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   Chapter 47 Jerky (41)

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Ema walked into her apartment with a smile plastered on her face feeling a bit shy.

"Come in." She told him as she turned her head to him after walking in. He nodded before walking in, keeping almost as the same shy smile as she had on her face.

They both weren't used to talking to each other this differently. In just a twinkle of an eye, everything had changed. Lucas is now someone special in her life and so is she to him.

He stood staring around as she shut the door behind him before walking up to him.

"Have a seat." She told him as soon as she was in front of him, pointing to a spot on her couch. He nodded once again before having his seat.

As he sat down, memories flooded into his head. The last time he was in here, he wasn't offered a seat. He was just here to drop off unconscious Ema.

"Can I get you anything?" She offered and he directed his eyes back to her.

He shook his head at her request.

"Even a cup of water?" She added but he shook his head once again with a simple smile on his face. She smiled back as she took in a deep breath.

She wanted to speak up, to ask a few questions but she didn't know if it was the right time. Is he in love with her just as she is with him? What exactly did his kiss mean? What sort of relationship are they now actually in? Taking a look at him, she decided to stay put. Perhaps, he would speak up at his own terms and time. Waiting wasn't a problem for her.

"Okay. I...I need to change. I'll be back in a minute." She told him as she ran out of what to say to him.

He nodded although he could somehow read through her. He knew she wanted to get some things off her mind but perhaps felt it was better not to speak up. How does he tell her that it was okay to be comfortable around him? Even he felt a bit different with their present situation but it isn't a bad one. Falling in love with Ema has been the best thing that ever happened to him. How was he going to make her understand that?

He watched her walk away into her room, she flashed him one last smile which put a smile on his face before she gently shut the door.

She rested her back on the door as soon she shut it and sighed. Having Lucas in her home was a bit nerve wracking. He wouldn't have anything and he hardly spoke up to her. It was just so awkward but in a different way. The good way actually.

She sighed as she thought of her job. She wondered if it was okay for her to show up there. Vivian might have heard it all from her son and would probably loath her guts by now. This was the end. She had officially lost her job. Perhaps, it was better she doesn't show up there.

She quickly brushed her teeth. She wondered how bad she stinked and decided to have a quick shower. She put on something homely and free before taking in a deep breath in front of the mirror. She practiced her smile over and over again. She had to apply something to smell nice and that's exactly what she did. Her heart was beating so fast in nervousness as she finally unlocked the door. Her eyes went straight to where he sat but he wasn't there any more. She thought of the possibility that he might have gotten tired of waiting for her and decided to leave. She felt a pang of sadness in her as she walked out of the room.

"Mr Hendrix." She called as she walked away from the room. She got no reply and went straight to the door to check if it was unlocked but saw nothing different. It was just as the way she left it. She was beginning to feel agitated. She wondered if he could actually leave without telling her. Did she upset him?

His car.

She thought before quickly rushing over to the window to take a look at his car. She needed to know if it was parked just at the same spot as he left it. She saw it. The car was still at the same spot as they left it. She furrowed her eyebrows at what was going on. He wouldn't leave without his car.

The kitchen.

Another thought popped up in her head. She wondered why she didn't think of it earlier. That should have been the first place she searched. She took a step back away from the window about to turn but then suddenly she felt arms wrap around her from behind. She stood still a bit startled as her eyes widened.

"I love you." He confessed as he held her in an embrace from behind.

Her heart literally jumped out of her body at the mention of those words from his mouth. She felt so many emotions at once. Although she remained frozen physically but inwardly, she was screaming with joy and doing all sorts of summersaults. It was a crazy feeling. It was beautiful.

He waited for a respond but when it felt longer than it's supposed to, he knew he had to look her in the eyes. Perhaps, she heard nothing of what he said earlier. It had taken him the whole time she was in her room to think of whether he was ready to disclose his feelings for her to her. Finally, he came to a conclusion. He really didn't want to lose her. Telling her how he really felt became necessary. He just needed to get it off his chest.

"Ema." He called as he gently turned her to face him.

She looked down away from his eyes feeling a bit shy but she managed to put up a smile. She barely looked him in the eyes. Recently, it had been one hell of a ride with her feelings.

"I said...I love you." He repeated once more and a light chuckle left her lips. The more he mentioned those words, the more she felt like a teenager who just saw her first crush. She tried to look up to him but each time she tried to stare into this eyes, she just couldn't. The


"Ema, I'm talking to you!" He exclaimed once more as he managed to catch up with her ignoring the stares they were starting to get. He caught hold of her arm and swung her forcefully to turn.

"What do you want Chris!?" She halfway raised her voice at him and by this time they had become the center of attraction for the entire floor.

"I apologised but you wouldn't take it. The best thing would be to go our separate ways so let me go." She told him as she tried to get his hand off her arm.

"Let you go? Is it really that easy for you to say? You think because you have feelings for Luca it's going to work out? No, it's not..."

"Let go of my arm Chris." She told him as she kept struggling to get his grip on her arm but he pretty much had a tight hold on her which made all her efforts futile.

"This is the real world Ema and not some imagination you keep living in. What you want is never going to happen."

"Chris you're hurting me."

"You're hurting me as well with all your wrong decisions. I've always stood by your side Ema. I made you feel better each time he put you down..."

Lucas walked out of the elevator and turned to his left. The first sight he caught brought a frown to his face. He hastened his pace towards the scene.

"Let her go." Lucas suddenly interrupted Chris taking him by surprise as he placed an arm around Ema then the other hand on Chris's chest and with a push and pull on his side. He was able to get Ema on his side and Chris away from her.

Chris first stared at Lucas with surprise in his eyes as he looked from Lucas to Ema and then back to Lucas again. Anger surfaced on his face as he furrowed his eyebrows. They stared into each other's eyes. Chris suddenly chuckled.

"You two are together?" He managed to ask looking amused and at the same time pissed off. The said nothing and just stared back at him.

"Wow, that was fast!" Chris added with with amusement written across his face.

"Let's go." Lucas told Ema ignoring Chris as he took hold of her hand in his.

Chris watched them walk away as they amusement once on his face slowly died down. Rage filled his heart as his hands folded into a fist. He could hear how fast the rate of his heart was going as his blood boiled to the whole situation. He gulped down hard as he looked away from them to contend his anger. He walled away as soon as they got into the elevator and it shut.

* *

Lucas released the fist he had no idea his other hand had managed to fold into in the time he glared at Chris daring him to try anything funny. He was ready to defend and protect her from any harm even if it meant his half brother. He turned his head to Ema as they stood in the elevator together. She looked straight ahead and seemed lost in thoughts.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he rubbed her arm in which he saw Chris get a hold of. She turned her head to him.

"Did he hurt you?" Lucas asked another caring question as he searched her with his eyes. She managed to put up a warm smile as she took hold of his other hand.

"I'm fine. I'm okay." Ema stated out as she kept her smile for him.

"He's just angry. He wouldn't really hurt me." She told him or more of to herself as she looked away from his eyes.

She sighed and he knew all this was taking a toll on her. He softly squeezed her hand for comfort which was in his. She turned her head back to him with an assuring smile.

"I'm okay." She tried her best to convince him knowing fully well she really wasn't.

Sorry guys for taking this long to release a new chapter. I know it's not quite long but I'll endeavour to make it better in the next chapter. Don't forget to vote and comment. Have a nice day.

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