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Lucas tapped his right foot continuously while he sat up, both his elbows resting on his knees. He took a look at his wristwatch and realised its been over fifteen minutes since he sat here. He couldn't take it any longer and got up to his feet. He walked up to the a young woman who sat behind a desk.

"I'll like to see him now." Lucas demanded and the woman looked up to him away from the screen of her computer.

"I'm sorry sir. Mr Jude is in a very important meeting." His assistant stated out.

"Well, what I have to say to him is also very important. I need to see him right now." Lucas demanded once more as he put up a straight face.

The young woman let out a light sigh.

"I'm sorry sir..." She tried to apologise once more but Lucas was sick and tired of hearing those words so he just walked past her table heading towards Attorney Jude's office.

"Mr Hendrix! Stop! You can't go in!" The young lady exclaimed as she tried to get off her seat and stop him in time from stepping into her boss's office.

Lucas was going to get what he wants one way or the other. He knew the attorney had been avoiding him on purpose. He wouldn't pick up his calls and now, he was putting up an act of being in a very important meeting. This was the only way he could get him to face and talk to him. He needed answers. He needed the truth. He needed collaboration and he was going to get it.

Lucas pushed the door open, quickly walking in before the assistant could catch up with him.

The attorney looked up to him away from the papers at hand.

Lucas took a look around and there was no soul to be seen apart for the attorney himself. He focused his eyes back on him who sat behind his desk.

"I'm sorry Mr Jude." The assistant apologised to her boss realising the truth was out.

Mr Jude shut his eyes for a second as he gave a single wave at his assistant.

"That's okay Deborah." He replied as he opened his eyes once more before she nodded and was on her way out of the office.

"Important meeting I see." Lucas started as he approached his desk.

"Lucas why are you here?" He asked as soon as Lucas stood right in front of his desk.

"Why am I here? You know why I'm here? I need the truth."

"I already gave your family that."

"The real truth attorney. I need to know the real truth." Lucas demanded as he placed his hands on the desk to lean a bit forward towards him, staring him in the eyes.

The attorney looked away from him for a second before turning back to him.

"There is no real..."

"I need to see the will."

"I already read it..."

"The real will and not the one Vivian paid you to come up with." Lucas demanded once more, his eyes fixated on him ready to burn him through if possible.

He watched the expression on Mr Jude's face change to that of an uncomfortable one as he gulped down.


"You don't need to be afraid of her."

"You don't understand."

"Perhaps...I don't. All I really understand right now is the fact that my grandfather trusted you but you betrayed that trust. You can still make it all right. I just need you to work with me on this. Let's make her pay for everything she's done." Lucas stated trying to make him understand his own point of view. The truth was that he couldn't defeat Vivian on his own. He needed to gather enough evidence to pull her down, to show the world who she really is.

He watched the attorney sigh as he loosened his tie a bit.

"She kidnapped my daughter once. She has threatened to do more than that if a word leaks from me." He narrated before wiping his face with his hand. He shook his head at Lucas.

"I can't risk their lives. You have some properties under your name. Live with that Lucas..."

"No!" Lucas exclaimed as he slammed his hand on the table.

"You don't understand a thing... That company is my inheritance. It's everything I've worked so hard for. It's everything grandpa had worked so hard for. He trusted me enough to leave it in my care. I won't let him down. I'm going to take back what's mine and I'm going to protect it from the likes of Vivian." Lucas explained to him but it seemed his words did little to encourage him to speak up the truth.

Lucas sighed as he stood straight. He didn't want to do this but then he had no choice. He put a hand in his pocket.

"Let me rephrase my words attorney. If you don't help me in bringing out the truth, I'm going to ruin you. I'm going to show the world who you really are. You're going to lose the respect your family has for you, your clients and your reputation in the law world then I'm going to sue you for defamation so... I'm going to ask you one more time...where is the real will?" Lucas threatened without showcasing any remorseful feelings on his face. Sometimes, in the business world things can only be done by being a little bit threatening.

Mr Jude gulped down as he kept his eyes on Lucas. He knew Lucas meant it. He had known him for a long time. Long enough to know he wasn't bluffing.

* * *

"Here is your change." Ema stated as she handed a middle aged man a few notes and coins with a smile.

"Thank you, come again." She told him happily as she stood behind the counter in a green T-shirt and khaki trouser.

"Thank you." The man appreciated with a smile of his own as he lifted his brown bag off the counter and was soon on his way out of the store.

Ema sighed as soon as she was left all alone. The little bakery shop was empty once again. It's been a fe

hers but...I miss her." She admitted.

The truth is that she hasn't really said much about her mum since her parents passed away so suddenly. She tried so much not to think about it just so she doesn't miss them as much as she does at the moment.

Lucas stretched his hand towards her to take hold of hers.

"She sounds like a...great woman."

"She is." Ema added as she sniffed and wiped the tears off her face.

"I don't remember my...well my real mother looks like." Lucas suddenly admitted to her surprise as he looked away.

He had never brought up any discussion about her. She had always presumed he felt quite uncomfortable talking about her and so she never bothered trying to push those buttons. She just realised just how much Lucas trusted her enough to speak up about his mother but she didn't want him speaking up just because she started the discussion. She wasn't trying to make him speak up.


"I don't even know if she's alive or dead." He continued ignoring her call.

"Sometimes...I wonder if my life would be a bit different if I stayed with her. Perhaps, Vivian wouldn't resent me as much as she does...Christian on the hand would have everything to himself....I know they're right...They say I'm not a true Hendrix because I was born out of adultery." Lucas continued without turning his eyes to her. He didn't know why but he just needed to speak out. He has held down so much for years, trying to act like everything was okay when it really never was. Maybe speaking up a bit would make him feel better.

"Do you want to know why I fight for the company so much?" Lucas asked her as he finally turned his eyes back to her.

She noticed the difference in his eyes. They've gotten a little bit dimmer.

She watched him relax on his seat as he withdrew his hand away from hers.

"I...I'm scared." He admitted the hardest part to it all.

Her heart melted out to him. She could feel her tears coming on again. She watched him put up a fake smile for a second as he looked away from her. He turned back to her as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"I'm scared that I might truly become nobody without the company... I might finally become who they say I am without the surname, Hendrix." He admitted more as his eyes got teary.

He hated this. He wanted to speak up not cry. There was no reason to cry and so he tried his best to restrain the tears but it seemed even more stubborn than he thought.

"I stay up almost every night thinking of what would happen when Vivian finally succeeds in all her plans of ruining me...sometimes I just want to give up..." He stated the last part and there the tears came rolling down his cheeks. He looked away from her as he wiped the tears off his face feeling stupid for letting the tears down.

Hers came rolling down her cheeks and at the sight of his, she got up to her feet. She couldn't take this anymore. She had no idea he went through so much. She could feel just as much pain as he does. It broke her heart to see him in pain.

She quickly got to him and put her arms around his head to bring him closer for warm embrace while he sat down. He was reluctant at first but knew he needed this. He needed her and so he put his arms around her waist while his head rests on her abdomen.

"You have me Lucas...with or without the surname. You have me." She told him as the tears kept rolling down her cheeks. She meant every part of what she said.

She was going to stand by his side till the end of time.

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