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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 5584

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In subtle shock, Garrett inquired, "Why might he be multiple people? What's brought you to such a conclusion?"

"There have been occurrences when the Dark One was seen signing a pact or treaty in one kingdom while simultaneously advising the rulers of kingdoms on the opposite side of the country."

"Is that so, " Garrett asked in disbelief. Willem nodded with raised brow indicating his assuredness. "How do you know any of this?"

With a slight dip of the head, the old man admitted, "Naturally, it is all rumors, but the question is why the Dark One, or someone claiming to be the Dark One, is now hiring mercenaries to find a goblin trinket?"

"That's the question, isn't it?"

Again, both men grew silent. The candle flame flickered a bit as the stuffy library creaked from the night's airy chill. Garrett gazed at the flame a moment then turned back to Willem.

"Have you texts on the Dark One? Longmarch? Owensbrook?"

"I believe I have just the one, a book written by Lambry Rosslichtstein, a crusader of Akalabash, who fought and killed a liche he believed was the Dark One."

"Now, that's a story, " Garrett chuckled. "No wonder you know so much about him."

"Don't look so enthralled, " Willem admonished. "It's impossible for me or anyone to know the truth at this point, but it is unlikely that the liche was the Dark One."


"The monster was defeated by Lambry, and yet today, the Dark One still holds influence from Glenmmoor."

"The city near Stormguard?"

"Yes, " Willem answered as he worked himself from his seat and made off to find the text.

"Need a hand?" Garrett called out.

"No, no, " Willem yelled back as he s

was the sole survivor, he sought to amend himself by joining the crusaders of Akalabash. With his newfound faith and training, he busied himself with seeking out forces of all kinds; good, evil, human, elven, orcish; it didn't matter to Lambry. He simply wanted to fight.

Five, long years passed before he found himself in Longmarch, a hired warrior in the employ of someone called Count Parish. From what Garrett gleaned in the following pages, Parish was most likely the man who became the Dark One. The text claimed that Parish was a follower of Thaud, and that he purchased much land in Longmarch, but it said nothing of the Dark One specifically or made any mention of Parish being the mayor.

It had been hours, and Garrett was both exhausted and hungry. Upon closing the book and placing it on the oaken table, he trudged downstairs. It must have been late as there were no guests and no barkeep. He tapped the small, bronze bell on the counter with his knuckle, and it made a soft ding noise. A moment later, a disheveled looking woman with a stringy ponytail came from a hidden room behind the bar.

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