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Christian neared the study room that evening. He found the door slightly open just as he drew closer. He furrowed his eyebrows at the thought of who might be in the room. He placed a hand on the door knob as he slightly, gently and slowly opened the door. He sighted his mother by the window and felt a bit relieved to find out she was the one. She didn't turn and then he realised she hasn't noticed someone else just stepped into the room. He drew closer with the intention of calling her to his attention but just as he was close enough to say a word, he stopped midway.

"Did you get her?" Vivian asked the person on the other side of the receiver.

He furrowed his eyebrows at what was going on. He listened then watched her remain silent for sometime, probably listening to the reply of the other person.

Vivian chuckled. A light laughter that sounded mischievous and yet satisfyingly evil in a way which puzzled Christian.

"Lucas got lucky this time... He won't be able to save her the second time. Keep me informed on his next move." Vivian ordered before cutting the call and finally, turned.

Her eyes widened a bit in surprise at the presence of her son. She didn't hear him walk in. Christian stood staring at his mother. His eyes narrowed at her as if trying to figure something out.

"Christian." Vivian started as she managed to put up a smile.

"I didn't hear you walk in." She added trying to sound normal as she walked past him and towards the table where she then kept the phone on.

His eyes followed her and he turned as well to her new position.

"You should have at least said something to let me know you were around..."

"What did you do to Ema?" Christian suddenly asked interrupting her. He was no fool. The mention of Lucas and not letting him save a she...that could only sum up to one thing. His mother had been up to something and he was curious to know what exactly she had done.

The truth was that, he wasn't a fan of letting someone else hurt Ema. Yes, he was mad at her and all but he gave no other person the right to hurt her apart from himself.

Vivian stared at him without saying a word.


"You didn't hurt her, did you?" He asked ignoring her attempt to brush up the matter. He had his eyes fixated on her.

He watched her sigh as she folded her arms across her chest.

"I thought you wanted to hurt her, to make them feel as terrible as they made you feel."

"Yes. I still do but..." Christian stated before taking several steps closer to her.

"...I don't want you hurting Ema. You can do whatsoever you wish with Lucas but as of Ema... Don't you dare hurt a hair on her body or I'll never ever forgive you." He warned, keeping his eyes focused on her.

He turned away from her to leave the room.

"When are you going to stop loving her, Christian?" Vivian asking making him stop on his tracks.

" You're only going to keep hurting yourself." She added hating the fact that her son wouldn't forget her.

Christian hesitated for a while and finally walked away without turning to take another look at his mother.

* * *

She gulped down as she stared into his eyes.

Was she hearing right?

"I know...I know that our relationship isn't that much older but Ema...the time and days I've spent with you feels like I've known you for eternity. I feel so comfortable around you...You listen to my every complaint without judging me. You understand everything going on in my life and although... Although I can be hard to deal with sometimes, you still love me and always want to stand by me... I had been a fool to prioritize the company before you. I thought I could get my inheritance first and then have you second but today...when Vivian called and threatened your life, I knew I love you way much more than I thought I do. I don't want to waste anymore time. I don't want to spend the rest of my life chasing after something that might never be mine...I want to have and cherish what's right here in front of I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I never want you to leave my side ever again. I want you to complete me Emerson Smith, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife and make me the happiest man alive?" Lucas asked once more after giving the longest speech coming straight from his heart for the very first time in his life. He might not have expressed as much as he was feeling at the moment but the little he could state, he truly meant each word.

Staring into his eyes as Lucas spoke, Ema knew he meant every word. She felt it and she could see the love he has for her. Was this real? She wondered but then again, the love of her life stood in front of her and he just asked her to be his wife, to spend the rest of her life standing by his side. She had no idea Lucas felt so much for her. She couldn't believe this was happening. She felt so honoured that Lucas loves her to the extent of wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. She couldn't think of anything else greater than this, marrying the love of her life. It brought tears to her eyes. Wonderful and beautiful tears of joy.

A smile formed on her lips as tears of joy trickled down her cheeks at her blinking. She starts to nod her head.

"Yes." She replied as she continuously nod her head while the tears kept streaming down her cheeks. She couldn't look away from his eyes. His ever so beautiful and mesmerising green eyes. She watched him heave a light sigh of relief as he lowered his eyes away from hers for a second. His action brought a light chuckle to her lips. She couldn't believe he was nervous about her reply. The Lucas Hendrix, nervous just for her.

"Yes, I'll marry you Lucas Hendrix." She stated more clearly and watched the smile on his face grow broader.

He wiped the tears of joy that trickled down her cheeks with both his thumbs before lightly kissing her on the cheek then to her lips.

"Thank you Ema...thank you very much... I'm sorry I have no ring as of this moment. I proposed just as I felt the need to."

"It's okay Lucas." She told him as she shook her head at his apology.

"Your words alone are better than any ring in the world. I'm okay." She explained to him and his smile broadened as he brought her closer for an embrace. She was okay with it but he wasn't. She deserves the best in the world.

"Is your aunt in?" Lucas suddenly asked her as they let go of the embrace but not their hands.

"Yes. Why?"

"Well, if she's going to be my in-law very soon then it would be best I let her know plus... she's the closest parent figure to you. I need to ask for her permission to make you my wife." He explained which caused her already plastered smile to broaden the more.

Lucas was being really sweet and all. Proposing to her and now, wanting to ask her aunt's permission to marry her. If anyone told her a few weeks ago that this could be possible, she knew she would laugh it off. Sometimes, she would want to pinch herself to find out out if this was one of her fantasized dreams but to her excitement, this was real. Lucas is a real gentleman after all.


Josephine sat across her niece and Lucas silently with her legs crossed staring back at them. She had her arms folded across her chest while she relaxed her back on the couch.

Ema had her left arm intertwined with Lucas's right own and still had their hands locked in each other's as they sat across Josephine who stared at them intensively. Ema wanted to remain calm but for some reason, she just couldn't wipe the smile off her face and she knew her aunt posed several questions with her eyes.

"You two said you have something important to tell me." Josephine started directing the question to the both of them.

"Well, I'm all ears." She stated and waited for a reply.

Lucas and Ema first took a look at each other before turning back to her. A smile still plastered on Ema's face.


"I'll tell her." Lucas interrupted Ema as he took a look at her. Her smile broadened at his decision to take up responsibility. She lightly nodded to him before they both turned back to Josephine who just kept staring.


k box he had in the other hand to reveal a small but beautiful ring. She looked from the ring to Lucas, surprise written all over her face.

"I know I asked you before but this time, I'm doing it right. Emerson Smith, will you marry me?" He asked with a beautiful smile as he looked up to her and for the first time since the lights came on, she realised there was something different about the shop.

They had it decorated throwing rose petals on the path she stood right from the entrance and she barely took notice of that. She took one look behind her to her aunt and the rest. They smiled at her. Tears filled her eyes as she realised he took his time to plan a surprise proposal for her. It didn't matter where he did it, he tried his best to surprise her and even invited the people close to her.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she nodded her head.

"Yes." She replied between sobs. His smile broadened as he took the ring out of its box and slid it onto her fourth finger. She stared at how beautiful it looked and immediately swung her arms around his waist as soon as he stood up stood up straight on his two feet. He put his arms around her as well to bring her closer for a hug.

"Thank you. Thank you very much." She told him as the tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't cry. I don't like seeing you cry." Lucas told her as they let go of the hug and tried to wipe her tears with his thumbs. She nodded and sniffed as she tried her best to stop the tears.

"Yes Ema. This is a happy occasion so stop crying." Josephine told her as they all drew closer.

Ema chuckled.

"You were in on this, all of you." Ema told them and they all smiled.

"Thank you so much." She appreciated as she gave each and everyone of them a hug.

"Thank you Rosy for coming." Ema appreciated as she gave her friend a hug.

"You're welcome dear." Rosy told her with a smile.

"Thank you Mrs Debby." She appreciated her.

"You're welcome. I found it cute when Lucas approached me and told me about his plans. I couldn't resist young love." Debby explained with a smile on her face.

Ema's smile broadened as she looked from Debby to Lucas's smiling face who turned to her as well. She knew she should be used to this side of him by now but a part of her still fell surprise by the little beautiful and honest things he does for her.

" Ema, I have something else for you." He told her as he turned her to face him.

"Another surprise?" Ema asked in amusement and he nodded as he slid his hand into the pocket of his trouser.

"Close your eyes." He told her and happily she shut her eyes.

He opened the little square shaped box and got out a gold chain necklace. They all smiled just watching him put it around her neck.

"You can open your eyes." He told her and slowly she did. She took a look at the necklace around her neck. What caught her attention was the engraving. She tried her best to read it.

"Em-cas...Emcas." She read it out better.

"Ema and Lucas. Emcas." He explained to her feeling satisfied and her smile broadened.

"I love it. I'll take it everywhere with me. Thank you." She appreciated as she gave him another hug.

"Here is a cake to summarize this day and it's on the house." Debby announced as she drew closer with a round chocolate coated cake in her hands and a lot of lighted candle sticks on it.

"Go on. Blow the lights out. Make sure to blow them all out together. As uncountable as these candle sticks are on this cake, that's how uncountable your years together as married couples will be." Debby explained bringing a smile to everyone's face.

They said nothing more and just blew out the lights. Everyone cheered.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Ema asked Lucas as they stood apart from the rest later on. She lightly touched his temple getting to his forehead. He withdrew his head a bit.

"I'm fine. What do you keep your handbag that make it hurt so much?" He told her and she just smiled.

"Nothing much. Just a few things." She explained as she looked away from his eyes.

Staring at her, he knew he did the right thing. All the trouble he went through was worth it as long as he gets to see this smile on her face. She looked up back to him.

"What?" She asked him realising he had been staring without saying a word.

"Nothing, just the fact that I need to make you Mrs Lucas Hendrix as early as possible so I get to see this face every morning I wake up." He told her and she gave a light chuckle as she looked down away from his eyes, feeling a bit shy all of a sudden at the mention of them living together. She knew she was blushing and tried her best to hide it.

Truly, she was going to become his wife very soon and it all still seemed like a dream to her. She felt his hand on one side of her face, gently raising her head so their eyes could meet but for some reason, she had suddenly grown really shy. She could feel the spark shoot up her body as his other hand slid around her waist. Staring into each other's eyes, he brought his lips gently down on hers for a kiss. Ema couldn't imagine feeling any happier than she was at the moment.

Could it get any better? She wondered.

Sorry for the long delay. This past week had been quite busy for me but here it is, the awaited chapter. I tried my best to make it worth your time. The next chapter is going to be even better so pls don't forget to vote and comment on what you think. Thank you.

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