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   Chapter 44 Melon seeds (38)

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Adele hastened her pace as soon as she got out of the elevator, her pointy heels making sounds on the tiled floor. She walked towards Lucas's office. His assistant was nowhere to be seen at her table which made her wonder what was going on. Was is possible he got the news as well?

She stopped an employee about to pass her.

"Where's Mr Hendrix?" She asked.

"In a meeting." He answered her before he was on his way. She thought for a second before walking away towards the room it's usually held.

She pushed the door open to meet almost everyone already present. She took one look at Ema and Sandy before walking on ahead.

"You can't just take me off as you wish." Lucas stated, his own words starting to sound like repetition in his own ears.

"I can and I did Lucas."

"He's right." Adele intervened causing all eyes to turn to her.

"I am also a member of this board and I do have a say here." Adele defended as she stood beside Lucas.

Vivian looked away from her for a second as another smirk grew at the corner of her face before turning back to her.

"I'm sorry to burst your bubbles sweetie but actually one vote doesn't matter against so many. Lucas still lost. This meeting is dismissed." Vivian stated before getting up to her feet and so did the rest to leave.

Adele stood in her way just as she tried to walk past them. They stared into each other's eyes and suddenly a smile grew on Adele's face.

"I've heard so much about you, the Vivian Hendrix. You're just as legend said." Adele started and Vivian put up her own smile without backing down her eyes.

"You played such a great game but watch your back, your own game might just turn back on you." Adele warned and Vivian's smile broadened almost as if she was about to laugh.

She drew closer to Adele so she could whisper in her ears.

"Did you really think bribing them would do the trick?" She asked in a whisper making any form of smile on Adele's face to drop before she moved away from her ear.

She placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I've been in this game even before you found out about the word game. If you know what's best for you...stay out of my way." Vivian warned with a beautiful smile before taking a look at Lucas who still seemed lost.

"A day Lucas." She stated making him turn to her.

"You have just today to clear everything you own out office. Just a day." She warned before walking past Adele and then out of the room.

Only four of them were left in the room and it felt like someone just died. It felt as quiet as a grave yard. Ema felt terrible as she stared at him from behind. She wanted to draw closer and comfort him. Her heart told her to do so but at the same time, her mind warned her of the grave consequences she might encounter if things doesn't go as she planned but anyway, her heart yelled louder.

She took a step further and Sandy held onto her arm. She had to turn her head to her. Sandy shook her head to her. It probably wasn't the best time to say anything to him.

They all startled as soon as he suddenly slammed both of his hands on the table angrily in front of him. He felt frustrated as he racked his brain for any possible solutions he could use to stop this taking over that was about to happen but unfortunately, nothing came to mind. His stepmother was right. He lost this round. She's part of family and can claim to seat for herself with the right backup but how she acquired so much was what he couldn't phantom. That wasn't the problem presently, the real problem is what he's going to do next. How is this going to end?

Adele gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She's faster than I thought but it's not over Lucas, we can still..." He turned ignoring her words and walked away from her towards the door and then outside the room without taking a look back.

Adele's eyes turned to Sandy and Ema after Lucas left the room especially Ema. Sandy tugged at Ema to come along with her and together they left leaving Adele behind who was starting to huff and puff in anger.

"The damn woman just spoilt everything!" She exclaimed angrily referring to Vivian as she looked away from the door.

* * *

Its been over thirty minutes since Lucas left the room without saying a word and Ema was getting worried as to his whereabouts. It turned out that he didn't go straight to his office but somewhere else which she had no is. She sat at her table continuously tapping her right foot in worry. She hoped he was okay. All other things cleared off her mind as she saw him walking towards his office. He looked different. Different as in not how he normally looked. There was something off and tiring about his face. He seemed exhausted. She gently stood up as he drew closer but he walked past her and into his office. She slumped back on her seat feeling terrible. How was she going to make him feel better?

As he stared out to the city through the window in his office, there was a knock on his door and with a low voice he told the person to come in. Ema gently walked in, her nervousness about to kill her but she had contemplated so much and finally decided to do this. She noticed where he stood and the fact that he didn't turn to take a look at who just walked in.

She gently placed the cup of clean water on his table before turning to him. She took in a deep breath, ready to speak.

She opened her mouth but no words escaped and finally, she tried again trying her best to calm her nerves.

o days and days felt like weeks.

* * *


Ema walked into the event venue putting on a peach coloured below knee length embroidery dress, a white pair of stiletto and a peach coloured clutch purse. This was something Chris got for her regardless of her contempt against going to the event.

She took in a deep breath. Her heart was racing faster and her palms sweaty with nervousness. She had earlier presumed the company's anniversary party will be filled with prestigious guests and press. A bunch of them disturbed she and Chris just outside the venue as they headed towards the door flooding them with questions she really thought were unnecessary. Staring at the event room fully decorated with the best decorations and planned by the best planners. Ema was starting to feel more out of place.

She felt a warm grip on her hand and immediately turned her head to meet Chris's smiling face.

"Don't worry too much." He told her still putting up his warm smile.

She exhaled a bit loudly.

"I told you I'm not suppose to be here..."

"Nonsense. You're first an employee here and're with me. You're my date so stop thinking too much about it and let's go sit at our table." He told her still putting on his smile and finally, she nodded deciding to give up the argument. She was here already and there was no escaping for her.

He dragged her along with him towards a well set up table in the front and just as they got closer, she started to take a closet look at the guests shimmering in the best jewelries and clothed in the most expensive attires. She shook the thought away. She also didn't fail to notice her new boss seriously talking to a few people. She turned her head once and noticed them. She approached them after excusing herself and Ema got to take a closer look at her dressing.

"You made it Chris." She told him happily, smiling from ear to ear before her gaze could shift to Ema.

"You...look nice Emerson." She complimented to both Ema and Chris's surprise.

"Uh...thank you. look beautiful." Ema managed to speak out feeling she should.

"I do, don't I?" She praised herself closing up with a light laughter. Ema could see how happy she looked. Her entire look was literally radiating with joy.

Why wouldn't she? She just got the seat she had been waiting for.

"Let's seat Ema." Chris told her and Vivian nodded to his decision before he went forward with her.

He pulled out a chair for her and she thanked him before having her seat. She watched him have his seat as well and that's when her eyes fell on Lucas. He was at the same table as well and she clearly didn't notice earlier. He glanced once at her and their eyes met. He first looked away before she did.

She gulped down as she looked down at her hands. Her heart was racing again. He placed his hand on herd and she instantly looks up to meet Chris's face.

"Are you okay Ema?" He asked her a bit worried.

She stared at him for a second before she managed to nod and put up her own convincing smile.

"Yeah...I'm fine." She replied more of convincing herself.

Why does she have to be here?

Lucas thought to himself as he took another look at Ema aseat beside his half brother. He noticed Chris's hand on hers and immediately looked away.

He gulped down feeling not himself any longer.

A waiter passed and he stopped him just to get a drink from the tray. One more look at his brother and Ema, he immediately gulped down everything.

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