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   Chapter 56 Champagne (50)

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His brows furrowed as he slightly turned his head to the side before finally trying his best to open his eyes after several lazy attempts at it. As he regained consciousness, he felt a splitting headache coming on and gently he managed to drag himself to sit up on the bed. He rubbed his temples with his hand as if that would ease up the pounding his head was going through at the very minute. He was yet to take a look at his surrounding.

He dropped his hand to his side as he finally raised his eyes up. His brows slowly furrowed as the feeling of unfamiliarity settled in. Without moving his head, his eyes lurked three hundred and sixty degree around the strange looking room. This wasn't his room. Realisation settled in which thereafter, panic followed as he tried to recall how he could have gotten into another room. The last thing he remembered was walking out of the bar last night. Now, he realised it was morning as day break could be seen through the pattern-like translucent curtain.

Christian gently got off the bed and stood on his feet. He took a look at himself and that's when he realised he was still putting on his clothes from yesterday except his shoes were gone. He looked around for his shoes and finally found it on the other side beside the foot of the bed. He ran a hand through his hair. The wonder of how he got here was starting to worry him. Was he robbed? He wondered as he immediately frisked himself and to his utmost surprise found nothing on him. His wallet, phone and wrist watch were all gone. He must have been robbed. His pulse heightened with fear. How could he have drank himself to stupor? He looked around for any clue and his eyes caught sight of a phone. He immediately walked back to the other side of the bed and picked up the receiver. Before his fingers could touch any button on the phone on which numbers were written, his eyes caught sight of what seemed to be his lost belongings. He gently put down the receiver, the cord dangling a bit in the process. Beside the phone laid his wristwatch, wallet and mobile phone. He carefully picked them up and clearly identified them as his. His brows furrowed in confusion. He didn't understand anything that was going on. He noticed a white folded piece of paper which laid on the bedside table from where he just picked up his belongings. One of the items in his hand must have rested on it earlier for him to not have seen it then. His confusion grew some more as he picked up the paper to unfold.

"I'm not a thief and your perfectly safe wristwatch, phone and wallet proves that. Listen Mister, you owe me a lot and I won't forget it when next fate makes us cross paths."

He read the note that only threw him into a world of more mysteries. He couldn't help being lost in thoughts as he walked towards the main exit of the little hotel he apparently was in.

"Excuse me sir, are you leaving?" The receptionist behind the counter called with a warm smile as he noticed Christian trying to leave. Confused Christian managed to turn to him before walking up to the average looking man with black hair.

"Uh...yes." He replied as he barely kept his eyes at a place. For a very good reason, he felt paranoid about his present surrounding. He was in a room which seemingly seemed to be a lounge that was nowhere close to the size of his living room back at his mansion. An old man reading a newspaper with his legs crossed was sitting on a sofa-like furniture made out of bamboo sticks. He barely noticed any staff members like a maid or better yet, janitor. Once, he locked eyes with the old man who gave him a strange and creepy like look. He immediately looked away from him and back to the receptionist.

"Will you be returning sir?" The man asked him and Christian had to gulp down before shaking his head. Apparently, his headache hasn't left.


"Okay sir. The bill has already been paid. We hope you had a nice time at our hotel and hope you visit nice time." The man stated adding a broad smile at the end of his sentence. Christian eyes widened at first from the information before his brows slowly furrowed at the man's smile. That was not at all making him feel better. He was in strange place and the least he needed right now was a strange looking smile.

"Paid? Who paid the bill? I mean, who brought me here?" Christian asked now feeling a bit relieved that he was getting somewhere with this entire mystery.

"She wouldn't state." The young man replied and Christian sighed.

"She? A she brought me here?" Christian asked as he drew a bit closer to the man. The look of paranoid in his eyes. The man squeezed his brows a bit at Christian's question.

"I don't understand sir, you two walked in here together. Don't you know who she is?"

"If i did, i wouldn't be standing here having this conversation with you, would i?" Christian asked a bit frustrated as he ran a hand through his hair.

The receptionist remained silent.

"Do you mean to say you lodged someone into your hotel without a name? No information."

"She paid a lot of money for privacy." He told him before putting up another composed smile. Christian stared blankly at him, the smile just starting to get a lot to him. He couldn't take any of this. His head was already throbbing so badly. He shook his head at the man before turning and walking out of the hotel. He stood outside for a few seconds trying to analyse and comprehend where he could be but confusion stinked in as he realised he had never been to this part of the city before. He barely stayed around and when he did, he went to familiar places. He turned to take a look at the hotel and then he shook his head.

"Of all the hotels in this city... she chose this one." Christian murmured as he turned away from the rickety looking building.

When he walked into that club last night, a part of him was ready for the worst thing there is to happen to him. For him, his very present was like a nightmare. Yes, he finally had the company in his control but he still didn't feel satisfied. The woman of his dreams wasn't with him. She was now married to his half-brother. How terrifying and annoying could that piece of fact be? Just when he thought perhaps, for once in his life; he had a common line of thought with his mother. They were starting to talk better with each other until the news of her illness got to him. Now, he knows nothing is ever going to be the same with her around. She was dangerous to both herself and the people around her. He understood it wasn't her fault. The news of her husband's adultery rendered her helpless. In anger and frustration, she let the other side of her see the light once more. The treatment she had in the past was now gone. His life was now a hot mess. Nothing was working out and so he took to the comfort of alcohol but apparently, the universe refused to give him just that little peace for one night.

Chris sighed as he felt the chilled air of the morning swoosh past him. He dug his hands into the pocket of his coat before walking on ahead, out of the narrow looking street and towards the main road. He hailed a cab to stop and got in. He stated the address of the club for the driver before they were on their way. He needed to get his car. The last time he saw it, it was parked at car park.

* * *

His kiss deepened as his hands trailed down caressingly and ever so gently from her breast to her exposed thigh beneath the blanket. Her hands soothed his bare back accepting the kiss more and more. He gently let go of her lips, planting a kiss on her cheek thereafter before trailing down to the nape of her neck. She groaned at the pleasure of his touch.

A thought suddenly crossed her mind causing her to slowly open her eyes. She didn't know exactly how to put her question but this was something that had been eating her up for days. She needed an answer. As he brought his lips back to hers and kissed her ever so softly before letting go for a second to pursue the exploitation of another part of her body, she took it upon herself to quickly say something.

"So..." She started barely hearing her own voice.

"So..." He recited as his eyes slightly open to take a quick look at her face. A small smile forming at the corner of his face. She managed to smile back. He was in a good mood. That was clearly a go ahead order for her.

"What...what do you think of Ivy?" She asked and waited with open eyes quite expectantly for his reply. She had been lying to him for quite a while now and it was really staring to discomfort her. She wondered that perhaps, if he grew to like and get used to her, she could finally tell him who she really is. He wouldn't be so mad because he now thinks she's great and there, everything will fall into place.

Lucas stopped what he was doing for a second as he raised his eyes to her. His brows furrowed for a second before he instead, raised them at her.

"You're... You're asking that.. now?" He asked her trying his best not to sound mad at her or anything of that sort.

She looked away from his eyes for a second, not quite able to withstand his stare. She managed to turn them back to him.

"It's just that... It has been days since she started working here and... And you haven't said a word to me about her since I introduced you to each other. I don't know... Are you okay with her staying here? Are you mad at me for letting someone into your home without your permission? Are you..."

"Ema." He called her to a stop and she managed to keep a steady gaze into his eyes. His face held no expression and for a second, it worried her.

He brought his hand to lightly stroke her cheek as a simple smile curled up on his face.

"It's our home. I've told you before... You're my wife. You can hire and fire whosoever you feel like. It's yours to control... I have no ill feelings towards you and Ivy...she's nice and she's older so sometimes she seems like a mother figure. Okay?" He told her with a brighter smile on his face.

She managed to put up a brief smile as she nodded barely able to look into his eyes. She was feeling too guilty about lying to him but yet she couldn't tell him the truth. Ivy didn't want that and perhaps, Lucas might not want the truth as well. She was caught between two walls.

He softly kissed her on the lips, the urge to explore her body some more slowly rising within him as he narrowed down his kisses to her neck once more.

She gulped down.

"Mother figure?" She asked barely containing the tingling sensation his touch was doing to her.

"Yes." He replied, his hot breath fanning her neck in the process. She shut her eyes to control her feelings as his every caress did something to her.

" you think of your mother sometimes?"

He stopped as if frozen for a second. His eyes opened. He didn't know where this talk about his mother came from but he wasn't liking it one bit. He raised his head as well as eyes to her.

She felt no movement and something within her told her something was definitely wrong. She slowly opened her eyes to meet his own face. His brows were furrowed up at her. She realised she had really upset him. She stared at him not knowing what next to say or to do. He suddenly looked away as he got off her to sit up on the other side of the bed with his back turned to her.

"Lucas." She called, her voice sounding faint as she herself sat up using the blanket as shield over her naked body.

"I don't understand Ema...why did you have to bring her up when everything was going smoothly? Why are we even talking about all this right now?" He asked barely turning his face to her. She could see he wasn't pleased with her idea to talk.

"I'm sorry. It''s just that you're always busy. You go to work in the morning and by the time you get home, it's late. You're tired and we... We never get to really talk." She explained as she looked down to her hands feeling so stupid about the whole situation.

She should have known talking so much during their time together as man and wife would get him upset. Tears gathered her eyes. She was just as frustrated as he was. Seeing how upset he got regarding the topic of his mother, she realised she just can't tell him anything about her actually being under his roof.

Lucas sighed after hearing all that from his wife. A feeling of guilt ran across him. She was right. They barely talked as much as needed to and Ema being as gentle as she was, never complained. He heard her sniff.

"I'm sorry." He heard her apologise and sighed a bit loudly when he couldn't take it anymore. He immediately turned back to her. He took her hands in his.

"Don't cry. I'm sorry." He apologised as he wiped a the tears off her cheeks. She looked up to him as she shook her head.

"No, don't apologise. You're right. I messed up." She told him partly because of her present situation of hiding the truth from him. She just felt so guilty but could do nothing about it.

"You didn't mess up, okay? Look, I wasn't mad because you talked. I...I was just upset because you brought her up." He explained and hoped she understood.

"Can...can you please promise me something?" He asked her and she remained silent, waiting to hear from him.

"Promise to never speak of her again. Promise me." He told her looking straight into her eyes. Her eyes widened at his suggestion for a second before she looked down away from his eyes.

He was dismissing the case concerning his mother. His hatred for her seemed to run deep. She sighed as she shut her eyes for a second wondering when her worst nightmare was going to end.

"I...I promise." She replied before raising her eyes back up to him. She watched as a smile formed on his face. She managed to smile back. He drew closer and kissed her on the lips. Light at first but gradually deepened. His hands found its way around and slowly but gently, he helped her lay her head back on the pillow into a lying position. She shut her eyes as she put her arms around his neck. She tried her best to push out every other thought in her mind that didn't relate to their present moment together. She loves him and was going to do whatever it takes to make him happy.

* * *

Christian walked towards his mother's room when he noticed the door was already slightly open. He took hold of the handle about to push the door open when he noticed his mother by the window, clearly ranting about something as she had her phone stuck to her ear.

"What do you mean by you can't find her!? She has been locked away for years. Obviously, she doesn't remember her way around. She can't find Lucas. She must be somewhere. I don't care how you do it... Just find her and I swear, the moment I set eyes on her... I'm going to kill the damn witch!" Vivian narrated angrily and without giving another chance to the person on the other side to say anything more, she cut the call.

She angrily threw the phone on her bed as she turned, running her hand through her hair. Christian quickly and quietly backed away from the door in other for her not to see him.

He sighed, exhausted at what he just heard. She

a look at the cameras that still kept rolling and at almost all the guests who gave her a disgusted look. She gulped down hard as tears gathered her eyes.

The door suddenly opened and a few policemen trooped in to the surprise of the guests. They went straight to Vivian who still stood a bit frozen to her spot on the stage.

"Vivian Hendrix, you're under arrest for the murder of Simon Hendrix as well as the attempted murder of Lucas Hendrix. Anything you say or do may be used against you in the court of law." A policeman narrated the always used quote for her before placing the cuffs on her wrists.

"You can't do this. I did nothing to deserve this... They caused this! It's their fault!" Vivian argued but they paid no attention to her as they led her down the stage and towards the main exit.

"Christian!" She called as they drew closer to the middle of the hall.

Lucas caught sight of Christian walking towards his mother and somehow, he understood what just happened. He held onto Ema as they walked closer to the scene.

"I'm sorry." Christian apologised as he stood in front of his mother. Tears gathered in his eyes. The tears in her eyes began to trickle down her cheeks.

"You needed to be stopped. You need treatment and the only way is for you to genuinely repent."

"I don't need any treatment! All I need is you by my side son...don't let them take me away. Please... Please help me." She begged in tears as she stretched out her cuffed hands to him.

He took hold of them in his.

"That's what I'm trying to do... Help you." He told her before letting go of her hands.

She stared at him blankly without saying a word. Quite shocked by her present reality.

"Please take her away." Christian stated to the policemen and they tried to walk away. Her eyes shifted from Christian to the people who stood a bit farther behind him.

Lucas and Ema kept staring silently at the whole scene that just took place. Ema felt sad for Christian. It must hurt him a lot to give up his mother in such a way.

Seeing Lucas still standing while she's being dragged away made her so mad. Things weren't supposed to turn out this way. This was suppose to be her happily ever after and not the other way round. Her life wouldn't have turned out this way if he hadn't entered it in the first place. It was all his fault.

She suddenly withdrew her hand from an officer's grip and quickly reached down to his gun tucked away behind his belt. Before they could grasp what was going on, she aimed at Ema whose eyes widened in shock. Killing her was the only way Lucas would live miserable for the rest of his life. She pressed the trigger and for a second, everything played in a sort of slow motion in Ema's eyes. It felt as if her life scenes passed her by in a twinkle of an eye. She suddenly felt a pull followed by a dark shadow of someone blocking her path. The gun shot echoed louder than ever in her ears.

What followed afterwards was shocking. An officer snatched the gun from Vivian before finally dragging her away and out of the hall.

Christian stood in shock at the scene that played out in front of him. A woman laid on the floor near death from the gunshot.

"I-Ivy?" Lucas managed to pronounce in shock followed by confusion.


Ema wondered in her thoughts before she quickly took steps away from behind Lucas. Her eyes widened at what behold her. Ivy laid on the ground bathed nearly in her own blood as she struggled to hang on to her dear life.

"Ivy!" Ema screamed and rushed down to her as reality finally settled in.

"No, no...someone call 911." Ema yelled out as she tried her best to place a hand over the hole in her chest.

Lucas couldn't understand what was going on. All he knew was the fact that she blocked and got shot instead of him. Ivy had a hard time breathing and Ema tried all she could to help her. She slowly stretched out her hand towards Lucas barely able to keep it steady. Ema noticed her act and turned to Lucas who stood staring at her in confusion.

"Lucas... She's your mother." Ema confessed in hot tears. Lucas's brows slowly furrowed in confusion.

"W-what?" He asked almost in a whisper. Everything was happening too fast. She couldn't be his mother. His real mother was away. Far, far away from him. Ivy being his mother was impossible.

"I... I... Love you son." She quoted before taking in her last breath. She passed away.

Ema burst out into more tears before the paramedics finally rushed into the hall.

* * *

Lucas barely understood a thing that was going on even as they stood in hospital trying to clear the necessary documents regarding Ivy's death. She was declared dead after she got to the hospital and eventually to the mortuary.

The ride home was silent and a bit cold. He couldn't bring himself to take a look at his wife. A part of him was mad and the other part just confused about the whole situation.

Ema noticed the frown on her husband's face and even though he said nothing to her, she knew he was angry especially at her. This wasn't how she planned on telling him about his birth mother. Neither in front of the whole world nor while she slowly passed away. She knew she deserved anything ill from his part. She really messed up.

As soon as they got into their room, Lucas went directly towards the wardrobe and took off his jacket before starting to unbutton his shirt.

Ema stared at her husband from behind. He still hasn't said a word to her. He needed to lash out for her to know what he was thinking.

"Lucas." She called from behind but he kept on with trying to undress refusing to glance even once at her.

She looked down at her hands.

"Lucas I'm sorry." She apologised as tears gathered her eyes.

"I had no choice...she came to me and explained how Vivian had her locked away for years. She escaped just to protect you and today she died doing that. I'm sorry I kept this all from you."

"Kept!?" Lucas exclaimed as he turned to Ema. He stared at her with disappointment in his eyes. She sobbed some more.

"Damn it Ema!" He exclaimed as he slammed his hand on the table beside him.

She startled at his act as she immediately shut her eyes. He stood still just staring at her. He was so angry that he felt like lashing out a good deal but somehow he couldn't. Truth be wasn't her fault one bit. She tried so hard to please everyone but she needed to understand that she couldn't.

"I'm so sorry... Because of me, you lost a chance to get to know your mother." She apologised amidst tears as she slumped on the bed and sobbed some more. Ivy was gone and there was nothing she could do to bring her back.

Lucas couldn't bear seeing her cry. She did wrong but was only compelled to do so. No one could have guessed the future. He sighed exhaustedly as he shut his eyes for a second to calm down. He walked up to her and had his seat beside her. He placed his arm around her and brought her closer to comfort.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." He apologised as he soothe her arm.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry I hid the truth from you. I'll never ever do that again, I promise." Ema stated between sobs as she held onto him.

He nodded in understanding.

"I know." He simply told her before placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Yes, he just lost his mother and didn't seem quite expectedly disturbed about it but what could he do. He barely knew her. The little time he knew her was as Ivy, the middle aged woman who worked as a maid in his mansion. Nothing more. He couldn't shed a tear at her death but was disturbed deep down about all that took place. The only good thing that surface that very day was the fact that Vivian was apprehended and Christian had finally began to see things a bit clearly. The worst was gone and the better days were yet to come.

2 months later...

"Make sure to call and let us know how you're doing as soon as the plane lands. Don't worry too much Christian... The girl meant for you is close by." Ema told Christian after they let go of the hug. They stood in the airport together and Lucas smiled at her act.

Christian nodded with both his brows and head. Not quite believing in her sentence. He had found her but now she belonged to someone else. It was over for him.

"Stay safe and I promise to be back before my nephew is born." Christian added as he pointed to Ema's slightly protruded tummy. Her smile broadened as she nodded her head.

Christian turned to Lucas and they stared at each other for a second.

"You know you don't have to leave. The company is yours to control." Lucas told him but Christian just shook his head.

"No... Things had been so hectic lately and I just need to get a breath of fresh air for a few months. I'll be back but as for the's yours to rule. It had always been yours since the day you were born so don't say anything more about it." Christian explained to him and Lucas knew better than to push the discussion any further. They had already talked about this and nothing Lucas said changed his mind about his decision.

"Okay...I have to leave now or else I'll be late for my flight." Christian stated before stretching out a hand to Lucas for a handshake. Lucas accepted it and they shook with smiles on their faces before Christian brought him closer for a brief hug.

"Okay, I'll see you guys later." Christian suddenly stated, still feeling a bit awkward about them hugging. He took hold of his luggage and walked on forward with it.

"Bye." Ema stated waving as well to Christian as she drew closer into Lucas's arm.

Christian stopped for a second and turned slightly back to them. Watching Ema and Lucas wave to him with smiles on their faces brought a smile to his. This was it. They got their happily ever after and his...well, he didn't know what his was. An ending or perhaps... A beginning.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Finally! Coffee and papers is over but I've decided to give you my dear readers an epilogue which will be up in two days time. What do you think? Please don't forget to vote and comment if you so wish to.

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