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She turned on the bed feeling quite comfortable and relaxed at the same time. It was no longer dark. The ray of sunshine from the sun had managed to peep through the curtains and into the room, directly aimed at her face. Her eyebrows furrowed in distraught. The sunshine had managed to disturb her sleep, trying its best to pierce through her eyelids but only formed a rather disturbing shadow of it. Finally, she gave up on her sleep and decided to find out what affected her so much. Slowly, she fluttered her eyes open but quickly shut it at the inappropriate ray of sunshine that entered her eyes. She wasn't prepared for that at least not after being in the dark for so long. She tried opening them once more, now fully prepared for the light. Gently, she sat up on the bed as well and rubbed her eyes.

She looked around for any sign of familiarity. Possibly, the sleep was still working its way within her and so she brought both her hands to rub her eyes once more. She noticed the ring on her finger as she was about to take her hand down away from her face. Her wedding band was now on her finger and then it clicked. She was now a married woman. She had married Lucas yesterday.


She thought, finally recalling her husband as she looked around her but he was nowhere to be seen. He was neither on the bed nor in the quite unfamiliar room. She quickly looked down at herself. She was still putting on her dress from yesterday clearly stating, nothing happened between her and Lucas. She didn't know if that was a relieve or trouble. Lucas was now her husband and last night was suppose to be special for the both of them and yet she just had to go on and fall asleep. She worried that he might have fallen upset and left. She quickly got down from the bed. She stood for a second quite confused. She couldn't make out the room. This was definitely not Lucas's room in the mansion. She wondered if he could have taken her somewhere else.

"Lucas." She called but got no reply.

"Lucas." She called once more as she walked towards a door and turned the door knob to open. It was the bathroom and yet there was no sign of him.

"Lucas." She called once more heightening her voice as she opened another door but that was just the closet.

"Lucas where are you?" She asked as she walked out of the room into what seemed to be the sitting room only that it looked different. She stopped on her tracks to take in the sight of the room. It looked warm and cozy with a touch of almost everything looking antique which reminded her of Lucas's mansion.

"Lucas?" She called but got no reply and she searched around the room with her eyes till it landed on the view behind the window just as the curtains rose due to cool breeze. She furrowed her eyebrows at the sight and as she drew closer to the window, slowly, fear started to creep into her.

She stood staring out into the view a bit confused at what she was seeing. Quickly, she turned away and rushed towards the door she felt was the main door. She rushed past the porch, down the few stairs and onto the sand. She stared out onto the water which completely surrounded her. Was she at the beach? She wondered but couldn't quite make out. Her heart raced faster at the thought of possibility of Vivian having destroyed everything and brought her here.


She thought once more as she recalled she hasn't seen him yet.

"Lucas!" She called out almost at the top of her voice as tears gathered her eyes and yet, there was no sign of him or any other person.

She took quick steps a bit further as if that would make him appear. At the moment, she was filled with fear. Finally, the tears trickled down her cheeks as sobs erupted.

"Ema." She heard her name and immediately turned her head back.

Lucas stood dressed in a short and simple shirt with a piece of clothe in one hand.

"Ema wh..." His words trailed away as suddenly she ran into his arms and with her arms around his waist, her eyes shut, she engulfed him in an embrace.

He had no idea what was going on with her but he pretty much missed her as well and so he accepted the embrace.

* * *

Vivian relaxed back on her seat in the office with crossed legs staring straight at Adele who did similarly the same thing.

"Tell me something Mrs Hendrix, why am I here?" Adele asked feeling her stay here was becoming a waste of time.

Vivian stared blankly at first but then sighed as she looked away from her for a second hating what she was about to do. Truthfully, she wasn't a fan of this young woman sitting right in front of her 'cause clearly, she had a fault in pointing out who truly held the mantle. She was rude and obnoxious but they did say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. She was going to try and kill two birds with one stone. How the young lady managed to acquire a place in her company, perhaps, she might never know.

She turned back to Adele and at the same time putting up her usual smile.

"Miss Huxley... Right?" Vivian started and hesitant at first, Adele tilted her head to the other side.

"Yes. Adele Huxley." She stated out in full for her.

Vivian broadened her smile a bit.

"Good. Truthfully, we didn't start off on the right path... We didn't meet under the right circumstances. I think we should start over. What do you say?" Vivian directed it back to her as she stretched out a hand to her for a handshake expecting a positive reply.

Hesitant once again, Adele took one look at her hand and the back to her face, finally putting up a sly smile before a light chuckle escaped her lips.

"Is this some sort of joke Mrs Hendrix or what? Start...over?" Adele asked with a hint of amusement in her voice.

The smile on Vivian's face slowly varnished as irritation and anger filled her and she slowly retracted her hand.

"I've heard a lot about you, Vivian Hendrix... You don't start over with someone you hate unless you need something. Why don't you hit the nail on the head and let's get over with this." Adele told her in all seriousness and watched as the frown on her face somehow managed to turn to back into a smile.

"The rumors are true Miss Huxley. You're one woman quick with words. A true business woman... You're right. I do have a proposal for you." Vivian started and watched for a second for any disapproval from Adele but she gave none.

"I know you've got a thing for Lucas." Vivian started and a light chuckle left Adele's lips.

"Thing? Yes, I have feelings for Lucas. I like him if that's what you want to hear from me."

"Are you sure about that? 'Cause you don't seem to act that way."

"What do you mean?"

"Lucas got married to his assistant yesterday."

"What!?" Adele exclaimed a bit loudly as she immediately uncrossed her legs with her eyes widened in surprise, her eyebrows furrowed in anger.

" is that possible? He wouldn't do that. His... Assistant?" Adele defended between gritted teeth, anger now evident in her eyes.

A devious grew at the corner of Vivian's lips. She got her exactly where she wanted. Gently she stood up from her seat to walk over to where Adele sat.

"Hmm... It must make you feel so terribly bad that Lucas chose a mere assistant over you who's nothing less than a young, beautiful, classy, rich and hardworking business woman." Vivian pointed the obvious clearly trying to get her all worked up as she leaned on her table folding her arms across her chest.

Adele's face had clearly turned red with anger and envy. A bit of confusion mixed with frustration.

"He definitely pulled a fast one on you. Kicking you to the curb after all the support you gave him, he went ahead and married another woman... I'm not sure you truly want to let it all go 'cause I know I wouldn't if I were you." Vivian added and slowly, Adele raised her eyes up to her. The expression on her face not clear enough for understanding her emotions at that time.

Vivian saw it as a go ahead order and so, she continued.

"Do you... Do you perhaps... want to make them pay?" She asked looking Adele straight in the eyes. They stares into each other's eyes for quite a while before Adele suddenly looked away. A short but light scoff escaped her lips as she gently stood up to her feet.

"You want to use me... Don't you?" She asked and Vivian remained silent only portraying a brief but simple smile, practically and somehow answering Adele's question.

"I'm mad at Lucas for treating me the way he did but I'm not stupid enough to let you use me." She stated slowly turning the smile on Vivian's face upside down.

Adele picked up her handbag from where she left it before taking closer steps to where Vivian was.

"Thank you for the information... Mrs Hendrix but I'll rather die than work with you 'cause you're just a selfish old hag who wouldn't accept the mantle isn't hers anymore... Grow up Vivian Hendrix." Adele spat out to her with the look of disgust in her eyes. Satisfied enough at her comment, she turned to leave but Vivian immediately grabbed her left arm from the back causing her to turn her head back to her.

Vivian stood straight on her two feet then immediately took two steps closer to Adele.

"You're going to regret turning me down." She started by whispering into her ears and no matter how hard Adele tried to get away from her grip, Vivian wouldn't let her off so easily.

"For so long, you've only heard what I can do but now... You're going to also see what I can do." She continued quite at a minimum volume before unexpectedly to Adele pushed her forward and letting her arm go at the same time.

Adele stood for a second with squeezed eyebrows staring at Vivian then for the first time she realised something new. Vivian didn't seem alright. She never actually did but was quite a good master at disguising. The devious smile and crazy look in her eyes. It caused goosebumps all over her body and in as much as she didn't want to admit it, she was a bit frightened by her. Without saying any more words, Adele turned away to leave the office.

She turned the door knob and pulled the door to open, directly in front of her stood Christian who was equally at the verge of opening the door. The looked eyeball to eyeball for a second before Adele took one more slight look at Vivian and then walked off past Christian.

Christian looked back at her for a second as she walked away. He didn't really care as to why she had that strange look on her face and so he turned back to the office finally walking in and shutting the door behind him.

He stood for a second staring at his mother who was now back on her seat staring away from him into the stars. It was as if she didn't know of his presence. Something was strangely different about her. He knew it. He could see it but then he always varnished such thoughts with the reason of Lucas having influenced his sense of reasoning with the idea that his mother might be insane or possible yet... Had never recovered from her insanity. The idea Lucas now put into his head made him subconsciously notice every little thing about her behaviour that seemed normal to him in the past. He hated this. Lucas's words was having a serious effect on him and in that sense, it made him feel that Lucas had won.

He sighed, shunning any other thought on insanity before walking up to her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked her referring to the office they were both standing in.

He had finally taken over the CEO's position but here and then, he would still find his mother in the office without his permission. It was as if she ceased every opportunity to stay in control again.

She gently turned her head to him. The look in her eyes was that of pure confusion. He couldn't make out what was going on in her head. She just stared at him blankly for what seemed like ages before suddenly and slowly drawing up a smile on her face.

"Son... I didn't hear you walk in." She told him as calmly as anyone could be. It felt oddly strange for a second but once again, he shrugged it off. She had always been an odd ball. There was nothing new in her manner of talking.

He rubbed his forehead for a second before sighing.

"We agreed I run this company now. It doesn't look good each time you walk in here like you still own the place." Chris told her trying his best to contain his frustration.

The expression on her face suddenly changed to that of confusion.

"Like I run this place?" She asked in a low tone as she gently got up from her seat and walked up to him.

She took hold of his hand in hers and all this time, all he could do was watch.

"This company belongs to me." She told him as she looked up to him slowly stretching her hand up to his cheek. A strange smile slowly appeared on her face as she stroked his cheek.

He furrowed his eyebrows at her statement. Clearly, he wasn't expecting those exact words right to his face. As he took a deeper look into her eyes. He could for the first time see something different in them. He looked away from her eyes as he retracted his hand and took a step backward from from any of her touch.

"You... Why was Adele here?" He asked deciding to change the topic, to direct his thoughts somewhere else.

"Adele." Vivian repeated as walked back to have her seat.

"Yes Adele." He recited.

"Well, I was just telling her how lovely it would be if she could work side by side with me on destroying Lucas." Vivian narrated with a smile on her face.

Chris narrowed his eyes at her at the mention of Lucas. His name alone made him recall that day in which he almost ran him over. He still couldn't believe he almost took a life.

"Did you know Lucas got married yesterday?" Vivian asked as she noticed her son said nothing to her earlier comment.

Chris stared at her for a second with no different expression before looking away from her. She narrowed her eyes at him, clearly noticing something different and so she stood to her feet once more and back to him.

"You knew already...didn't you?" She asked him, the tone in her voice seeming different.

He turned back to meet her own eyes.

"Yes. He told me."

"And you let him go!?" Vivian exclaimed at him as she raised her voice. Her breathing turned r

ew models with a body like his. He neither visited the gym often nor properly monitored his diets as he was always busy with work then. The only thing he knew he did was a morning routine of a few press ups. As fun and exciting it felt to see how much he affected his wife, he didn't want her to think he was pressuring her on purpose. If she wasn't ready to get intimate with him then he was ready to wait until she was good to go. He hoped she understood that.

He watched her shut the wardrobe, folding something he couldn't see properly before quickly walking towards the bathroom. Shyly, she walked past him and into the bathroom, gently shutting the door after her. A light chuckle left his lips.

How cuter could she get?

He wondered recalling the look on her face as she walked past him. He went ahead to dress into his sleeping attire.

Ema stared at her reflection in the bathroom all giddied up. Her heart racing like never before.

"I can do this." She told herself in low tone as she kept staring at her reflection.

She felt like a different person dressed in bra and underwear except this one was slightly different. The bra had net flowing from under the bust and down to her buttocks where it's rounded up by ruffles. It was a set of underwear made to make a person look sexy and probably tempting. In full explanation, she was in the lingerie her aunt got her. After everything, she hated admitting her aunt got her way even without being here. She combed her hair some more with her fingers as the curls were finally returning from the straightening she got on her wedding day. She had the lightest make up that could exist on her face. A touch of brown powder and the only lipstick she had, nude. Actually, she wasn't a fan of makeup so never fancied having them at lot.

She practiced her breathing several times, in and out, trying her best to calm her nerves. They could not afford to fail her now. She slightly turned, trying to take a view of her behind if she looked okay.

"This is it." She told herself which was apparently for the fourth time in a roll. She knew all she had to do was take steps forward, turned the door knob and walk out of the bathroom but the more she thought of it, the more she felt frozen.

"This would make him happy...this makes men happy." She convinced herself and with that released one last heavy sigh before immediately taking quick steps towards the door and then turned the knob to slightly push open.

Gently, she slightly peeped her head out first to find out what he was doing. He stood dressed in his just the trouser of his pyjamas and then a plain shirt on top. He had his back back faced to her, somehow doing something on the table.

She lightly bit her lower lip for a second. He wasn't looking. This should be a bit easier for her and with that thought, she finally stepped out gently shutting the door. She stood nervously as Lucas's hadn't turn yet which made her wonder why. She gulped down. Nonetheless, she made up her mind to call him and with her heart beating almost as if it would jump out of her heart, she called him.

"Lucas." She called and waited nervously for his turn. Finally, he turned his head but then froze for what seemed like eternity.

His eyes widening slowly at the sight of her. She watched his eyes go lower, right down to her feet and then slowly make its way up her body as if scanning. Carefully, he turned the rest of his body towards her direction. Surprise clearly evident of his face. As he took calm steps toward her, his eyes never left her body.

She rubbed her hands nervously as she tried her best to maintain his stare but couldn't as her shyness took the best of her.

"Um..." He started as he was stood a fee steps closer to her.

"I...I didn't know wore such things." He stated, releasing he first thing that flee across his mind.

"N-no...I don't... This...this is my first time. I thought... I thought I should wear it... You don't like it, right? I'm sorry." She concluded, her nerves failing her as she immediately turn to head back to the bathroom.

"No!" Lucas rushed to take hold of her hand before she could take any step away from him.

"I... I meant to say... Wow." He stated as he stared into her eyes, a smile forming on his face.

She smiled back but shyly, her cheeks turning slightly red once more. He took hold of her other hand with his other hand soothing it gently.

"You look beautiful." He commented still staring at her. He knew he thought about being ready to take things slow if she so desired it but seeing her now, took all that thought away. She tried so much just to please him. Nothing else could beat that. Gently, he brought his hand to her cheek, lightly stroking it with his thumb. All he could think about was kissing her while his heart was beating so fast at the moment. He drew closer and closer until their lips finally touched. Lightly at first but eventually the kiss grew deeper and deeper. His other hand left hers and went to her back to draw her closer to him, seizing any gap there could have been between them. Her hands rested on his firm chest.

Ema never knew anyone could make her feel this great. This was different. She had never felt this way before in her entire life. His every touch sent shivers down her spine. Somehow, she didn't want him to stop. Slowly, he drew away from her lips leaving the both of them panting for air and her whole body quivered for his touch wondering why he was backing away. Perhaps, she was wrong. She could feel his grip tighter around her waist not wanting to let go of her. She raised her eyes and their eyes met. The look in his eyes was different. Nothing like she had seen before. There was the look of desire mixed with love in them. He drew closer once again but this time, aimed for her forehead. He planted a soft kiss there and then on her cheek and soon found his way down to the nape of her neck. She felt his hand leave her face caressing its way down to her body.

She wondered if her heart could beat any faster than it did at the moment. A part of her was scared but then another part of her felt excited and wanted more of his touch. Suddenly, he withdrew his head away from her; staring at shy Ema for a second and he knew this wouldn't do. He needed more of her. He wanted all of her at once. He had never felt this way before.

He bent a bit and swooped her into his arms bridal style definitely taking her by surprise as her eyes widened a bit. He took a look at her as if asking for permission. Somehow, she read just that and gently but shyly put her arms around his neck for support. A brief smile surfaced on his face before he took steps towards the bed.

Gently, he laid her on the bed with her head rested on the pillow and she could only shyly steal glances at him. She couldn't bring her eyes to fixate on him and when she managed to take a look at him, she watched him walk away towards the door. Did she do something wrong? She wondered as she watched him walk up to the door. She did everything right to tell she was ready but why he was leaving was what she couldn't explain.

He took hold of the door and gently pushed it to a close changing every thought she had about him leaving. He took a look at her and she shyly looked away. The lights suddenly went off causing her to immediately raise her head in worry. Suddenly, a ray of light came through the dim darkness of the room and she turned to its direction. Lucas had turned on the table lamp and stood beside the bed staring at her. She realised he had turned off the light and it didn't go off on its own. There was no cause to worry but staring at him now, she realised this was finally going to happen.

Gently, he brought his hand to his shirt and pulled it off to her surprise revealing the body that had once flustered her. Her eyes widened a bit but then she knew this part was eventually going to come. Shyly she lowered her eyes but she knew she has to meet his eyes for him to know she was into this idea as well. She raised her eyes to him and their eyes met. He bent drawing closer to her, raising the duvet on one hand, he got on top of her. He kissed her lightly on the lips at first but then got deeper. Their thoughts now clouded by the thought oh having each other. All he could think of was never ever letting her go. If he was told a few months ago that loving a person this much existed, he would have argued it till eternity but here he was loving this very woman to the extent death itself can never part them.

"I love you." He told her in a whisper slightly opening his eyes and a bit loss of breath.

"I love you too." She replied in a similar tone, eyes slightly open.

He continued with the kiss as his hands caressed her body and back up to her shoulder. Gently, he pushed a strap of her bra down to reveal her bare shoulder following down to her bust. Barely able to contain his strong urge to explore her body further, he immediately stretched out his hand to the table lamp and switched it off. There in the darkness and serenity of their room, he made sweet love to his wife for the first time.

Ahhhh! I'm cringing right now. What do you think guys? This chapter is the longest I've ever written so it took me a while. Sorry for the delay in update. I hope i made it up to you guys with this chapter. Please don't forget to leave a nice comment if chosen and click the star button below to vote. Thank you for reading this chapter.

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