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   Chapter 5 No.5

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5634

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"Lord Ansalle, " she greeted and dusted her hands on her orange tunic.

Her ample bosom jiggled. She was not an attractive woman, large and haggard, but she did have a nice pair barely hidden by her attire. Garrett ran fingers through his hair after sitting down.

"Something light to eat before I retire for the night, please."

She nodded after his request, suggested a ham sandwich to which he agreed, and a moment later, it was served with a cup of warm, chamomile tea. "Will that be all?"

"Yes, thank you, " Garrett said while blowing at the ceramic cup.

The fencer took his sweet time eating and drinking. What few patrons had wandered in kept to themselves, thus allowing Garrett a momentary respite from troubling times. His fatigue didn't ebb in the least, and once the meal was consumed, and the lady barkeep started forcing people out, turning stools upside down, and cleaning tables, Garrett clomped back up to his room where he cleaned his teeth with an oak pick, voided himself in a chamber pot, and finally collapsed on the bed.


Liverish scenes played out in Garrett's dreams, half remembered events with a touch of malice; a bony grin wreathed in flames. He tossed and turned for hours while images of his friends, family, monsters, and Lagos played behind closed eyes. The uneasy feeling of dread persisted throughout the night. Eventually, Garrett opened his eyes when the sun's rays cut through the poorly closed shutters.

With an inhalation, Garrett awoke, stretched, and rolled out of bed. Luckily, that damned skull didn't wander into my hands again, he thought. Forcing himself down the flight of stairs, Garrett was greeted by the long hair

htfall again, shook his head, gripped his aching backside, and made his way back downstairs. Before so much as reaching the bottom step, he heard a familiar voice.

"There he is, " Larson barked and stormed over. Garret didn't have the opportunity to reply; Larson picked him up in a big, bear hug. "Tomorrow, we ride for Xorinth!"

Garrett smiled, patted his friend's leather plated shoulder, and motioned to sit at a booth. When the two took a seat, Larson glanced around the interior. The comfort of woodwork, the scent of smoked meats and warm ale, the melody played by the resident flautist all brought him a sense of peace. He redid the knot in his ponytail, fluffed out his beard, and finally motioned to a waiter. The grinning dwarf made his approach.

"Ahoy, Sir. Lord Ansalle, " the dwarf greeted. "What'll yas' be havin'?"

"Why does everyone call you Lord, " Larson asked Garrett. The fencer raised a brow, curled the corner of his lip, and maintained eye contact with his travel worn compatriot, but said nothing. Larson shrugged indifferently and returned his attention to the waiter. "Pork and beer."

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