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   Chapter 57 My very own piece of cake!

Coffee And Papers By Mercy kalu Characters: 3698

Updated: 2018-05-09 18:50

A.K.A Author's note

Hi guys, I just first want to say a big thank you for reading this very book of mine and for enduring most my grammatical errors. I tried my best to make it less cliché as possible and I hoped in my own little way, I succeeded.

So, like they say...with a great ending comes a new beginning. Therefore, (drum roll please)...a new book is getting published very soon here on wattpad. Actually, two stories are in the making. First being, R E D. Second being, BULLET BRIDE. Truth be told, I actually have a hard time writing two stories at a time. A big example is my last unfinished work, A Big Bad Wolf which I started along the same time I started this very book. So, I'm trying to avoid such repetitions that's why...BULLET BRIDE has been chosen to first get published on wattpad, eventually R E D would follow.


The back of his fingers trailed softly from her cheeks down to her neck. His eyes were not an exception as they followed the movement of his fingers. He could clearly feel the racing of his heart against his ribcage. It was a feeling like never before

mafia, terrorists or anything of that sort so this is my first. I hope you like it. I'm going to try as much as possible to bring the characters to life and I genuinely hope you look forward to this book. A few chapters might first appear on inkitt so here is a link to my profile on inkitt. Please kindly follow, vote, comment or even add a review. I truly appreciate it all.

Inkitt link:

Facebook: Mercy Kalu

Instagram: kal_bere

Twitter: mercykalu

For those of you who are wondering if there will be a second book regarding Christian's story, well... Yes but it's still a working progress and won't be up anytime soon so for now, sit tight and enjoy the upcoming story.

Xoxo ;)

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