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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5286

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"And I aim to keep it that way!"

"Stop being a Mary."

"I'm not being a Mary!" Garrett countered immediately. "I'm being th-k-the, the guy keeping us alive!"

"Un-bunch those panties, Gare, " Larson laughed. "Look around you; there's few trees here, gorgeous, brown meadows, the mountains far behind us. We're in a prime spot to see all around, and if we travel due north, we'll get to Xorinth with…say…six hours to spare."

"Larson, " Garrett pleaded, the fatigue getting to him.

"Garrett, " Larson mocked.

With a mighty exhale portraying great patience and acquiescence, Garrett rode up behind Larson, and the two took the proposed shortcut. Though he continued peering into the distances, expecting the worst, Garrett soon relaxed and started thinking about what else might be done to stop Lagos, and what he could do to help Larson find his family.

"Once we get there, " Garrett began. "We'll have to speak with Rolas immediately. He'll offer good hospitality…for a high-elf, but will want total seclusion once he begins his work. We also have to take into consideration that he may already have his own work. Regardless, it'll be in our best interest to seek out any information on the White Wraith cult."

"Agreed. Finding out just what those pricks are up to may lead to some much needed information."

The riders were on a slow but steady incline by then. For a moment, what lay beyond was hidden by the hill's crest. Upon reaching its top, Garrett noticed a jagged, gray boulder; it's mass seemed well out of place. It was no mountain, but loomed in the d

the mounts. Larson arched a brow, and a little smile crept across his face.

"So, political doors, " Larson asked in an effort to pick up the conversation.

"Right, we know the Dark One hired mercenaries to retrieve the goblin pendant. By now, I would think he is aware that his goons failed, and probably knows we're heading to Xorinth, but while Rolas researches the item, and I scour the magick school, temple, and such, you can pick up rumors and whatever else from the city's underbelly."

"Apart from news regarding the White Wraiths or the Dark One, what else should I keep an ear open for?"

At that moment, they were directly east of the jagged rock and still a few miles away. A sort of growling squawk resonated. Both warriors slowed their pace while looking west. Larson narrowed his eyes, and Garrett frowned. Neither said a word, but both began angling away towards the northeast and back for the road.

It was staring to get late. Thick, gray clouds blotted out the sun, and most of the sky, giving everything an oppressive air.

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