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   Chapter 2 No.2

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On to Xorinth By AaronDennis Characters: 4944

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Garrett nodded in appreciation and made his way out of the building. The cobbled street on the south end of the building led beyond some smaller homes; some were two-story, stone houses, others were wooden huts or shacks, and the farther south he went, the smaller and shabbier the homes were, but the streets ended at a steel worker's shop, which seemed to double as a home. From there, the beaten path led eastwards as the miner had stated.

The high altitude coupled with a steady breeze made the afternoon's heat almost pleasurable. Garrett meandered quite peacefully over grassy hills; the mountains loomed to the south and southeast. Thin, small, puffy clouds blotted the blue sky. Wildflowers of all colors danced in the winds. Before too much longer, the sounds of men joking, hammers smashing stone, and carts rolling over tracks grew audible. From the top of a large hill, Garrett saw the entrance into the mines, an immense hole lighted by torches; it was an opening carved into the cliff side and still a ways off.

"Ahoy, " Garrett called out, his voice echoing off the cliff.

A group of young, shirtless men noticed his approach. They let their hammers and picks rest against the ground while gazing at him from beneath hands shading eyes from the sun. They seemed to turn to each other in confusion, perhaps questioning his approach. Upon covering the distance, Garrett introduced himself and asked after Dolf.

"What's this about, " a burly, swarthy man barked.

"My apologies, " Garrett said. "I'm an envoy from Ruvonia. The Duke of Welchester needs a word with Dolf."

"Oh, " one asked. "A fancy noble, are we?"

"Here's a silver piece to cover your dinners for the night. Please fetch the man for me, " Garrett smiled.

That brightened their faces, and they all ran off. Minutes later, Dolf returned with the group. His white tunic was almost sandy brown with dust. The pale brute's hair was pulled high into a topknot, and he scrutinized Garrett with a look of confusion.

"Dolf, a word, " Garrett asked. "In private, if you will, " he added with a motion of his head to follow over to a barren area where some laden carts sat unoccupied.

Dolf followed carefully, but said nothing. Once they were out of earshot, and the worker's returned to their tools, Garrett leaned comfortably against a cart.

"They sayed some envoy come to see me, " Dolf said with his odd accent.

"Yes, I lied, but that's because I'm trying to create

some confusion."

"I see, " Dolf said and sat down cross-legged against another cart; he was attempting to catch what little shade there was. For a moment, the two simply scrutinized one another with a look of steely determination; they were both resolved for something. "There ees trouble…."

"There might be, and Ograk told me you're a griffin knight."

"Yeys, " he admitted, but didn't appear shocked, proud, or even rebuffed.

"Listen, you remember Cormick attacked the town because of something I'm carrying."

"I reemember."

"Well, I have to get it to Xorinth where it'll be safe, and I'll be doing that sooner rather than later, but I fear that since Cormick was hired to find this pendant, and Larson and me by extension, other men will be hired for the same reason." Garrett paused a moment. Dolf nodded slowly, but his stoic expression never wavered. "At any rate, since you're a good man, I thought I might entrust this city's safety to you and your dwarven mates…and Ograk, of course, I already spoke to her."

"Talsador can count on me, " Dolf agreed. "You didn't half to ask for that."

"I know, " Garrett nodded in appreciation.

"There ees more, eesn't there, " Dolf trailed off.

Garrett's demeanor turned firm. Again, they just stared at one another for a time. The breeze ruffled their hair and cooled their skin.

"Well…nothing you or Talsador need worry over, " the fencer said while looking off toward the horizon. "Since I learned you're a knight…I have to ask."

"About King Roan?" Dolf interrupted. Garrett immediately locked eyes. "There ees something dark een the works, and I vas sent to deescover vhat, but…this I cannot divulge. Vhat I can say to you ees this; the king ees not himself…there ees someone pooling strings."


"This nayme I do not know."

"Never mind then…but do keep an ear out for that name, Lagos."

"Eef I may, " Dolf started.

"Of course."

"Vhat you do een Xorinth?"

"I just need to drop this damnable trinket off with a friend. It will be safe there…it should end all of the trouble."

"You vill be safe? I might come vith, " he offered.

"It's more important for everyone's safety if you stayed here…besides, you said you have your own operation at stake."

Dolf nodded slowly, a smile almost crept across his hard visage. Garrett smiled broadly. Butterflies flapped about the men, momentarily drawing their attention; a reminder that peace was a fragile thing.

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