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A fan made the book cover above. Thank you so much @Queen_kim247 for the love you've shown towards this book. I get so much great comments that encourage and make me want to write more. Though I don't respond to most comments, know that I do read them and it makes me smile and sometimes nod. I'm grateful for all the supports.


Lucas tapped his right hand fingers on his lap impatiently and nonstop. His body was present very much present in the room the company usually held meetings but his mind was far off somewhere else. It was something that had become more frequent in the past few days since he found out about his stepmother's new secret. The investigator was right. Getting a little bit more information on what actually happened with her and how on earth did she end up in the mental hospital was something that intrigued him more and more. Sometimes he thought if the possibility that she held down to get secret tighter than he could imagine but then again, she had no idea he was trying his best to get something on her.

Lucas sighed as he sat up a bit on his seat. He took one look at the other board members who sat, waiting just like him. Vivian might now be the CEO of the entire empire but he still had his shares. He was still a member of the company's board of directors. Vivian was nowhere to be found, yet. Lucas furrowed his eyebrows in frustration at what was going on. He wondered why Vivian would suddenly ask for their presence all together and wouldn't show up on time. Was she perhaps, planning some grand entrance? He inwardly rolled his eyes at that thought. What other surprise could she possibly come up with?

The door suddenly opened and in walked Vivian looking as simple and yet sophisticated as she always looks. Christian walked in with her which actually surprised Lucas a bit. Although Chris had managed to acquire a share in the company's holdings after his grandfather's death, he never showed up at their usual meetings. He never actually cared enough to show interest. So it became a bit puzzling that he would suddenly decide to show up. It made Lucas a bit curious as to what mother and son was up to. Vivian stood by the chair at the end of the table where she usually had her seat. Her usual smile was up but this time a but broader than the normal. Something about it told a story of true joy and happiness mixed with a feeling of her normal self. Lucas couldn't quite understand but felt ready to find out what all this was suddenly about.

"I'm sorry for the delay. I know I might have kept everyone waiting a bit longer than expected but nevertheless, it's for a good cause." Vivian started, addressing everyone without wiping off the smile on her face.

She waved her hand in the direction of Christian who stood a step away from her.

"Of course everyone remembers my son Christian Hendrix, the true and sole heir to this empire." Vivian introduced which made Lucas inwardly roll his eyes once again a bit irritated at her choice of words. He did exist after all and whether she liked it or not, Christian wasn't the sole heir to the entire empire.

Christian stood without an expression on his face and staring at him, Lucas realised just how much more he had changed since Ema left him. Although he was never on good terms with him but things weren't as bad as Lucas sensed it to be. Somehow, he feared his Vivian had managed to turn her son to the dark side. Christian's gaze shifted to fixate on Lucas who stared back refusing to back down.

"I'll like to inform everyone that from today onwards, he will be replacing me and taking his rightful seat as the new CEO of Hendrix enterprises." Vivian announced excitedly.

Lucas eyes slowly widened in surprise at the sound of the new information. He saw something different in Chris's eyes. A sense of amusement. A sense of victory and then he looked away from him and back to Vivian who stared back directly at him. The same sense if twinkle in her eyes. Lucas looked away from her eyes, a bit confused and trying to think.

The room was quiet without a soul uttering a word. They just gave each other weird looks. Their expression didn't help things as well and Vivian hated what was going on.

"I didn't hear an applause. Is anything the matter?" Vivian asked, daring an annoying reply.

They gave each other the same awkward looks before someone finally decided to speak up.

"Well, Vivian it hasn't been up to a month since you took on this same position and, you want to hand it over someone else."

"Someone else? Mrs Faircliff, if I were you, I would chose my words very carefully." Vivian threatened the middle aged woman ad she narrowed her eyes at her.

The middle aged lady just gulped down a bit nervously before looking away from her.

Vivian stood straight, shoulders raised high.

"Christian is my son. It's his rightful position..."

"He knows nothing about running a company." Lucas interrupted as he looked up to her. Both Christian and his mother shifted their gaze to his direction.

"This is a multi billion producing business and not the different country tours he had once had going on in his life. Several pockets are depending on us...It's not a game of switching seats." Lucas dared to speak up ignoring the stabbing glares he was getting from both mother and son.

He was used to it. The glares. Somehow, he had managed to build up shields against it. He felt harmless. Nothing was going to stop him from speaking his mind.


"Truth." Christian interrupted his mother who tried to speak up on his behalf as he looked away from Lucas to the other board members. He was done being silent. It was time to teach Lucas a lesson.

"The truth they say us bitter." Christian started keeping a straight face and focused eyes.

"There is no doubt that Lucas here is...well, older than I am. Yes, he had ruled this company for a few years but then we have to admit to another truth." Christian continued before shifting his eyes back to Lucas who stared at him with furrowed eyebrows. Lucas couldn't help but wonder which wall exactly was trying to hit the nail on.

"He's indeed an outsider... A child born out of adultery. A child whose mother...was a prostitute." Christian stated and watched as Lucas's eyes reddened in anger at the mention of the last word. He held on tightly to the pen in his hand.

He didn't know that piece of information. In fact, he didn't want to to know who she was and what she did. She was in his past and felt the best thing he could do for himself was not think about his biological mother but that didn't mean he doesn't get hurt when sentences like this are stated about his birth. He knew and accepter the circumstances surrounding his birth but couldn't help but wonder when the world was going to give him a rest. When birth status going to stop hindering him.

The other board members turned their gaze to Lucas. He hadn't taken his eyes off Christian's but he could feel their stares on him. He could see them through his peripheral vision. He hated the state he was in. The fact was that the truth of him not being Vivian's biological son but a child born from a mistress wasn't new news. This piece of information was new news.

"My father tried his best to keep him in the family because of blood ties but then...yet, such a person represented this company for years." Christian added more salt to the injury.

"I agree that I've not been much interested in the family business. I was young, restless and foolish. I can only acquire enough experience by actually taking that seat...What do you say? Are you all going to give me the chance to take this company to greater heights or...let a mistress's child do it instead." Christian mentioned the last sentence as he returned his gaze back to Lucas.

He was loving the effect this was having on him. This was right. Lucas has to feel the same pain he felt. Past and presently. It was time for payback and revenge... This was a dish vest served cold.


"Christian." Lucas called him just as he was about to walk out of the room. They were the only ones left in the room and last to leave due to the fact that the members congratulated Christian with handshakes and words of comfort before stepping out of the room. His mother had excused herself earlier to reply to a sudden

cuse me." Lucas told him as he reached into his pocket and got out his phone. He thought of the possibility of it being Ema once again but that was not so.

He stared at the strange new number without an idea of whom it belonged to. Nevertheless, he decided to answer it.

"Hello Lucas." Vivian's voice came through sounding as it usual does. Lucas eyes widened a bit in surprise.

"I heard of your little research on me. That wasn't a very good step if you to take...well, like the say, with every action follows a consequences and you my boy is about to experience the grave consequences of your action." Vivian continued, a hint of threat showing in her voice.

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows at her words.

"Samuel Donaldson." Vivian mentioned and Lucas furrowed his eyebrows a but more, taken aback by her knowledge.

"Send him home Lucas. You wouldn't want to the woman you love most in this world getting hurt, would you?" Vivian asked, sense of amusement hidden in her voice.

"What are you talking about?" Lucas asked a bit confused at what she was driving at.

"Simple, Lucas. You started it and I'm going to finish it. Her death would be the grace consequence you deserve, wouldn't it?"

"Don't you dare..."

"Can you save her? An accident. It's going to look like a car accident. She doesn't even know what's coming to her." Vivian stated and chuckled at her own comment.

Lucas immediately stood to his feet cutting the call instantly. Samuel looked up to Lucas, confused about his sudden action. Lucas immediately dialled Ema's number but it rung and no voice came through. After trying one more time and not getting a reply, his heart sank deeper and deeper in fear. He turned and rushed out of the diner without saying anything more to Samuel who stared at him in confusion.

Lucas didn't stop trying to reach Ema as he drive towards the bakery shop she works at. He couldn't think of anything at the moment. All that went through his mind was her safety. She has to be safe. He didn't even want to imagine losing her. He couldn't.

"Ema please be there." He pleaded both inwardly and through his lips as he enhanced his speed.


Ema suddenly stopped on her tracks as if someone whispered to her to stop. She felt her handbag for a second with her hands.

"Where is my phone?" She asked herself as she dipped her hand into her handbag and searched thoroughly.

"Urgh!" She exclaimed before before making a u-turn, heading back to the bakery. She wondered how on earth she could have forgotten to carry her phone along with get before closing the shop. She thought of the fact that Lucas might call her. As she headed back, she thought if where she might have left it.

"Store room. Yes, that's it." She told herself as she grew closer to the shop. Quickly, she got what she came for and was on her way to the bus stop.

She looked from left to right. Apparently, it was quite late and there weren't much cars on the street anymore. The streets felt a bit abandoned. The traffic lights had changed and she was ready to cross the street.

A first and second step onto the cold cement, she felt a pull on her arm drawing her backwards. Immediately, a black van rode past the exact same spot she was a second ago.

"Are you okay?" Lucas asked her worriedly cupping her face in his hands as he finally released her from the embrace he held her in.

A bit shocked and taken aback by the whole scene, she managed to nod as she took a slight look at the Van which had gone quite far by now. Her heart was racing faster than ever. Was that van about to hit her just a few seconds ago? She couldn't help but ask herself. Turning back to Lucas's worried face, her questions disappeared. He was here. Lucas was here with her and that was all that mattered.

She immediately flung her arms around his neck as tears gathered her eyes and started to trickle down her cheeks.

"I missed you." She confessed as she held him in a tight embrace, sobbing at the same time.

Lucas felt weak by her tears. He held her tight as well, not wanting to let go.

"I missed you too." He told her as he shut his eyes to take in the moment.


Lucas sat in his car watching Ema walk towards the entrance into her building.

She's going. His subconscious told him and he recalled the accident that had almost occurred. He didn't want to lose her. He didn't want to imagine what could have happened if he was a second late. He knew he loves her with all his heart. He couldn't just let her go. He needed her by his side all the time and quickly, he opened the door and got out of his car. He hastened his pace and eventually ran to catch up with her before she could step into the building.

"Ema." He called and she turned to him. She let the the door shut and got down the stairs to meet up with him. He immediately engulfed her in a warm embrace, his heart beating faster like never before. He brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately like never before, lightly stroking her face with his hand. Ema couldn't complain. She felt just like he did.

In summary, he knew she was his world. Nothing else mattered when it came to her.

"Will you marry me?" He asked almost in a whisper, seemingly out of breath as soon as they let go of the kiss.

She stared at him with widened eyes, surprised by his sudden proposal. Her heart threatening to Jump out of her body.

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