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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5359

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Garrett waved his hand dismissively. Nothing more was said on the matter. The two rode on in silence over wiry grasses and mild slopes.

Though thoughts had run rampant, a great deal of time had passed during their argument, and it was time for a short break. Since they had seen no travelers on the road, they dismounted and walked around to stretch their muscles. Both men passed a glance, trying to think of something to say.

"Hungry, " Larson finally grunted.

Garrett agreed. Rifling through their packs to search for food and drink, he concluded they had not packed well for the journey. Larson was in complete concurrence and blamed Garrett, facetiously, for hurrying them out of Talsador.

"There really wasn't time, " Garrett admitted.

"I know, " Larson sighed, "but I am starved, and if I don't get some meat in me soon, I'll drop dead."

Garrett winced and shook his head. "You'll live, but I'll find us something."

The fencer then traipsed off into the pines, where he noticed a sleeping possum. He nailed it with a magick arrow, and then returned to find Larson readjusting the leather straps and buckles on his armor. The warrior turned to his friend, eyed the possum, and then eyed Garrett.

"No, " Larson affirmed.

"There is nothing else, unless you want to eat crow."

A crow in the upper limbs of a pine cawed in agreement at that very instant, and Garrett cocked his head implying the crow acknowledged their predicament. "That rat is something Seansy would eat, " Larson heaved.

Garrett grinned, saying, "Light a fire, dear."

Chuckling, Larson obliged, and t

hin clouds on the western horizon, and as birds chirped, rodents skittered, and bugs zipped about, Larson and Garrett appreciated the brisk, morning breeze. Content with another belly full of roasted possum, the warriors rode their way down a curving but beaten trail. Withering grasses grew sparsely in the area. With Talsador long behind them, the current scenery wasn't so hilly, so thick with pines, and there were scarcely any boulders. Larson began to meander off the trail.

"What are you doing?" Garrett chastised.

"Relax, I know a shortcut."

Garrett gripped fists at the air as though trying his all to control his temper. "No you don't. Stay on the road. It's safest that way."

"This way is quicker, hence shortcut."

"Larson, " Garrett chuckled, "we need to stick together."

"Uh-huh, " Larson agreed then burped. "Oof, that possum's not sitting right, " he added and lightly pounded his sternum. "As I was saying, I know a quicker route. We shouldn't waste any more time than need be. We've been lucky so far…nothing wicked's come after us."

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