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   Chapter 55 Fried rice (49)

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"Hello aunt." Ema greeted happily as the phone rested between her ear and shoulder while her hands busied with unpacking her box.

"Emerson!" Her aunt called a bit happier than usual. It had just been days since she last heard from her niece but to her, it felt like months. God, was she happy to hear from her niece.

"When did you get back? No, how did the honeymoon go? You did see my gift, didn't you? Please tell me everything went great." Josephine asked all at the same time which made Ema give up a light chuckle. Truthfully, she missed her aunt as well.

"Everything went great." Ema stated as she stood up to her feet taking the phone into her own hand and holding it close to her ear while her other hand held on to her clothes in her arms.

She left the well stacked and folded clothes on the bed before she sighed; a smile forming on her face as well.

"Lucas took me to a beautiful place." She added recollecting at the same time all that had happened on the island.

"Aww! I'm sure my beautiful niece is blushing already." Josie stated in a soft voice surprising Ema. She brought her hand to her cheek feeling a bit shy. How did her aunt figure that out without being in front of her?

"I always knew Lucas had a romantic side to him underneath that...cold exterior. I'm so happy for you Ema." Her aunt added and Ema could sense the genuineness in her voice.

"Now where's that son-in-law of mine?"

Ema subconsciously looked around, not really knowing why. She very well knew where he was.

"He left for the office a few minutes ago. He needed to catch up with a lot of work so..." Ema slumped on the bed.

"...what's going on with you? How's everything been since I left?"

"Weeeell..." Her aunt drew the word and Ema felt that was a bit different coming from her. Her aunt never felt lost of words about what to say. She was definitely keeping something from her.

"Well? Do you want to tell me something aunt?" Ema asked and waited patiently for her reply.

Josie was silent for a second.

"Not really...just...well...oh what the heck! I have a boyfriend!" She let out excitedly.

Ema's eyes widened both in surprise and excitement.

"B-Boyfriend!? How? When did you meet this man? How come you didn't let me know?" She asked wanting to know everything at once.

"Well, I met him a few weeks ago..."

"A few weeks!? Aunty!" Ema exclaimed, disappointed that her aunt would keep this from her for so long.

"I know. I know. I shouldn't have kept it from you and I'm sorry for that but you know me. You know I'm no longer as young as you are. I can't get excited about every man that says hello to me. I had to make sure he wasn't a joker and that he meant business so he passed all credentials and here we are." Josie surprised with excitement still in her voice. Ema unknowingly imagined her happy dancing while telling her the good news.

She wanted to stay mad at her but she couldn't. She knew her aunt had searched for true love for the longest time and it felt nice to know she was going to get it.

"Fine. I forgive you so what's his name and what does he do?"

"Well his name is Richard Simon. He's a doctor and guess what the best part is?"

Ema raised an eyebrow.

"Come on aunt, you know how bad I am at guessing." Ema told her as she shook her head.

She could hear her aunt let out a sigh.

"Fine. He's Nigerian! How good can this get?" Josie let out excitement still recital in her voice.

Ema's brows rose in surprise.

"Nigerian!? Wow!"

"I know. I wish I could shove this news down the throat of all those gossipers back home and let them know just how wrong they were. I still have the last laugh..."

"Um aunt." Ema interrupted not quite sure if she should let out her thoughts at the moment.

"I...I think you should calm down a tinny little bit."


"No. All I'm trying to say is... I mean... Do you know this man well enough? I mean do you love him?"

"Kachi." Josie's tone changed as she called out Ema's native name.

Ema bit her lower lip. Perhaps, she shouldn't have said that but as her niece she felt she owed it to her to tell her the truth.

"Look, I'm not a child. I know perfectly well what I'm doing and I know you care a lot about me. Richard and I are taking things a bit slow but we're on the right track so don't you worry. Okay?"

"Okay." Ema replied giving up on any other thing she thought she might have to say. Her aunt was right. She wasn't a child and she very well knows the type of man to select for herself so right now, all Ema's going to do is be happy for her.

"Truly, aunt I'm happy for you." She stated wanting to let her know that and not just leave the comment in her head.

"Aww, thank you love." Josie replied happily from the other side of the call. Ema smiled at her comment as she stood to her feet and paced forward.

"So Ema, how soon am I suppose to expect my grandkids?"

"Aunty!?" Ema exclaimed a bit embarrassed and shy at the same time but it didn't stop the smile from widening on her face. Thank God nobody was standing here in front of her to see the embarrassing look on her face.

Josephine left a good while on her part. Her voice resounding through the phone, completely adding to the embarrassing feeling Ema was feeling.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry Ema...I know." She stated as she tried to tone down a bit with the laughter but the thought of her niece's face all mushed up in embarrassment threw her right back to laughter. Back then, Ema barely accepted the fact she had a crush on her boss which had slowly grown into love. She had refused to accept the truth.

"Ha, ha. Laugh all you want aunt." Ema sarcastically stated not really getting what made her aunt laugh so much.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll stop now." Josie added as she tried to control her laughter which eventually worked out okay.

"Seriously speaking Ema, don't mind me at all. Both you and Lucas take enough time as you wish. There's no rush 'cause when kids arrive, that Lucas and Ema's fun time will slowly diminish so don't mind me at all." Josie advised and all Ema could do was smile. Her aunt meant the world to her. She was always there anytime she needed advice. She had become a mother figure for her and the striking resemblance her aunt had with her mum made it easier for her to presume her mother was here in another form.

The telephone on the bedside table rang causing her to turn to it. Her brows ceased up for a second as at who it might be.

"Um aunt, someone is calling. I'll talk to you later, okay." Ema told her and after they said their goodbyes, she cut the call before walking up to the telephone and picking it up. She put the receiver close to her ear.

"Hello." She called out and waited patiently for a second. A male voice came through.

"Mrs Hendrix there's a woman here by the gate to see you." The man who apparently seems to the gateman explained to her.

"See me?" Ema asked a bit confused. She didn't have much friends and just her aunt knew she was back. She wondered who it could be.

"Who did she say she was?" She asked and waited for a respond.

"She claims to be Mr Lucas Hendrix's mother."

"What!?" Ema exclaimed as her eyes widened in surprise.

* * *

Lucas sat on his seat back in his office staring at his unexpected guest who returned his act with an exact replica of hers.

"You got married." Adele stated not quite putting it in the form of question she had intended. The truth was that she was mad. Very mad at him for tossing her aside in such a way as he did. He ran off with his assistant and had a secret marriage away from the public. To her, that was the cruelest thing anyone could do. So, when she heard he was in the building that morning, she took it upon herself to have a word with him. She needed to let him know how destructible his decision had put him.

"Yes." Lucas stated not feeling the least bothered about her. Truth be told, he was happy. In fact, he doesn't remember anytime he had came in to work feeling this happy and satisfied. He had a job and now each time he goes home, a loving and caring wife would be waiting to attend to him. Life couldn't get any much better than it was at the minute.

"You're a cruel man Lucas Hendrix." She stated with a bitter smile clearly drawn across her face. He noticed that which made him look away from her for a second. Falling in love had made a part of the inhumane attitude he had before disappear. He couldn't believe this but he actually felt bad for Adele. She had offered to throw the world at his feet. Unfortunately, she wasn't the right woman for him.


"Vivian had asked for my help. Apparently, she needed more help to destroy you." Adele stated interrupting anything he had to say. A light chuckle felt her lips as she looked down for once and then back to him.

"I wonder why she needs so much help in destroying you. Truth be's not that hard especially you have a wife." She added and the mention of the word wife made Lucas tense up a bit. His brows lightly furrowed.

She noticed the difference in expression on his face at the mention of Ema. A part of her was loving this.

"All she really has to do is hurt Emerson..."

"Adele!" He called in a warning tone, his voice rose a bit as if that would set her right on track.

"Don't raise your voice at me Lucas. I'm not done yet." She warned him while looking him straight in the eye.

"Anyone can hurt her...even I can do it. In fact...I thought a lot about doing that to get back at you for putting me through so much. I thought and I thought so hard about what your assistant has that I do not have. What on earth could have made you pick her over me and then...then just like snapped in here. Right here." She stated as she pointed to her temple as tears formed in her eyes. He could see the bitterness through those clouded eyes.

"She had nothing over me. I felt very angry that I wanted to kill her. I needed to kill her but when I had a talk with Vivian...when saw her attit

lies might be out of place. Lying to her husband was much harder than she thought. Can she ever pull this off? The last time she kept something from him, things didn't go quite well for her. How was she ever going to get out of this one? Ivy was right on one hand and on the other is Lucas who might or might not be happy about finding out the woman right in front of him is his very own birth mother. How was he ever going to take the news?

Lucas nodded in accordance to her explanation not wanting to draw the topic any further. This was now her home. She could very well do whatever she pleases. The home was hers to control. His eyes shifted away from Ema to the woman in front of him who kept staring back at him. She was smiling in a way that made him feel quite uncomfortable. The look in her eyes was as if they had met before and was just meeting after a long while. It felt weird for some reason. She wouldn't stop staring which made him feel the need to speak up.

"Have we met before?" He asked and Ema surprisingly shifted her gaze from him to her.

She watched Ivy gulp down as she stared down for a second before looking back up to him.

" we've never met before." She replied him feeling a gush of emotions all at the same time. She tried so hard to contain her tears. Her son was finally in front of her. He was all grown up and it didn't surprise her one bit that he didn't recognise her. He was quite little when they separated. She felt the tendency to hug him and never let go but then she knew it was too late for all that. He was never ever going to forgive her.

" must be tired. Let's go upstairs Lucas." Ema told him as she took hold of his hand in hers before dragging him along with her towards the door. He turned and took one look at the woman who had the strangest look in her eyes while watching them leave. He looked away. It had to be his imaginations.

* * *

Christian gulped down his drink in before finally getting up to his feet and tipsily walking out of the bar. He didn't care much about the people going on around him or their various activities. All he wanted to do was get high. He needed to drown himself in alcohol and forget his complicated life. He was dead end drunk but nothing quite seemed to change as he expected. Not his life. Not his thoughts. All he felt was light headed as he managed to walk out of the bar and towards the parking lot where he parked his car. Truthfully, it wasn't an easy journey. He felt nauseous by his every step and his eyes felt heavier by the second. There was no one for him to lean on. The journey to his car seemed unending.

There was a loud honking which caused him to slightly turn to the direction of the sound but all he got was the administration of bright white lights from the headlight of the car right into his eyes which nearly blinded him. He shut his eyes to keep the lights out as he stood still quite tipsy from it all. Suddenly, the car came to a halt before it could hit him. The headlights remained on. Christian couldn't make out who the driver in the car was as the glasses were a bit tinted plus he tried his best avoid so much light from going into his eyes at once. Everything suddenly went all fuzzy and blur as he slowly losses consciousness and fell to the ground.

The door to the car suddenly opened and a foot in a black stiletto first surfaced out of the car followed by the other foot and then the body of the driver. She was dressed in a dark brown knee length body hug dress. She had a black fur coat on top of it. The lady quickly walked up to Chris's body. She stared at him for a second not quite knowing what to do.

"Is he dead?" She asked herself as panic filled her. She looked around for a second and saw no being around. She thought for a second about what to do. A part of her made the decision to check if he was still breathing and if he wasn't... She most probably will have to leave him lying here.

She gently squatted then pushing her knees to rest on the cold floor, her heels making it quite hard for her. She gently pushed a stubborn strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as she leaned forward to try to listen for his heartbeat. He suddenly let out a light scoff, slightly turning his head at the same time which startled her as she quickly backed away. She stared at him for a second as he tried his best to regain conscious of his surrounding but quite couldn't.

"Mister, are you okay?" She asked him but all he could do was slightly open his eyes to a blur figure of her before they finally shut once more.

She analysed him with her eyes. He wasn't hurt anywhere and the strong stench from him told the obvious that this man was dead drunk. She sighed as she shook her head at the pathetic state he was in. She stood straight on her two feet with her hands akimbo. He wasn't dead so there was no need for her to panic. He was just one of the drunkards that emerge from the bar every night. This wasn't her cup of tea to drink and with the thought, she walked back to her car and got in. She shut the door and got ready to reverse but for some reason felt stuck with her hand on the gear. Her eyes fixated on him still lying on the path of the car park. She wanted to leave him behind but different scenarios began to play in her head. A drunk man might ride his car blindly over him not knowing an actual person was lying there plus a lot more could happen and it might all be on her.

She sighed quite loudly hating her conscience for this moment. Quickly, she got out of the car and walked back to him.

* * *

"I hope the arrangements for the charity ball event is well taken care off." Vivian spoke with her phone close to her ear.

"Yes ma'am. Everything is as you want it to be." The person on the other side replied causing a brief smile to surface on Vivian's face.

"Good." She stated before cutting the call. She stared out through the window for a second and wondered why her son wasn't back yet. He never stayed out this late. She had no choice but to hope he was okay.

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