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Ema rested her head on the headrest of her seat while she stared at Lucas who was busy with driving. After their little outburst earlier, everything seemed clearer to her. The way he acted towards people and the facts about his insecurities. She never knew so much went on with him. To her, he always seemed like the perfect man, someone who had everything under control. She was glad their relationship had gotten to the point of him trusting her with his insecurities. It meant so much to her.

He took one look at her and she smiled to him. He smiled back.

"I didn't ask you how your day went." Ema started as she sat up, properly turning her head to him.

He took one more look at her before turning back to the road ahead.

" was your day?" She asked trying to keep the conversation going.

He sighed a bit loudly.

"Well...I got something new today."

"Really? What?" She asked him sounding excited and interested for him to know she was indeed paying attention.

He took another look at her.

"I got the attorney to admit to having faked the will he read out."

"That's good. That's a huge step. Did he show you the real will?" Ema asked as she followed along. In the past few days they've been together, Lucas had confided in her and explained so much that was going on.

She watched Lucas sigh once more as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"That's the problem... He doesn't have it with him."

"He doesn't? Did he lose it?" Ema asked a bit taken aback.

"No. She took it...Vivian holds the real will." Lucas stated the bitter truth.

"Vivian... Can she do that?" Ema asked a bit surprised by Vivian's action.

"Apparently, Vivian can do anything she wants." Lucas stated, frustration an epitome in his voice.

Ema looked away from him for a second still assimilating all Lucas just told her. Perhaps, she might have underestimated Vivian a little more than she thought. She was ready to go to any length to make sure Lucas isn't happy and that he doesn't get all he wants. She knew Lucas was hurting really bad. She hated seeing him so affected by everything. If only she could make it all stop. Of only she could make it go away. Ema sighed as she shut her eyes for a second. A crazy thought flashed her mind. The thought of Lucas letting go of the company but then she shook the thought away. This is what he wants. His family business. He has worked so hard to get it to where it is. She can't take that away from him. She can't get up and ask him to abandon it. He wants to fight for his right and she was going to stand by his side.

"Is there anything you can do to get her to put the will forward?" Ema asked as soon as she opened her eyes and turned back to him.

Lucas took another look at her. He shook his head.

"Right now...I have nothing on her. She's controlling the company. She has the board members and public to her side. She has the will...truthfully, she has won." Lucas admitted, his voice sounding down and sad as he kept his eyes on the road.

She sighed just staring at him. She couldn't let him give up. Not now. Not ever especially without putting up a great fight. There has to be something she could do for him. There has to be a way. All roads can't actually be blocked. There had to be a way to get to Vivian. She thought for a second of who could be the closest to her. Who does Vivian trust enough to let in? The answer came to mind.

"There is a way." Ema suddenly stated as she turned to him. He took a look at her.

"You might not like this but this is the only way I could think of. Vivian is quite reserved and trust literally not much people. The will might either be hidden in her office or her home. There's only one person I know has access to both places." Ema explained and somehow, Lucas got a hint of where she was driving to. He didn't like it one bit.

He shook his head at her as he finally parked in front of the building she lived in.

"Here me out Lucas. Let me talk to Christian. I'll explain everything to him..."

"Ema." He called her but she wouldn't stop.

"I'll let him know just what exactly is going on and what is at stake. He'll listen to me..."

"Ema, I said no!" He snapped at her and finally, she remained quiet just staring at him.

He sighed as he looked away from her for a second and then back to her.

He took her hand in his.

"I don't want you to get involve."


"I don't want you to talk to Christian. He's now a different man, Ema. He's not going to listen to you...he's just going to try and hurt you. This is my burden. I'm going to carry it alone. I'm going to find a way on my own. I don't want you to get involved in any way. All I need you to do is stay safe for me. I want you to go upstairs and rest. Don't think about my problems, okay?" He told her and all she did was stare at him while he asked her to do the impossible.

"I don't want to stay out of your problems. They are my problems as well..."

"Ema." He called her once more to get her attention and stop her from going anymore forward with this discussion.

"Thank you for listening each time I rant about my problems but that's it. That's all I need you to do. Listen. Don't get involved. Don't talk to Chris."

"Lucas..." She tried to argue further but he leaned forwards and stole a kiss from her ceasing anything further she had to say.

He brought his other hand to cup her face in it as the kiss grew deeper. He knew his love for her was much more deeper than he thought. He couldn't stand her getting hurt. The last thing he would do was put her in harm's way. He needed her by his side. She had suddenly become his everything. If only there was a way to make her understand his own point of view.

She knew its been days since they've been together but each time he kissed her, he turned her world upside down and made her feel so much more than she could explain. Somehow, she felt he knew just how much he affected her and took advantage of that. Not that she was really complaining. She was in love with him. The thought of that alone made her insides summersaults a thousand times. At the moment, the kiss rendered her speechless and a bit defeated. She decided it would be better she does as he said. Perhaps, it was for the best.

"Sleep tight and dream of me." He told her almost in a whisper as he let go of the kiss.

A smile grew on her lips at his co

er as his eyebrows furrowed further.

"This is about Lucas, isn't it?" He suddenly asked.


"Enough Ema!" He exclaimed at her raising his voice a bit. She remained silent and just stared at him.

He looked away from her for a second as different emotions twirled within him. He turned back to her shoeing a different side to him. She dreaded the look in his eyes.

"You know what Ema? I was mad at you for kicking me to the side...I was frustrated and felt betrayed but then you sent me a text message saying we needed to talk. I wasn't into the idea at first but then I told myself that I needed to show up. I needed to hear from you. I wanted to hear your explanation for hurting me the way you did and perhaps, we were sorry. You regretted your actions and was ready to start over...but no, that wasn't why you called me." He ranted before looking away from her for a second.

"You called me here just because of Lucas! Even till the end, it's still about him and not me! It's about his feelings. His problems and not mine." He sighed as he rose up to his feet, his eyes looking down at her.

"Now, it's all clear to me. I've been such a fool trying so hard not to resent you as much as I do but now...I hate you Ema and I'm going to make you wish you never crossed paths with me. You love him so much don't you? Well, listen up...I am going to crush him so hard that he never stands up on his own feet ever again. I'm going to make sure he never wins in his fights." He threatened and she gulped down all of a sudden just staring at him.

This wasn't the man she knew. This was a whole new different and diabolical being. The worst part, she caused this.

"Do you know the best part of this Ema? He has you to thank for the worst he's going to pass through. You...just you." He told her staring straight into her eyes before suddenly turning and walking away.

She sighed just staring at him walk away. She felt like she just unleashed the worst upon everything. She felt the cold run down her spine. Perhaps, talking to Chris was the worst idea ever. She shut her eyes. She knew she had made a mistake.

* * *

"Is this all?" Lucas asked the averagely dressed man who sat across him on the other end of the table.

Lucas who going through a few papers neatly assembled in a file. They both sat in a diner that evening.

"Yes. I couldn't get my hands any deeper than those reports in that file. She's a really tough woman to do a background check on. Somehow, she has her own records held tightly but I managed to get the little I can." He explained his own side of the story.

Lucas sighed before looking up to him away from the file.

"What about her whereabouts? Places she goes to? Anything odd?"

"I did try to tail her but they just went round the city and straight back to the company. She actually did nothing." He explained once more and Lucas sighed once again. This was going nowhere. The idea of getting a private investigator to dig up all he could on Vivian wasn't working out as planned. It felt like he was mainly going round in circles and back to where he started before.

He decided to go through the file once more but this time carefully than he earlier did. Halfway into it, he discovered something he hadn't seen before. He furrowed his eyebrows as he read it.

"Mental hospital?" Lucas asked as he looked up to the investigator.

"Yes. I was able to get little as I can on that regarding it's an old information. She was actually admitted to saint Peter's mental hospital at the age of twelve. Why she was admitted? What happened and how did she get out? All that remained a mystery...The hospital wouldn't let me in on any information further than that and nothing I did worked out." He explained the new piece of information to Lucas.

Lucas who fell speechless looked away from the man in front of him to the little piece of information in the paper. Mental hospital. He had never heard this side to her story. This was a new information. Somehow, he was glad something new was coming up. Something different. Sooner or later, he was going to sniff out the rest of her secrets. Her end was truly drawing near.

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