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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5399

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"Fine, " Garrett chuckled.

The two split up one last time, and as each warrior traversed stone streets under moonlight, their thoughts revolved around similar concerns; who is the Dark One? Is he pulling the strings? How is he connected to Lagos, and can two men, albeit seasoned warrior-travelers, truly hope to prevent whatever troubles were lurking behind darkened corners?


About a mile north of Talsador, where only a handful of farms were already swallowed up in the nearly impenetrable darkness, Larson and Garrett rested by a campfire nestled amidst some smaller pines. The road and the nearby trees were still visible under diminishing moonlight, and the glow of the fire illuminated their immediate surroundings quite well. Larson was on his side—his head resting on his travel pack—scrunched up next to Duke. He was obviously exhausted, but Garrett was more concerned than tired; he sat cross-legged, poking at the fire with a stick.

"So, after being bedded by two, lovely lasses, I started to drift off, " Garrett was saying.

"Uh-huh, drift off, " Larson echoed.

"I noticed they were stealing from me then, and that's why I got a new room at The Meow…The Frog has good food, but I have to say their service is rather poor."

"What a ribbiting tale…I'm in toadal surprise. Can I get some sleep?"

Garrett chuckled, "Certainly, but one of us needs to be awake in the event of an ambush."

"Give me four hours."

"You got it."

Larson yawned then. Garrett rested back on his hands and stretched his neck. It was only a short interval after that that Larson started snoring like a

'em. We've a ride ahead of ourselves."

"You sod, " Garrett bellyached. "I nearly wet my trousers."

"Heh, well…it's too bad you didn't."

In a huff, Garrett checked himself, placated his horse, did his business, and then they were off. Eating, drinking, and joking merrily, the friends turned from idle chatter to their current predicament.

"The old priest at the temple of Akalabash feels that inspiring more worshipers to aim their attentions to the Gods is the only way to stop trouble from rearing its ugly head, " Garrett stated with a tinge of sarcasm, "but I don't see what that could possibly do." Larson eyed his compatriot. His demeanor implied that Garrett was being careless with interpretation of worship and its effects. "Yes, I know the Gods are real, but I feel that warriors need to take responsibility for these kinds of things. It's been two ages since the Gods actively did anything…why do we even need them? Our time is better spent handling this matter ourselves."

"I hope you're not suggesting the Gods don't do anything, " Larson snipped.

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