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   Chapter 58 Epilogue

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Christian rushed into the hospital alongside Lucas who looked frightened as well as confused at his present situation. Christian on the other hand hardly believed what was happening at the moment as he stood to the side and watched Lucas ask after his wife from one of the nurses behind the counter. A few seconds later, they're heading towards the elevators going to the next floor. Christian noticed his brother barely stood still as restlessness overtook him. There was a clear evidence of his worry for his wife. Later on they ventured out of the elevator and towards the room they were told she was taken. Anyone who passed them by felt like a one time phase they barely paid attention to. Through all this, Lucas and Christian barely said a word to each other. All that filled the atmosphere was tension.

Lucas pushed the door open to reveal a hazardous looking Ema. As he rushed in to meet his wife who struggled with taking deep breaths to control cramps she was feeling at the moment, Christian found it hard to walk into the room. This wasn't the same woman he saw last at the airport. She seemed different and her belly had protruded out some more.

She was putting on the hospital gown and laid on the bed with several pillows tucked behind her for comfort. She was visibly sweat as she tried her best to take breathing lessons from the nurse who stood beside her. She barely noticed Christian as he walked in. He conflicted within him if he should be here or not.

"Lucas." She managed to call out to him as her hand released the bed sheet she held on tightly to and stretched out to him. He took hold of her hand as he stood beside her.

All this was new to Lucas but he had gone on several pregnancy classes with Ema. They had prepared but none of those fully got him ready for reality. She was the one in pain. The one going through it all but somehow he felt he was the one in pain. He couldn't bear seeing her this way and a part of him just wished it would be over soon.

"When is the doctor getting here?" Lucas asked the nurse that stood beside Ema helping out as well.

"He already did." She explained trying her best not to squeal at how tight the mother-to-be was holding her hand.

"And?" Lucas asked needing more explanation than that or perhaps he was the only one noticing how deep in pain his wife was.

"He said to give it a few more minutes and he'll be back." She replied before continuing helping Ema with her breathing.

Lucas looked away not being able to say anything more except try his best to console his wife. He rubbed her hand softly with his before placing a kiss on her forehead.

"You're going to be okay. Don't you worry... I'm going to make sure of that." He told her and she immediately nodded continuous still holding on tightly to his hand as if her life depended on it.

Christian couldn't watch anymore. He felt he shouldn't be here. He didn't have that right and so he turned to taking the step out past the door.

"Christian?" Ema called and he froze for a seco

th before knocking on the door. A few seconds later it was opened by the nurse.

Apart from the nurse's face, the first thing his eyes fell on was the little bundle of miracle cradled in Ema's arms. He felt frozen for a second just staring at the baby barely moved with eyes closed. Every part of its body was covered up except its tiny fingers and small face.

Both Ema and Lucas looked up to Christian and noticed how still he was.

"Christian." Emerson called with a smile on her face. Upon realisation of how still he stood, he took several steps towards them. He stared down to the baby in her arms seemingly asleep. His face almost red as a tomatoes and his fingers so little. Probably the littlest and cutest thing he had every seen.

"Do you want to carry him?" Ema asked and his eyes widened for a split second. Could he really do that?

She waited for no reply as she stretched her arms with the baby towards him. Carefully, he collected the baby from her into his arms. As the child slowly moved his head as well as cringing its face up for a second, Christian realised just how miraculous a baby really was. The thought of it brought up a small smile on his face.

"What's his name?" Christian asked as he looked back up to Lucas and Ema.

They thought for a second and Christian watched Ema exchange glances with Lucas. She turned back to him with a smile on her face.

"Christian... His name is Christian." She told him and his eyes slowly widened upon realisation of what they just did.

He stared down at the sleeping child in his arms. Ema and Lucas had readily named their first child after him. He didn't know how to describe what he was feeling at the very minute. Was he truly worthy of this?

"Christian." He pronounced in a light but soft tone. He let his index finger be held in a curl of the baby's fingers as a broader smile formed in his face. Perhaps, this wasn't such a terrible beginning after all.

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