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   Chapter 45 Milkshake (39)

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"Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Vivian Hendrix, the new CEO of Hendrix enterprises." A man introduced and the guests cheered and clapped. She smiled from ear to ear as she got up from her seat and carefully walked towards the stage, careful enough not to trip on her dress.

"Thank you." She appreciated without depreciating her smile as she finally stood on stage with the microphone in one hand.

"Thank you all very much for grazing this evening with your lovely presence." She started, her voice coming through the speakers a bit smooth and louder as everyone stayed still to listen. Snaps were shot sending several flashlights across the hall towards her. The cameras in front kept rolling.

Ema sighed feeling a bit different as she looked away from the stage to glance towards Lucas's direction but he wasn't there. She searched around a bit with her eyes for any sign of him but just couldn't find him. She had no idea when he stepped out. She wondered if he felt just as uncomfortable as she did. Her eyes suddenly met with Adele's who sat at the closest table to theirs. After staring for a second, Ema first retracted her gaze away from her before Adele rolled her eyes away back to Vivian. Finally, she gave up on finding Lucas and turned her gaze back to Vivian on the stage.

"First of all, I'll like to appreciate my son Christian Hendrix." She introduced and all eyes turned to Christian including the spotlight. He managed to put up a smile before the attention was returned back to Vivian.

"He has been my biggest support. He's the true reason I work so hard day and night just to make sure he ends up with the best. I love you son." She continued with her eyes still directed at him and Chris couldn't help but wonder why she had to include him in her little drama. As usual, he was forced to put up a smile.

Ema still couldn't understand the relationship between mother and son. Are they okay? Why does it seem Chris doesn't believe in the genuine truth that his mother loves him? Why the pretence?

"Ladies and gentlemen, today marks the thirty fifth anniversary of the Hendrix growing empire." She stated with a beautiful smile and the guests clapped once more.

"The founder who was my father-in-law unfortunately passed away before this day could be seen..."

Ema's phone vibrated in her purse and she had to look away from Vivian. She read the caller ID just as soon as she got it out of her purse.

Aunty Jose?

She thought to herself. Ema wondered why she was calling her. Her aunt clearly knew where she was. She would have to answer to know the reason why.

"Chris." She called him in a whisper as she placed a hand on his arm. He turned to her.

"I have to step out for a bit and answer a call." She told him and he nodded before she gently got up from her seat, careful enough not to steal the spotlight from Vivian and embarrass herself.

She walked out of the building, her phone still vibrating in her hand. A few people lurked around the entrance and she needed somewhere quiet to answer her call so she walked away towards the car park. When she finally found a quiet spot, she picked up the call.

"Why are you calling aunty? You know where I am." Ema spoke up a bit frustrated but her voice light enough not to get anyone else's attention.

"I don't suppose that's how you talk to your elder." Josephine saw the need to state out.

Ema sighed as she placed a hand on her forehead.

"I'm sorry aunt Josephine. Why did you call?" Ema managed to change the tone of her voice.

"Better. Well... I don't want you to worry so I decided to give you a call and inform you of the fact that I wouldn't be home tonight." Josephine stated, her voice sounding as it usually did.

"Why? Where do you plan on spending the night?"

"Look Ema, we'll talk when I get home tomorrow, okay?"

"But..." She tried to speak up but her aunt had quickly cut the call.

"She hung up?" Ema asked herself still rather startled at her aunt's sudden behavior.

She sighed as she gave up on getting any information tonight from her. She better head back to the hall and with that thought walked towards leaving the park. As she walked on, she noticed a figure of a man leaned on a car, struggling with the key to it. It was dark and the next lamp post was still a bit ahead so she couldn't get a clearer view which made her go closer and closer towards him.

It was strange but somehow, he looked familiar which made her stand for a second staring at him. His right hand rested on the car and his head rested on his arm. The jacket of his suit rested on his other arm as he struggled in confusion as if he couldn't quite see where the keyhole was to insert the key. Ema stared inquisitively, straining her eyes to find out who this familiar person was.

Finally, he turned his head to her direction. Her eyes wid

not going to leave him." She told him before sniffing. She turned to walk back to Lucas but Chris took hold of her arm once more to turn back to him.

"Why can't you? You came here with me Ema. You're with me and not him so let's go. We'll talk about all this later." He ordered her and tried to drag her away with him once more.

"Stop it!" She ordered but all fell on deaf ears.

"Chris, I said stop it!"

"Why!?" He exclaimed at her out of frustration as he stopped and turned to her, letting go of her hand.

She stared at him realising the young man she knew was nowhere to be found and a whole new different person stood in front her. She did this to him. She was to be blamed. It was time to let the cat out of the bag.

She sighed as she looked down for a second and then up to him.

"I love him." She confessed something she had been arguing within herself and hiding for days.

He stared at her without a word. His face was without an expression. She wondered if he heard her at all.

"No." He finally spoke up, his voice sounding low and different from his earlier tone.

"I love Lucas..."

"I said No, Ema!" He exclaimed at her as he took a few steps backward and back to her.

He took a look at her and drew closer, he placed his hands which were starting to tremble physically on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I...I'm sorry about my behavior earlier but...don't punish me this way." He pleaded and she shook her head at him, wishing she could make everything all better at once.

"I'm sorry Chris. I tried. I honestly tried to give you my heart but...but it just wasn't working. I should have told you earlier. I should have spoken up..."

"No!" He exclaimed almost at the top of his voice as he moved away from her.

Her sobs just grew as she bent her head.

"What's going on here?" A voice interrupted and Ema had to raise her head.

Vivian drew closer from behind Chris after her question. Ema manages to wipe her face with her hand. No one gave her a reply as she stood in their midst. She took a look around and noticed Lucas's state on the floor. She turned to her son to examine him and noticed the state of his hand. She then turned to Ema.

"What is wrong with you? Don't you know better than to choose a different place for all this? This is a very important event for goodness sake and you're ruining it. Look around you, eyes are watching." Vivian scolded and Ema said nothing in reply.

She turned to her son but he just suddenly walked away.

"Christian." She called but he neither stopped nor said a word to her.

She turned and gave Ema one last look before walking away after him.

Ema sighed as she watched them go and for the first time since the argument started, she just noticed they weren't alone. Their high voices had attracted several attentions staring from a bit far from them. She caught sight of a lady with her phone possibly recording. Ema gulped down. That can't be good.

She quickly rushed back to Lucas whose eyes had finally shut.

"Lucas...Lucas please hang in there." She pleaded to him as she looked around for help. He needed treatment.

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