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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 4827

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The dwarf nodded, turned to Garrett, and smiled again. Larson and Garrett traded a look; it was one, which gave Larson the pretense that his friend was worried.

"I'm not hungry at the moment, but I'll take a cup of tea, " Garrett said.

Again, the dwarf nodded before scampering off. A moment of silence between the two warriors eased by. The older woman playing the flute gave her music a pause. There were only a handful of patrons at the time as it was getting late, but not so late that the night patrons had wandered in yet.

"So, catch me up, " Garrett initiated.

Larson grinned and straightened up in the booth. "All accounts are closed. The funds have been moved into my accounts, and some of Holden's belongings are currently in my possession."

"That's good."

"Yes, I also met a fine lass in Riverdale."

"Oh, " Garrett over dramatically perked up in mock interest. Larson laughed a moment. "Just the one then?"

"Hah, yes…just the one. We can't all be lady killers."

Garrett shrugged modestly and slightly bowed his head, "No…I suppose we can't. Tell me about this lovely lady."

"What's to tell? She's pretty, smart, funny, warm hearted, " Larson started, but then he looked off towards the bar. His previous expression of glee grew a bit gloomy. "She's not meant for this kind of life…she's a good lass and deserves someone to care for her."

"How do you mean, " Garrett asked as he leaned forwards and interl

le tip considering the bill was rather inexpensive. They both stood. Larson scratched at his belly, over the leather padding, before stretching his bulging arms out and over his head. The straps holding his armor in place made cracking sounds as they were so very taught.

"I have my pack upstairs, " Garrett said.

"Of course, " Larson nodded.

A moment later, they reconvened at the door. Larson looked at Garrett and smiled. Garrett shook his head and smiled, too. It was a short trip through the streets back towards the barracks. Stars glittered overhead. Patrolmen walked about aimlessly. Everything was eearily quiet. Before reaching the stables, Garrett made an abrupt turn.

"Where are you going, " Larson asked.

"To get Lola, you ninny. I told you, she's at the guards' stables."

"Ninny?" Larson gasped. "How dare you, and you mentioned nothing of Lola being there. I have to go the real stables, so meet up at the city's northern gate."

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