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   Chapter 46 Ice cream (40)

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Chris stood in front of the mirror in his bathroom back at home staring at himself with his hands rested on the sink below him. He stared intensively at his reflection, something he was unable to recognise. His eyes were red shot from anger. He focused on them in the mirror. He didn't care anymore.

He was mad. He was angry.

His breathing was heavy and uneven. His heart thumping faster and faster in anger. It literally felt like his blood was boiling beneath his skin. He felt like exploding. He knew he wasn't himself anymore.

"I love Lucas."

Ema's voice replayed in his head once more and he cringed at that.

"I love Lucas."

"I love Lucas."

"I love Lucas."

"I love Lucas."

"I love Lucas."

Her words replayed over and over again in his head making him mad. He held a tight grip on the sink as if ready to break it if he could. His breathing grew heavier and heavier by the second till he lost it.

He yelled with all his strength almost at the top of his voice as he immediately let go of the sink and pushed off everything he had laid out on the and unto the floor. Afterwards, he just stood panting. He wasn't done. He needed to let more out and so he ventured out of the bathroom to the main room and immediately started to disrupt the peace.

Vivian quickly rushed up the staircase and down the hall towards her son's room. One or two maids lurked around the room and panicked at the loud sounds that emitted the room.

"What is going on here?" She demanded from them and they startled at the sound of her voice.

They just backed away from the door a bit to pave way for her. She looked away from them and went on towards the door. The sounds she heard from the room weren't normal. She could only hope her son was alright. He had immediately driven off as soon as he got into his car after walking away from the scene earlier and no amount of her words stopped him. She couldn't leave the party immediately. She was the host.

This isn't what she expected at all. Walking into her home after a strenuous evening, only to find out the home was upside down. She had to quickly rush up here without even changing.

"Christian. Christian open the door." She demanded as she knocked but got no reply. The sounds continued. She turned the door knob but it was locked. She couldn't get in.

The sound of glass shattering emitted the room. She knew something serious might have happened to him.

"Christian!" Her voice got louder as worry filled it.

"Christian open the damn door!" She ordered once more as she kept knocking but got no reply.

She turned to a maid.

"Quickly, get the spare key." She told her and the maid nodded before she was halfway running down the staircase.

"Christian!" She called once more but to no avail and suddenly the sounds stopped. It filled her with more worry. Was he okay? Did he do something to himself?

She sensed something was wrong when she walked in on him and Ema earlier this evening. Lucas was on the floor, Ema had tears stained face and Chris didn't look himself.

"Here." The maid told her as soon as she came back. Vivian collected it, inserted the key into the keyhole and turned. She pushed the door open to reveal a chaos she thought was never possible.

Vivian stared at the entire room which had been turned upside down and looked nothing like its usual state. Everything was in disorder. The chair pushed from its usual state, vase and the flower shattered on the ground. The duvet thrown out of its neat state off the bed and much more. Vivian looked away from the state of the room to her son who sat on the floor at a corner with his back rested on the wall. He stared away into what seemed like space neither moving nor talking.

She sighed at the state he was in. She raised her dress with her hands and threaded carefully towards him, avoiding all the breakables on the floor. She knelt beside him and just stared for a second. She noticed his tear stained cheeks.


"How could she do this to me?" He suddenly asked interrupting anything she had in mind to say.

Vivian just stared at him, not knowing exactly what to say. She had no idea what exactly happened but she hated seeing her son this way. It broke her. No one in this world had the right to make him feel this way, to make him go through what he is going through at the moment.

"I love her... I wasn't sure of it but I knew I do." He continued, his voice sounding low and all dried up from all the yelling he did earlier.

Vivian sighed before stretching her hand towards him and placed it on his shoulder.

"I don't know what happened son but all I know is that she doesn't deserve you. She never did..."

"It hurts so badly." He interrupted once again and Vivian just shook that away.


"How do I make them feel what I'm feeling?" He suddenly asked a strange question which was strange even for Vivian.

She stared at him with surprise, a bit taken aback. He turned his head to her and that's when she saw his eyes. They were the eyes of a totally different person.

"I need them to feel as terrible as I do." Chris stated bitterly through gritted teeth while staring back at his mother with furrowed eyebrows.

A slow but sure smirk grew on Vivian's face. Now, things are finally beginning to heat up. Her son was coming around to her side and asking for help. She only had two people to thank for that.

Lucas and Ema.

"Don't you worry son. I have the perfect way to make them pay." Vivian told him as she gently rubbed his shoulder loving the new side of her son.

Slowly, she brought him closer for a hug.

This was the end of his sobbing. If destiny wants to leave him hanging in sadness, he was going to take things into his own hands. He was going to be the villain they made him to be. Somebody was going to go down and it definitely isn't going to be him. This was just the beginning and not the end for him.

* * *

"Careful, please be careful." Ema begged as she watched the two men help lay Lucas on his bed.

He cringed at the pain in his abdomen.

"Thank you very much." She thanked them as soon as they were done and on their way out of the room back to their respective jobs in the mansion. Ema sighed as soon as she shut the door and rested her back on it.

It hadn't been easy helping Lucas into a taxi and trying to get him into the compound if not for these men that helped carry him up the staircase, she had no ide

g a word, she became convinced that he was confused. He probably couldn't even remember asking her to stay by his side and so much more.

She sighed.

"I...You had a fight with Chris last night and...and I brought you home... We fell asleep." She tried her best to explain but nothing positive came from him. She finally gave up.

"I'll take my leave." She told him before waking away to the bed. She bent and picked up her shoes and then her purse.

She walked past him without taking another look at him.

"Wait." He finally spoke up just as she was about to open the door. She turned to him, her shoulder and hope slightly raised in expectation.

"I...I'll take you home." He offered and then her shoulders came slumping down.

"I...I can manage." She told him before turning away and tried to leave feeling a bit disappointed.

"I said wait." He repeated once more, his voice showing the affirmative side it usually did in the office.

She turned back to him unable to say a word. She couldn't quite tell what was going on.

"Don't leave. I'll be down in a minute." He warned her and after a while, she nodded before opening the door and leaving the room.

He sighed at his silly actions before rushing towards the bathroom.

* * *

The ride to her home was silent. It was almost as if no living soul was in the car. Ema wondered how long this drive was going to take. It felt awkward as he wasn't talking to her. She didn't know if he remembered anything from last night or if it was plain old Lucas back again. It was all just tough for her. Stealing side glances at him wasn't helping either as he always caught her and she would quickly have to take her eyes away.

Finally, he parked in front of the building she lived in. She sighed before turning to him realising her destination was finally here.

Was this going to be a goodbye to any good that came out from last night? She wondered but then again, the ball was entirely in his cot.

"Thank...thank you for the ride." She appreciated as she took a look at him. He barely took a look at her and just nodded.

She sighed once more. This was it.

She pushed the door open to get off the car and shut it afterwords. She stood comfortably in a pair of slippers she burrowed from a maid back at Lucas's mansion and promised to return then as soon as possible. Her feet were killing her in those heels from last night.

She took gentle steps towards the building.

Lucas sat in his car watching her go. He could feel his feet inwardly tapping impatiently.

Was he really going to let her go?

He pushed his door open and quickly got down shutting it behind him.

"Ema." He called out to her and she turned to him.

Did he forget something?

She asked herself wondering what this was all about. She watched him take hastened steps towards her.

"Did you..." Her words trailed away as she felt his right hand around her waist bringing her closer and his other hand cupping her right cheek before finally placing his lips on hers for a kiss.

Her purse and heels immediately fell from her hand as she let then go out of surprise.

He drew her closer to him as the kiss went on. They were soft and better than he had pictured they would be.

It felt as if fireworks played in her head over and over again. Beautiful fireworks display.

Slowly, he withdrew a bit to stare into her eyes. She stared back at him, her eyes widened in bit in surprise at what just happened.

She slowly brought her right hand to her mouth still staring at him in the same manner.

"I haven't brushed." She admitted as that was only what played in her mind after he drew away.

A light chuckle left his lips exposing his dimples a bit.

"I just kissed you and that's all you have to say?" He asked a bit amused.

She gave a light shrug. She was telling the truth. Her first kiss with Lucas and her mouth was unclean.

He drew closer once more to continue the kiss. This time, she accepted it wholeheartedly as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Four thousand words, this chapter! Some complained last chapter was short and needed a bonus chapter. This is my long bonus chapter to u guys, my lovely dear readers. Please don't forget to click the star icon below to vote and also do comment to show your supports.


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