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   Chapter 54 Plantain chips (48)

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Her breathing was rapid. Her steps faster and as she continuously ran refusing to look back, her heart raced faster against her ribcage. The trees looked like blur hurdles as she ran past them trying her best not to run into any of them. She knew not where exactly she was going. She was simply in a state where all that made sense was to run as fast as she can away from her captors.

"Argh!" She exclaimed in pain as she stopped on her tracks, panting extremely loudly from all the running she had been doing. She took one look back and realised the people after her wasn't that close. Carefully, she limped towards a tree and leaned on it with one hand before she raised her right foot to her left knee to take a look at what pricked her. Tears had gathered her eyes from the thought of all the pain she went through. She was covered in her own sweat and her clothes were no more or less like rags. Her hair was a massive mess and her skin...she couldn't even begin to describe how much it had lost its colour. None of that truly mattered to her at the moment. She had just one agenda and that was to protect the one whom she loves. She stared down for a second at the thorn beneath her right foot. If she wasn't running barefoot then something wouldn't have been able to prick her.

"Where are you!" A male voice exclaimed from a far distance causing her to turn her head to the direction of the sound.

Fear creeped into her body once more. She thought of the possibility of her ever outrunning the monsters that chased after her. Biting down on her lower lip, she immediately and at once pull out the thorn from her feet. Pain rushed through her entire body and she bit onto her lower lip tightly to avoid letting out a scream. Taking a closer look at the little cut underneath her feet, she realised it was starting to bleed.

"I'm coming for you sweetheart!" The voice called out once more and this time, it actually sounded closer than the first time he spoke out.

Panic filled her. When she decided to escape from her captives, she refused to think of the possibility that she had no chance. She just went for it. She had to escape but now here she was, injured, unable to run and confused about which direction to take. Every path looked the same. It has been so long since she actually came outside. Now she felt lost and confused.

"Sweetheart!" He called out once more but this time closer than she could imagine.

She immediately realised she couldn't waste anymore time. She had to somehow take control of the bleeding so she tore a piece from her ragged clothing and then tied the torn piece around her injured feet. Satisfied by her little first aid, she set out once more. She limped away as fast as she could but the pain kept refusing her to run as fast as her heart desired. Her own blood thumping faster in her ears while her breathing grew heavier by each step.

"I'm coming to get you!" He spoke up once more but she refused to pay attention. She continued on. She knew she had an agenda. A purpose that kept her striving for all these years.

"There you are." He stated as he suddenly came in front of her causing her to stop in a startle staring at him in shock.

Her heart was beating very fast at the mere sight of the man who had kept watch on her all this time.

"Ivy. Ivy. Ivy...tsk, tsk, shouldn't have done what you did." He started as he took gentle steps towards her.

Slowly, she took careful steps backwards away from him.

"I should put a bullet right through your skull this very minute." A man stated seemingly out of breath from behind her and she immediately turned her head to him.

He held a gun pointed right to her face. His facial expression was way different from the other guy's. His anger could be seen clearly through his eyes.

"Not yet, Bret." The other stated causing her to turn back to him.

"We'll put a bullet right between her eyes but first...we've got to do as the boss says." He explained with an evil grin on his face.

"You must be insane if you think I'm letting you two take me back to that hell hole. I'll rather die than go back there." She spoke up finding her little courage from her hope of fulfilling her mission.

"So be it." Bret replied as he got his gun ready to shoot before aiming once more at her.

"Not now Bret!" The other man stated staring directly at Bret, clearly crossed with him.

Bret looked away from the woman in front of him to his partner behind her. He hated not having his way and all this ordering about was starting to get him upset. They locked eyes for a few seconds as if communicating before Bret finally put his gun down. He tucked it back around his waist, in between his body and trouser.

"Fine but when she does give the order to kill, I alone get to do that, deal?" Bret demanded and a sly smile crept up his partner's face.

"Deal." He replied him.

As she watched them, she realised she had to find a way to once again escape them. She did it once but with great effort and planning. She was definitely going to do it again. She needed to protect him. To let him know the worst was coming and she can't do that by sitting locked up in a cell or lying dead.

"Listen sweetheart, we have orders not to kill you but watch over you so behave like a darling you are and come with us. Bret here isn't one to joke around with." He told her as he turned his eyes back to her.

She shook her head as she took a step backward. The thought of going back to the hell she came out of brought tears to her eyes.

"Please...please let me go. I can't take it any longer. I...I have a son who needs me. I'm sure you two have kids or...or better yet, mums. I really need to see my son." She pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks hoping she could find the humanity in these two men that threatened to ruin the little future she had left.

Bret suddenly chuckled and she turned her head to him, quite confused by his amusement.

"He's an orphan." The other guy explained referring to Bret.

"Whereas I...I killed my own mother." He continued and she immediately turned to him with surprise written all over her face.

"She was a whore and she never truly cared about me so I...I put a knife right through her belly and then I became free...From what I heard, you're a whore too. What makes you think your son wants to see you? He probably wants to stick a knife through your belly like I did with mine." He spoke up with a strange amusement in his eyes. For some reason, his words got to her. Truthfully, she wasn't seeking acceptance from him. She gave up that right long ago. All she wants to do is protect him. She gulped down to control herself.

"Matt enough chatting. Let's take her back to her cell before the boss calls." Bret stated interrupting her thought as he took steps towards her.

"I said I'm not going back there!" Ivy exclaimed a bit louder as she noticed Bret approached her. He stopped on his tracks.

"You are and there's nothing you can do to stop us. This is your fate. This is your destiny. Accept it." Matt told her as he took steps towards her and all she could do was take steps backward away from them, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her back hit a hard surface. There was no way out for her. She couldn't just run. Her feet wouldn't let her plus she wouldn't even be able to get that far with these two able bodied men trailing behind her. She would have to think of an alternative and a very fast one at that.

"Let's go sweetheart." Matt told her as he took hold of her arm and Bret took hold of the other. Together, they pulled her with them.

She knew it was no use trying to struggle from their grips. She needed to think of some other way quickly. As they walked on, her eyes lurked around for any sign or anything that could give her an idea. Suddenly, her eyes landed on Bret's gun tucked away slightly into his trouser. Clearly he wasn't smart enough to tuck it away to the behind but instead did so at the front. It wasn't an idea that hit her. It was a suicide mission. A mission she was gladly ready to take on than go back to where she came from. Going back there meant no more chance for her. Slightly, she took a look at Bret's face and he wasn't looking. Matt's grip was no longer that tight on her arm. He probably felt relaxed at the thought that she couldn't do anything more to help herself. If only she could tell him to his face what a wrong thought that was. She walked along with them for a few more steps as if given up hope and when she felt the least moment they wouldn't expect her action. She immediately withdrew her arm from Matt and reached out for Bret's gun. Luckily, she grabbed it in time before they could realise what she was going for. Without thinking, she put a hole through his left leg causing him to fall to the ground shrieking in sheer pain.

"You witch!" Matt exclaimed at her as he reached out for the gun. She on the other hand refused to let go of it. She couldn't. This was her last resort to getting rid of these two. They wouldn't listen to clear reasons and this is what they get for that.

"Let it go Ivy." Matt ordered her through gritted teeth as they both struggled to take possession of the gun.

"Never! I'm done being a prisoner!" Ivy defended as she tried her best in struggling to get full control of the gun. Matt was clearly stronger than her but she was pretty much sure that her will was stronger than his. She's a goner as soon as he does get hold of the gun.

Suddenly, a gunshot went off and they all stayed still as if frozen. Eyes widened and surprise written across their faces. Ivy and Matt stared into each other's eyes their breaths frozen

d and watched her face once more. The smile on her face slowly varnished but then she brought it back up once again.

"No son. I'm not dying if that's what you're trying to ask. I'm fit and healthy."

"What about mentally?" He daring asked right out. His eyes never left her face. He needed to see her every reaction. The smile on her face varnished as she stared at him. For what felt like hours, she said nothing. He was about to break the silence when her mobile phone suddenly rang.

She look away from him and to the dressing table where she left it.

"Please excuse me son." She told him a bit calmly before getting up to her feet.

She took a look at the caller ID and realised who it was. She turned back to Chris.

"I'll just answer this and be back in a minute." She told him with her best smile and he lightly nodded before she walked a bit farther from him facing the windows.

"What?" She asked in a minimum volume as she brought the phone close to her ear.

All sh could hear at first was the pant of a man followed by his attempt to talk.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry boss but she...she escaped." The man managed to narrate still almost out of breathe.

Her eyebrows slowly furrowed as her mind tried to understand what the man meant by she escaped and then it hit her.

"What!?" He exclaimed almost at the top if her voice forgetting for a second that her son was in the same room with her.

His mother's alarming voice caused him to raise his head to her now curious about who she was talking to and what could have gotten her the is upset. She had always been a woman who was good at remaining calm.

She turned her head to her son after recalling she wasn't alone in the room. Their eyes met for a second before she looked away.

"How on earth could that have happened? How can a woman in chain escape two able men?" Vivian asked between gritted teeth as her hand folded into a fist.

"She stole my gun and shot Matt... He's dead." He explained which made her more paranoid. Frustration settled in as she shut her eyes for a second. Her folded fist quivering to hit something. She just wanted to scream.

"We can't talk now. I'll deal with you later." She told him before disconnecting the call.

She stood for a second as the news settled in. Her worst enemy had somehow managed to escape from her clutches. This wasn't good at all. This entire information spelt trouble for her.

She took one more look at Chris who kept his eyes on her curiously. She shut her eyes for a second to control her anger, her emotions. Chris was still in the room and so afterwards when she felt she was calm enough, she went back to her seat.

"Is everything okay?" Chris asked and she managed to smile.

"Yes. Everything is fine. It couldn't be better."

"Really?" A voice asked slightly from behind her.

Her smile dropped as she recognised the voice. She slightly turned her head take a look and there sat her exact replica beside her dressing table. Vivian immediately gulped down.

Christian's brows furrowed as he noticed his mum was staring at something he couldn't make out. He looked from her to the direction of her eyes and saw nothing that could have her attention the way it did at the moment.

"Mum." He called and she did nothing.

"Mum." He called once more as he lightly touched her shoulder and then she turned. Surprise evident in her eyes.

"Yes...yes son." She replied trying her best to remain calm.

"Are you okay?" He asked her and she gave a brief smile as she nodded.

"Yes I am. You were saying something earlier before the call. What was it again?" She asked trying to get her mind off the image beside her.

Christian gave a light sigh not quite buying her whole I am okay story but just decided to go on.

"Do you remember a man... Mr. Edmund Foster?" Christian asked and her smile slowly dropped.

"He has dug up some real dirt, hasn't he?" The voice as if ringing in her head.

She tried her best to ignore it.

She put up a smile again.

"Ed-Edmund who? What are you talking about son?" He pretended and somehow he felt she did. He was getting tired of going in circles.

"Edmund Foster. He worked at saint Peter's psychiatric hospital thirty-three years ago which apparently you had been admitted." He blurted out at once and as usual, her smile dropped. This time, she looked frozen.

"What a son. You should have killed him when I told you to. Now he's all grown up and doing the wrong things."

"Shut up!" Vivian suddenly exclaimed to Chris's surprise as she covered her ears as well.

She suddenly got up to her feet not being able to take the pressure any longer. He watched her walk over to the dressing table.

"I've told you several times, we can hurt any other person except my son Christian! He's mine and mine alone so don't you ever say that again!" She ranted while pointing her index finger at her replica who apparently didn't seem affected. The evil grin remained on her face.

"This is what you want Vivian. Remember...we're the same person. I'm just a stronger and meaner version of you. My thoughts are yours... You thought of killing him and I just let it out for you." The image stated as she stood to her feet.

Vivian stared at her in confusion shaking her head at the same time.

"No." She responded almost in a whisper as she began to take steps backward tears now gathered in her eyes.

"No!" She exclaimed a bit louder before turning away to run only to run into her son.

"Mum." He managed to pronounced still a but shocked at what was going on.

"Christian.... I... I'm sorry." She apologised in tears as she looked up to him.

"I'm sorry." She stated once more as the tears rolled down her cheeks and she put her arms around his waist for an embrace.

He thought he hated her but seeing his mother this way made him feel sorry for her. Somehow, he felt she didn't deserve this. No woman would have been able to contain the anger of knowing your husband cheated on you. Perhaps, some might have been able to calm it down but for a patient who once suffered from a mental illness, it wasn't quite easy. A truth in all that softened a spot for his mother in his heart. She needs help and he knew that. He was going to make it all better and so he put his arms around her to comfort her.

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