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I choose you - Sara Bareilles

Photograph - Ed Sheeran

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The wedding dress above is an idea of what Ema's dress looks like. I tried to look for something simple and yet beautiful. Something that suits her description.

Lucas took one more look at his wrist watch and sighed. He made up his mind to remain patient. He took a look at the file resting on the table in front of him before picking up the cup filled with hot coffee and bringing it close to his lips for a sip. He assured himself that everything was going to turn out alright. This was for the best. It was time he ended this once and for all.

"Say what you have to say quick." Chris demanded as soon as he walked up to Lucas in the coffee shop and had his seat across him.

Lucas raised his eyes up to him away from the cup in front of him. He gently set the cup back on its saucer after having his sip.

"Would you like to order som..."

"Let's just get straight to the point here Lucas. Stop trying to act like we're actual brothers. I came out here just because you said it was quite important so your time starts ticking now." Christian interrupted and in as much as Lucas wanted to say more, he let it slide.

"Here." Lucas told him as he pushed the file on the table towards Christian who eventually took one look at it. Without touching the file in front of him, Christian then raised his eyes up back to Lucas.

"What's this?" He asked without an actual expression on his face.

"That...that is all you need to know about who your mother really is." Lucas stated and Christian narrowed his eyes at him before looking away for a second and then back at him.

"What?" Christian asked with a look of confusion on his face.

"Now your new trick is to come up with something new about my mother. Do me a favor Lucas, stick to facing her alone about all the issues you have with her. Leave me out of it. I can't believe I came here to listen to this." Christian stated all at once before trying to get up.

"She's sick." Lucas quickly added before Christian could get up on his feet.

Christian turned back to him, his eyebrows now furrowed with the look of confusion mixed with anger in his eyes.

"Sick...what do you mean by she's sick?" He asked now paying more attention to whatever Lucas has to say.

"When she was sixteen...she was admitted to the mental asylum but I couldn't quite find out why. The hospital won't tell me anything but I was able to gather a little in that file which will help you understand more." Lucas explained and waited for a reaction from Christian who just kept giving him a blank stare.

Truthfully speaking, Christian had no idea about this little detail of his own mother's history. Hearing this straight from Lucas at the same time sounded a little bit strange to him. He couldn't help wondering what Lucas had up his sleeve this time around. He wasn't going to let him win if he planned on using him against his own mother.

"Let's say she once upon a time stayed at the mental asylum, so what...what does that have to do with the present? That's all in the past. Lucas when are you going to accept that you've lost? When are you going to finally throw in the towel instead of making up stories?"

"I'm not making up stories...okay, fine. Don't believe me but I'm telling you this because Vivian...Vivian is still very much sick and she won't admit it. I don't know how long she has been like this but... Talk to her Christian. Ask her questions and...i'm very sure you'll notice something." Lucas told him as he tried his best to convince his brother but the look in Christian's eyes was filled with that of doubt.

"Why should I believe anything you say... You obviously just want to defeat her and reclaim the company. It's not enough for you that you took the life of my father and love from the woman I love. Now, you want to take down my mother and you're trying to use me." Christian narrated without shifting his gaze away from Lucas.

Lucas looked away from him as he tried to control his emotions from the mention of their father's death. He was still very young and can't quite recall what happened. All he knew was the fact that his stepmother wouldn't stop stating that he killed his father and the worst part was the fact that his younger brother believed it. Looking back now, he realised he shouldn't have let things with Christian be this sour. He should have truly treated him like his brother. He should have tried harder to make him see that he wasn't the enemy but instead, he decided to stay on his own. He decided to stay away from his stepmother and her son and now, this was the result.

Lucas sighed before turning his head back to his brother.

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't do that." Christian interrupted him hating the fact that his brother was apologising.

"Saying you're sorry just makes me angrier. It makes me want to squeeze your neck with my bare hands till the little life you have left in you is gone so please do me a favour and stop apologising... The only thing that can actually make me think about forgiving you is if you can return Emerson to me." He stated and watched as Lucas's eyes widened up a bit at the mention of giving up Ema.

Lucas sighed as he looked away from the cold look in his younger brother's eyes. If only it was possible for him to stop loving Ema just for peace to reign then he would but it wasn't. It was impossible to tell your heart who to love. In this case, he couldn't give up her. She was his life and soon going to be his life partner.


"You can't, can you?" Christian interrupted him not quite surprised by the fact that his brother would not give in to him. Truthfully, he knew he wasn't going to get what he wants from him but at the same time, a little part of him couldn't help wishing for a miracle.

"I'm letting it all go... I'm letting you have the company." Lucas stated and Christian gave a light snort at his brother's comment.

"Letting me have the company? Lucas its been mine since the day I stepped into this world but you... Fate just somehow managed to bring you to my home. I don't need your permission to run my family business." He explained and Lucas looked away for a second to control himself. He reminded himself of his true purpose in coming here.

"If you don't have anything else to say other than what you've repeated over and over again then I'm leaving." Christian stated interrupting Lucas's thoughts as he got up to his feet to leave.

"I'm getting married." Lucas quickly let out causing Christian to halt on the thought of taking a step further.

It was as if he froze, standing still like there was no life in him. He stood still for what seemed like forever that Lucas thought he might never say anything. He didn't know if what he was doing was the right thing to do but he felt, his brother had the right to know. Christian resented him so much and if truly he wants to start on a clean slate with him then he would have to come out honest. He didn't want Christian to hear it from someone else's mouth and then feel betrayed or that he played him for a fool. He needed to let him know that his heart was clean and he was honestly trying to reach out to him.

Christian gulped down as his eyes remained widened in surprise, slowly he managed to turn back to his brother.

"You're...getting married?" He managed to ask, his voice sounding coarse and different from a few minutes ago.

Lucas could see how much the news affected him and wished it didn't do that much to him.

He took in a deep breath as he replied.


"Tell me it's to someone I don't know..."

"I'm getting married to Emerson." Lucas quickly stated, trying to skip the part where his brother tries to play dumb.

Christian dropped back on his seat as tears filled his eyes just thinking of what Lucas just said.

"Don't take me wrong Christian... I'm not telling you this just to hurt you. I'm telling you the truth because I don't want you finding out through someone else... I'm sorry if it seemed I took so much from you. I didn't mean any of it. I never planned to be born under the circumstances I did and I never chose to love Ema. It all just happened. The truth is'll always be my brother and I'll appreciate it if we could get over our past and move on to the future. We've dragged our past with us far too long. Let's settle things...let's start afresh." Lucas explained to him and waited for a reply but got none from him as Christian kept looking down.

"Christian..." He started but was interrupted by the sudden glare Christian gave him as soon as he rose up his eyes to him.

"Start...afresh?" Christian asked as he stood to his feet, a different look now portrayed in his eyes.

"As long as I'm alive Lucas, you're never going to have the peace you badly want so much... We are never going to be a family." He commented before walking away and this time, nothing stopped him from finally stepping out of the cof

ther. He took a look at all the things she pushed off the table and unto the floor. His gaze shifted back to his mother who seemed to be lost more to her anger and she stared away into space. Her palms were folded into a fist. Her eyebrows all squeezed up. For the first time in his life, he noticed there was something different about his mother. Something he didn't know was there till Lucas made him think about it.

* * *

"Thank you so much Sandy for coming." Ema appreciated as she gave her a light hug and Sandy smiled at her.

"I couldn't miss your big day for anything in the world." Sandy told her and Ema replied with a smile of hers.

"Thank you so much Rosy for being a friend." She appreciated as she hugged Rosy as well.

"Anytime." Rosy replied before they let go of the hug and then she finally stood in front of her aunt whose eyes had gotten all teary.

"Aunty... Thank you for being the parent I needed today. Thank you." She appreciated as she engulfed her in a hug, her own eyes equally getting teary.

"You don't have to thank me Ema. We're family, remember?" Josephine pointed out as they let go of the hug and the tears had somehow managed to trickle down both their cheeks.

Ema wiped her tears as she tried to remain strong and so did Josephine. A broad smile grew on Josephine's face.

"Remember... don't forget to put it on." Jose whispered once more and Ema raised her eyes up to her. The mischievous look in her eyes made her chuckle. Honestly, she had no idea what she was talking about but her aunt always somehow manages to crack her up.

"Fine." She replied deciding to play along and Josephine nodded in accordance.

"Now, go on your husband is waiting." Her aunt told her and Ema nodded before walking back to the car.

It was now dark and they were done with the reception as well. It was time to leave and Ema had already changed into a much simpler dress and shorter than her wedding dress.

"Bye." She waved once more to them all before getting into the car just after Lucas opened the door for her.

She sighed as she looked away from them especially her aunt while she sat in the car.

"Are you ready?" Lucas asked her and she looked up to him. A smile formed on her lips as she nodded.

"Yes." She told him and he smiled just staring at her before looking away and starting up the car.

"Ema, Ema." Lucas gently tried to wake her up but truthfully speaking, she was a heavy sleeper. He hoped she wouldn't wake up putting on one of her stunts.

She slightly moved her head away from resting on the door and then towards his direction.

"Ema." He called once more as he lightly rubbed her arm.

Slowly, her eyes opened not quite wide but enough for him to know that she was finally out of sleep mode.

"Lucas." She called his name with her voice sounding a bit low and her eyes drowsy enough for him to know she was still feeling sleepy.

He lightly stroked her cheek.

"Where... Where are... we?" She managed to ask as she tried her best to stay awake at the same time but unfortunately for her, she quite couldn't perfect in that.

"Harbor. We're at the harbor." He told her but by then her eye lids were halfway shutting once again.

"Har... Har... Harbor..." She stuttered halfway through as her eye lids finally shut. Sleep unable to let her finish her sentence.

Lucas remained silent as he watched her fall back to sleep. He couldn't quite blame her. They had a stressful day and she must have had it all hard. He drove for almost an hour out of the town and towards the harbor and in that time, she fell asleep. She looked way too tired to even walk. He sighed feeling a bit sad at the fact that he wouldn't be able to see the surprise on her face when she sees the boat or find out about where he was taking her. He got down from the car and walked all the way to the other side. He opened the door to Ema's seat. He unbuckled her off from the seat belt before gently carrying her off into his arms. She moved a bit but that was to get more comfortable as she kept her arms around his neck.

After leaving his car keys in the hands of the man who watched over the boat for him, and then leaving a few more instructions, Lucas was on his way towards his destination speeding as fast as he could on the ocean.

Gently, he laid her on the bed without turning on the lights. The illumination into the room was from the light outside the room. He sat on the bed beside her just staring at her face. Truth be told, he had a lot planned out for their first night together as husband and wife but seeing Ema sleeping so soundly and snoring so lightly quite set his plans a bit off the path.

He sighed just watching her sleeping face. She looked so peaceful, like an angel. Gently, he pushed few strands of her off her face.

"Harbor." She murmured as she turned to her side.

A smile grew at the corner of his lips. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead before leaving the room.

* * *

The sound of chains clicked just at the slight move of the wrists it decorated itself on. Hair too long, unkept and in dire need of a wash covered its owner's face. The clothes on the being's body nearly turning to rags. Murmurs of words that couldn't be quite made out came out of its mouth and echoed almost through the four walled space with nothing but the walls to bounce back and forth on.

Its head suddenly rose, revealing one pair of green eyes. The other still covered by the hair. Suddenly rising to its feet, it lunched towards the iron built door.

"Let me out of here you witch!" She exclaimed as she banged the door with her bare hands, the chains making sounds as well, completely aware of the fact that her hands did little to the iron door but her voice... Her voice echoed through the small net opening at the top of the door and then all the way down the empty passage.

"Let me out of here!!" She exclaimed louder almost at the top of her voice.

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