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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5185

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Garrett sighed before adding, "That's exactly what I'm saying. Consider this, " he started then paused briefly to take in the sights of nature.

In the light of early morning, while rays of sunlight cut through clouds in the west, the wildflowers danced and birds fluttered away from the riders' approach.

"Consider…, " Larson tried to spur his friend onwards.

"Well, take Willem for example; he's an old man. Worshiping Akalabash has done nothing for him. Either his deity does not speak to him, or at the very least, he has neglected to grant him the power to stop evil. It is not Akalabash who will find the Dark One and defeat him."

"Akalabash is God of War, not a force of good. War is conflict, true and pure."

"Yes, I know, but I'm saying…what I'm trying to say is that regardless of his devotion, Willem isn't accomplishing what we're accomplishing, and certainly Akalabash won't be the one to flush out the problems rampant in our society."

"You said Willem is an old man, " Larson snapped.

Garrett grumbled and interrupted, saying, "War does not discriminate for age, but as a God, Akalabash could still grant Willem the power to, to, to…do something, something against Lagos. Lemme' try another example."

"Wait, " Larson interjected. "You don't know what kind of life Willem has led. He may have served his time on the battlefield."

"Agreed…he may have, but as I was saying, take Gerancho."

"God of Nature, " Larson interrupted.

"People who worship Gerancho don't farm any better than those who don't. They spend

-elves…but that doesn't prove the soul exists…it is an interpretation."

Larson chuckled. There was little more to be said. Garrett had to ponder the conclusion, but Larson believed he had made his point.

Garrett half turned to his friend. "Since when are you so pious, so philosophical?" he joked.

"I've had much time to ruminate over my life's experience, " the warrior answered. "It seems to me that men have souls, and that a guiding force—something greater in scope than they—has some bearing on that soul."

Larson simply shrugged with an air of condescension. The fencer frowned, though.

"Soul or no soul, " he started, "Actions have a greater effect on the world around us. Time spent in worship, in prayer, is better spent towards achieving change through action."

"Obviously, I agree, " Larson muttered. "I just think you're being careless in your assumption that Gods do nothing and that worship is senseless."

"I wasn't going to that extreme!"

"It sounded as though you were, " the warrior rebutted.

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