creatures. They were dragons with wings for forearms, beaked maws lined with teeth, muscular, rear legs, and thick, whipping tails. Wyverns were taking flight from some unseen roost hidden by the jagged stone.

"Son of a shite, " Larson said matter-of-factly.

"Wyverns, " Garrett shrieked. "We can't take wyverns!"

Both men wheeled their horses about and made a full gallop towards the north. "Are we going the right way?" Garrett howled as they bowled over withered grass and dusty meadows.

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